Anupama 23rd December 2020 Written Update Reality dose

Anupama 23rd December 2020 Written Update Reality dose

Anupama 23rd December 2020 Written Update Reality dose Anupama gets the good news home that she has got a job, she has to join the school from next month. The family is very happy for Anupama and congratulate her. Leela asks Anupama who will do the household work if she goes for job. Kinjal asks Leela not to discourage Anupama. Leela tells that she will break Anupama’s courage and do anything, but Kinjal shouldn’t interfere. Kinjal tells that the work will be managed. Leela taunts Kinjal about Rakhi’s upbringing. She asks Kinjal how will she work. Kinjal tells that she will learn the work gradually.

Anupama tells that things are always sudden in their lives, they had gone through big sorrow, they can handle the household work by staying together. She asks Leela not to worry, her job will not become a reason to trouble anyone. Hasmukh asks everyone to manage their own work. Leela tells that she will always taunt her Bahu if anything goes wrong. Anupama tells that Kinjal is lucky for them. Pakhi gets to see Kinjal and Anupama’s bond. She grows envious. Leela asks Anupama to prepare for welcoming Rakhi home. She tells that Rakhi shouldn’t create a scene again.

Samar surprises Nandini by keeping a nickname for her. He gives the good news that Anupama got a job. She tells that Anupama is very special and strong, she never gives up. She misses her love. He tells that Vanraj is coming home to meet Rakhi to discuss Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage. She tells that he should forget the past and move on. He is worried for Anupama, who would be finding it tough to handle the household work and school job. Anupama teaches work to Kinjal when the latter shows interest in helping Anupama in the kitchen work.

Anupama 23rd December 2020 Written Update Pakhi feels Kinjal got Anupama’s total love and affected. She feels ignored. She feels Vanraj would never ignore her. She tells Anupama that she will go with Vanraj when he comes. Anupama asks her to return home soon. Pakhi plans a dayout with Vanraj. Anupama fears Kavya’s reaction on seeing Pakhi. Vanraj gets furious when he meets the company’s new CEO Vishal Sharma. Vishal asks the staff to ask him anything if they want. Vanraj questions Vishal about the threatening notice. He asks if his job is really at risk, when he had worked for 30 years.

He tells that he has given his best to the company. Vishal tells that Vanraj looks tired of the work that he is talking of his past achievements. He just wants to know if Vanraj can perform well right now. He doesn’t want to waste time. Vanraj gets upset. Anupama is grateful to Devika. She tells that she will cross all the hurdles. She wants to earn well and get Paritosh ad Kinjal married. Kinjal feels bad for Anupama. She goes to discuss the matter with Paritosh. Anupama finds Leela too busy and wants to know what is it.

Leela asks her to make tea. Hasmukh tells that Leela is planning a storm. Anupama fears it. Kavya knows that Vanraj doesn’t like her to interfere in his family matters. She asks him to inform Leela that he can’t spend money on Paritosh’s marriage. He gets angry when she makes him see the reality that he got a one month notice to prove himself. He tells that he will manage the expenses any way. He tells that he will find a new job, Vishal will be at loss if he quits the job. Kavya feels he is just being over confident. Vanraj doesn’t like to get her lecture. He prepares himself to tolerate Anupama and Rakhi. Kinjal awaits Rakhi.

Vanraj tells that Rakhi should have come by now. He feels Rakhi is doing this purposely to waste his time. Rakhi and Pramod make a late entry and apologize. Anupama welcomes them home. Rakhi taunts Vanraj that he had been waiting for her, when Kavya is waiting for him. Vanraj tolerates her with a smile. Hasmukh pays respect to Anupama, who is equally important as Vanraj. Vanraj finds a huge change in Anupama when she sits equal to him. Rakhi tells that she agreed for the marriage because the children eloped to marry. Anupama tells that Paritosh married Kinjal for the sake of their love.

Rakhi tells that she has thought of the marriage just to save her respect. Leela gives a long list to trouble Rakhi. She asks Rakhi to read the list, she has mentioned about the marriage functions. Rakhi tells that she can’t read Gujarati text. Leela jokes on Rakhi. She tells that they are keeping the marriage after two days. Rakhi finds it too soon. She asks them if she won’t ask her about the marriage. She tells that she also has dreams of a grand wedding for Kinjal. Vanraj tells that showoff isn’t important to her. She asks them if her wish doesn’t matter.

Anupama tells that they are one family now. Rakhi offers to help them with the expenses. Leela refuses to accept her help. Rakhi asks Anupama what would she do if she is in her place. Anupama wants to ensure children’s happiness. Rakhi wants to convince them for a grand wedding so that she can break the relation forever. She wants to give them an answer by snatching Paritosh from them. Vanraj and Anupama sense Rakhi’s plan. What will they do now? Keep reading.

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