Anupama 11th December 2020 Written Update Reality check

Anupama 11th December 2020 Written Update Reality check

Anupama 11th December 2020 Written Update Reality check Vanraj is thankful to Kavya that she has pleased Pakhi so much. He tells her that he is very happy. Kavya tells that it was the worst day of her life, because of Anupama’s taunts. He tells that it was the best day of his life, because of Pakhi’s happiness. She thinks she has given much pain to Anupama. He tells that Pakhi will soon come to stay with them.

They will be happy together. Kavya asks him to just divorce Anupama, just like she is divorcing Anirudh. Vanraj doesn’t listen to her. Paritosh recalls his beautiful memories with Kinjal. Samar too thinks of Nandini. They share their sorrow. Paritosh tells that pain and sorrow aren’t leaving from his life. He feels its unfair that he is paying for his dad’s mistake. He tells Samar that he just wants to think of Kinjal, since he is regretting to listen to the family. He misses Kinjal. Samar understands his sorrow.

Meanwhile, Leela is worried for the expenses bills. Anupama doesn’t want Leela to worry. Leela asks her to manage expenses and make it less. She feels they got habituated to their comforts and needs, Vanraj was paying for their needs before. She wonders how will they earn money and manage the expenses. Anupama tries to find some way. The family gets to hear Leela and Anupama’s conversation. They try to find some way to help Anupama.


Jhilmil tells Anupama that she will not take money for her service until Anupama can pay easily. Anupama realizes Jhilmil’s sacrifice. Paritosh and Samar try to shoulder the family. They both decide to do a job. Paritosh doesn’t want Samar to sacrifice his dance career. Samar wants to do a job and earn money by keeping his dreams aside. Mama ji wants to go back home so that the expenses get less. Leela doesn’t allow him to go.

Anupama cries on seeing them. She finds Hasmukh returning the medicines to save money. She feels she did wrong to return the money to Vanraj. She can’t earn a lot of money right now by her dance classes. She doesn’t want the family to suffer. She finds a way to take Vanraj’s help. She calls up Devika for a meeting. Vanraj gets a message and feels victorious. Kavya gives him a good news that Pakhi has unblocked her on the social media.

Vanraj congratulates her. He tells Kavya that he is going for some important work. Kavya wonders if Anupama called Vanraj. She finds him happy as if his ego is satisfied. Samar asks Pakhi not to like Kavya’s pictures. He tells that Kavya has done wrong with Anupama. He wants her to be careful of Kavya, who is manipulating them. Pakhi doesn’t understand. Vanraj goes to the same restaurant to meet Mr. Gupta, where Anupama goes to meet Devika. Devika offers help to Anupama. Devika encourages Anupama.

She knows Anupama needs a job. She tells that she will try her best to get a job for Anupama. Anupama knows that her chances to find a good job are less. She is determined to work. Vanraj gets the contract from Mr. Gupta. He plans to surprise Kavya with the good news. Devika asks Anupama to accept financial help from her. Anupama doesn’t accept her help. Devika tells that she is always there. Anupama tells that she wants to help the family financially. Devika asks her not to blame herself.

Anupama feels the family is being punished for her self-esteem. She doesn’t want to see the relations suffering. She has not only lost Vanraj as her husband, but also as her children’s father. She shares her sorrow that she doesn’t find a way when Vanraj left her. Devika asks her to stay strong and find a path to walk on. Anupama seems broken. Devika gets a call from her ex-husband’s sister, who happens to be Pakhi’s school principal.

Devika tells that she has spoken to her regarding Anupama’s job. Anupama tells that she was fired from the job at Pakhi’s school. Devika fears that Anupama may not get the same job again. Vanraj surprises Kavya with the new project. Kavya is excited. She demands his divorce with Anupama. Vanraj still doesn’t answer. She tells him that she has informed Anirudh that they are living together now. Moreover, Kinjal hides from Rakhi and goes to meet Paritosh. Rakhi stops her and wants her home. Kinjal lies to her about her friend.

Rakhi realizes that Kinjal is going to meet Paritosh. Kinjal gets upset. Rakhi decides to meet Shah family to give them another dose of reality check filled with humiliation. She goes to show the mirror to Anupama. She warns Paritosh against meeting Kinjal. Anupama pleads for Paritosh and Kinjal’s alliance. Rakhi refuses to the alliance. She confronts Anupama for her failure in life. She tells Anupama that she isn’t wrong to expect a good life for Kinjal, she doesn’t want her to get cheated by her husband, like Vanraj did with Anupama. She tells that she doesn’t want to see Kinjal as another Anupama. This taunt not only slaps Anupama, but the entire family.

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  1. Serial doesn’t have values in place. All women are arrogant and Anu is idiotic. Does it reflect the real Gujarati culture? Joke of the serial is – two sons are not successful in their love, whereas the father is, and Baa support s the culprit


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