Yeh Rishta Gayu commits crime 24th December 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Gayu commits crime 24th December 2020 Written Update

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Yeh Rishta Gayu commits crime 24th December 2020 Written Update Gayu learns about the new problem from Samarth. Naira questions Gayu about the problem. Gayu blames her for spying on her. She doesn’t want Naira to fool her. She gets more rude than before and hurts Naira. Naira learns the matter from Manish and Kartik. They speak about Samarth’s mistake. Akhilesh tells that they made a big mistake by relying on Samarth, the presentation isn’t ready.

Manish tells that Samarth and Gayu didn’t tell them anything when they failed to keep up the responsibility. Naira tells Manish that maybe Gayu forgot to tell them anything, because of Vansh’s condition. Manish tells that he wanted them to focus on Vansh but they wanted business duties. Naira tells them that they can make the presentation in a way. The elders think that their reputation is at stake, a good presentation can’t be served in such a short time. Naira assures that she will take up the responsibility and not disappoint them. The family counts on her.

Meanwhile, the kids make a plan for Christmas. They decide to have a secret Santa theme. Krish explains them that secret Santa will gift everyone. Vansh tells that he will have a board game. Kairav tells that they will wish Vansh’s recovery. The kids pray for Vansh to get back on his feet, and also for good terms between Naira and Gayu. Naira revisits the Singhania house to recall some fond memories of Akshara. She wants to know how did Akshara help the family in such hard times.

She knows that even Singhania family faced a similar problem. She looks for Akshara’s designs. She gets a beautiful pendant carrying a note for her. She gets emotional on reading Akshara’s heartfelt message. Naira is encouraged to battle the problem by walking on Akshara’s shown path. She feels guilty to hurt her mother so much. She is thankful to get into such a situation, which led her to see Akshara’s message.

She wants to express her feelings for Akshara and make her proud. Naksh finds Naira in tears. He tells that Akshara would have been proud of sensible Naira. He knows that Naira is just being Akshara’s shadow. He supports her. She tells that she has to mend her relationship with Gayu. He tells that nothing is impossible. She wants to give time to her relationships with everyone so that she doesn’t regret anything. Naksh wants her to focus on her work right now. Naira returns to Goenka house and finds Kartik in stress.

Kartik tells her that he has lost his favorite pen, which was gifted by her. He feels someone has stolen it. She tells that nobody will leave the costly jewellery and steal the pen. He tells that the pen is lucky for him, he wants to make designs by it. She finds the pen and hands it over to him. He feels she had taken it along. She tells that he can’t manage anything without her. He tells that she is his wife and has a duty to always be around to help him. They get engaged in their funny banter.

Manish wants them to grow up before their kids grow up. Kartik apologizes on Naira’s behalf. Manish wants them to get to work, and register their company for the fair. Kartik gets strength from Naira. They take Akshara’s traditional designs and make some changes to match it with the modern times. Naira tells that Akshara had preserved some good designs made by Gayu as well. Gayu gets interested in lending tips to them. She doesn’t think Naira will listen to her advice. Kartik tells that Gayu will soon realize her mistake. Naira can’t tolerate Gayu’s sorrow. She wishes to restore Gayu’s happiness. The kids go on with their Christmas party plans.

Manish wants to keep a good name for the collection. Dadi brings some antique jewellery. She asks the family to follow the designs if they want. Naira gets a theme, after listening to Dadi. She tells that they should bring out the journey of women in their theme. She makes the women emotional by acknowledging their hopes, aspirations and hardships. Manish loves Naira’s idea. Kartik is proud of Naira. Dadi asks Manish to let Naira lead the project. Gayu grows jealous hearing everyone praise Naira. Will Gayu make a huge mistake by deleting Kartik and Naira’s designs? Comment your opinion about the show and keep reading for more updates.

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5 responses to “Yeh Rishta Gayu commits crime 24th December 2020 Written Update”

  1. Sudhansu S . Upadhyaya Avatar
    Sudhansu S . Upadhyaya

    Yes, Gayu will delete the disign from Kaira laptop. Because she was jealous that all are giving priority to KAIRA.

  2. Wilma Avatar

    Yes. Gayu is a selfish woman. She deletes it from the laptop. She doesn’t have happiness in herself. She snatches the happiness of others.If Kaira ends her life then show want be running. I think there is a new entry of Kaira life.

  3. Sumat sadh Avatar
    Sumat sadh

    Gayu is mad I thought so because the pushing plan is made by vansh because they perform the task that are given by the seniors but when kairav pushesh vansh naira saw that kairav had push vansh but vansh have to tell the truth to his parents especially gayu but it is wrong to delete business file which very important for kartik

  4. Shabbir Chaughule Avatar
    Shabbir Chaughule

    Gayu pehlesse naira par jalti hai she cnt tk ittht her place is gone after all she is akshara daughter so no way n gayu ki usske husband sse nahi banti toh fly sse kya banegi she has nt excepted in laws at all n even naksha she cnt bear tht all love kaira so better she goes wth fly out of house n settle wth husband.

  5. aryA Avatar

    gayu is selfish person

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