Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd December 2020 Written Update Vansh secret plot

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Danger looms on Riddhima Upcoming

Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd December 2020 Written Update Vansh secret plot A biggest revelation comes for the fans in this episode. Vihaan and Riddhima’s biggest game gets known. Vihaan turns out to be the real Vansh, who wants to know Riddhima’s real motives as well. He knew Kabir is his enemy, but couldn’t accept that Riddhima will be back stabbing him as well. He wants to know if Riddhima really loved him. He can just know the truth from her if he gets another identity of Vihaan. He knows that Riddhima can trick Vansh with her love, but not Vihaan.

Riddhima gets convinced that he is really Vansh’s lookalike Vihaan, who had been a body double for Vansh, a life savior for Vansh. He wants Riddhima to believe that he is not Vansh. He is testing Riddhima as well. He is pretty sure that she isn’t backstabbing his trust. He wants to confirm if she is loyal to Vansh or just working for Kabir even now. He has made his own plans to find out her truth. His little surprises make Riddhima feel that he is really Vansh. Still, she believes that he is Vihaan after he fools her with a fake bullet mark on his back.

Riddhima thinks maybe Vihaan’s ways are matching with Vansh by a coincidence. She expresses that she just loves Vansh. Vansh reveals his true plans to Angre. He shows his mastery in basketball game once again. Vansh’s entry looks superb with his background score playing. Vansh tells Angre that he has proved his identity as Vihaan to take a disguise for help. He tells his plans of fooling her by his double avatar. Vansh is back to lay a big trap and find his real enemies. He has cheated death and came back to the family to protect them.


He tells that Riddhima had always believed him. He wants the game to get bigger and test the entire family. Vansh always leads the game towards the end. Vansh behaves suspicious and makes Riddhima get into a dilemma. Vansh doesn’t reveal any secrets to her. He instead proves himself as greedy Vihaan. He doesn’t want Riddhima to interfere in his plan. He tells her that he is going to take money from Vansh’s bank account. Riddhima doesn’t want him to dupe the family. She doesn’t get threatened by his warnings.

She stops him from withdrawing any amount from Vansh’s account. Vansh involves her in a game. He threatens to punish her with a big price for her interference. He tells that she won’t be able to forgive herself. He mentions that he is just involving Riddhima, who doesn’t know the danger involved in the game. He tells that Riddhima won’t be able to survive in his plan. So clearly, the sharp and striking Vansh is back. Are you glad to see Vansh back? What do you think about the upcoming twists? Comment below and keep reading.

Vansh plays a new game with Riddhima. He worries her that he will be planning a big game during the Christmas celebrations. The family prepares for Chrishtmas eve. They get involved in the new game. Ishani realizes that Vansh has planned a surprise for them. Vansh threatens Riddhima that he will make her Christmas a worst one of her life. She takes his words as a warning. Vansh tells the family that they will have a big celebrations on the Christmas day. He tells that he has already arranged the gifts as well.

He wants Ishani to wait for the right time to receive the surprise. Riddhima feels threatened for her life. Kabir wants to know if Vansh is going mad to have celebrations every day. He tells that he knows about the date night. Riddhima asks Kabir how does he know. Kabir tells that he keeps track of everything. He wishes Riddhima all the best for her husband’s surprise. Kabir speaks to his secret ally. He wants to have patience before making any next move. He gets a bullet patch in the bin.

He wonders what is it doing in VR mansion. He senses someone’s game is on. He knows that Vansh’s duplicate is fooling Riddhima with a story. Vansh tricks Riddhima once again. She realizes that he is preparing a bomb. She hides from him and spies on him further. She concludes that he wants to kill her from that bomb. She follows Vansh. Vansh wants fear and tears in Riddhima’s eyes if she dares to double cross him. He asks Riddhima to enjoy her last meal. The family likes the lovely surprise from Vansh. He gifts little Santa dolls to the family members. Riddhima wants to save herself and the family members.

Vansh tells that his gift will blow her mind. Riddhima stops him from giving the dolls to the family members. She tears all the dolls to check for the bomb. She just behaves the way he expected. He wants to know if she will really manage to counter his plans. Riddhima lives under stress. Vansh reaches Riddhima to help her. He gives her a tip to give up anger and listen to others. He tells that her life will be less risky if she tries to believe others. Riddhima senses Vansh once again.

She feels uneasy with Vihaan. He tells that she has to be ready to receive the huge surprise. He keeps a special sandals for her. She feels he is overconfident. She doesn’t want Vihaan to succeed in his evil motives. Vansh tells her that time will tell her the truth, who has won the game and who lost it. He awaits her in the party. She wears the sandals unaware that of the timer bomb fixed inside. Vansh proposes some cool games for the evening. Riddhima refuses to be a part of it. Dadi asks her to be with Vansh.

Riddhima wants to find out what is Vihaan planning. She gets engaged in the games. Vansh asks Riddhima to make him win the game if she wants to keep Vansh’s name. Riddhima focusses on her search. He asks her to remove the sandals if her foot is hurting in the high heels. Vansh and Riddhima become the winners of the balloon dance round. Riddhima spies on Vansh again. Vansh speaks of a task. Riddhima misunderstands him.

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