Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2020 Written Update Karan shocks Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2020 Written Update Karan shocks Preeta

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Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2020 Written Update Karan shocks Preeta Karan and Mahira are together in Preeta’s absence. Mahira pretends that Karan is getting close to her. She wants the camera to record whatever she wants. She proves that Karan was desperate to get her. She tells Karan that she can entertain her until Preeta comes. Preeta and Shrishti try to know how did Mahira skip the spiked drink. Sherlyn tells them the real plan.

She tells that she had seen Shrishti and Sameer hiding, she had also seen Sameer spiking the drink. She tells that she had exchanged the drinks after Sameer left. She gives the good news that Mahira is in senses, she is celebrating her honeymoon with Karan. Preeta shows her faith on Karan. Sherlyn tells Preeta that Mahira has worn the nightie gifted to Preeta by Shrishti. She tells that once Mahira gets intimate to Karan, then their relation will never get denied. She tells that the live telecast will get recorded, it will be a proof for the Luthras as well.

Sherlyn irritates Preeta by her cheap talks. She tells that Karan would not restrict his feelings and express love to Mahira, whom he was going to marry. She asks Preeta to enjoy the romantic moments between Karan and Mahira. She leaves Preeta and Shrishti in a helpless situation. Preeta finds Karan semi-conscious after consuming the spiked drink. Mahira gives an intoxicating pill to Karan. Preeta cries seeing the happiness. She tells Shrishti that Mahira is crossing her limits. She tells that Mahira is trying to take an advantage of Karan’s intoxicated state.

Karan visualizes Preeta in Mahira. He lets his feelings free. He gets distant from Mahira when he faces the reality. Mahira doesn’t leave her determined move to win Karan. Preeta is left shattered to watch their night live. She can’t see them together. She wants Karan to show his true love and not fall in Mahira’s plan. Kareena tells Bani and Rakhi that Mahira and Sherlyn are unwell. She tells that she has sent them to Manali so that they have a holiday trip, Preeta can take care of Sherlyn if there is any problem. She tells that she made the booking in the same hotel. Bani likes her move. Rakhi is stressed. She knows that Mahira will try to get against Preeta.

She tells that Mahira is mistaken about Preeta snatching her rights. She doesn’t think she can explain Mahira. Rakhi worries sensing something wrong is going to happen. Karan worries that he has given a wife’s right to Mahira. He apologizes to Preeta and wants her to leave from his life, even when Preeta is ready to forgive him for his mistake. Karan shocks Preeta by declaring his decision that he will be marrying Mahira as a repentance for his mistake. Will Mahira succeed in her evil plan? Keep reading for a detailed update.

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22 responses to “Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2020 Written Update Karan shocks Preeta”

  1. Lizzy Avatar

    Hate this show ..if that really happen.not going to watch it again

  2. Thandi Avatar

    If karan leaves preeta for mahira I will stop watching the show its only interesting because of karan and preeta

    1. Emmanuel Avatar

      No Rishab will eventually marry Preeta


      The Show sucks. Dragging on and on with the same stupid plot.

  3. mumtaz Avatar

    Please just let Mahira n Sherlyn get caught out n let Karan n Preeta live a happy life im tired of the same story over n over again. The same think happen in Kumkum bhagya with Aliya n Disha

    1. Suzy ramjitsingh Avatar
      Suzy ramjitsingh

      I totally agree with you.its time mahira and sherylyn disgusting plan stop.its just like kum kum bhagya that is the reason I stop watching it .it’s a never ending story back to Mahira and sherylyn that should have never happened.preta does not deserve that.sherylyn Truth should be out in the open about her pregnancy.snd finally mahira sherylyn and kareena should be slapped and thrown out of the house.why do bad things happen to preeta when she is a good person come on writer we don’t need this mahira and sherylyn game it’s too boring .I like the show but If that continue I’ll have to stop watching the show.thank you

  4. kamini rajput Avatar
    kamini rajput

    Kundli bhagya is good but there areany things irritating we people like shrlyn is pregnant simce long but there is no symptoms of her pregnancy her womb is still like that..this is jst making people completely fool where as the writter is not using his common sense.. Everytime whenver mahira do something she succed in tha but not preeta everytime she losses..make a proper balance things are repeating only..mahira succeeding preeta defeating as well as prithvi too…

    1. Beulah Avatar

      Yes true

    2. Chandni Shrivastva Avatar
      Chandni Shrivastva

      Ha mai v is Baat se sahmat hu☺️kundali bhagya is my favourite serial bt kitne episode khatam ho gye aaj tk शर्लिन or महीरा ka khulasa nhi huaa or to or शर्लिन ke pregnancy ka bhi khulasa nhi hua 😐
      Had h matlb dimang ek Dam dahi ho gya h😜🙂plz plz शर्लिन or महीरा ke sachai ka khulasa kijiye अब तो plz🙏

  5. Amit Sharma Avatar
    Amit Sharma

    I agree

  6. Beulah Avatar

    From two years sherilyn is pregnant and preeta is always a loser. Making all the viewers fools and there is no victory for the truth. Playing emotions of audience. Really fed of these kundali and kumkum bhagya serials.

  7. Talha Avatar

    Ap nai ab had kar di sirf mahira aur sherlyn kai plan successfull hotai hain i don’t agree this

  8. Talha Avatar

    i also agree

  9. Ola ojugbele Avatar
    Ola ojugbele

    Try to make this show meaningful for God sake, people are getting peace of with all this fake ideas of Ur film it can be good in Ur environment but think twice dat people watch Ur film all over d world, u lie a lot in Ur film and it is not advisable for young people to watch. And u repeat one episode a lot zeeworld u are losing Ur station gradually with all this film dat is not having good end.

  10. Shreya Avatar

    Sirf galat hi chheje hoti hain kundali bhagya aur kumkum bhagya usme v sirf galat ke sath jeet hoti h sahi ke sath haar kavi v enme kuch achcha nhi dikhate hain bas burai aakhir me jeetati h leap kar dete hain fir se dobara burae ko hi jitate hain kya mtlb h aisi negativity serial ka kisi ko v nhi dekhna chahiye asal jindgi me v ensan ka kvi n kavi achcha waqt aata h or es show me to achche kirdaro ko budha kar denge maar denge or achcha waqt unka nhi dikhate dikhayenge

  11. Lycos A Avatar
    Lycos A

    You watch Zeeworld ? What a joke. People without concepts.

  12. Shekar Avatar


    If this happens I will stop watching kundali bhagya. This is too much. The writers have lost their senses. Veryvery bad.

  13. Michelle Avatar

    Is this how life is lived in your country, no moral obligation and value no integrity lack of foresight in your writing with a total disregard for the sanctity of marriage and love zee need to check these writers young as well as old persons watch these shows how can they encourage that life is more that what is seen, when all you promoting is bad wins over evil again an again.

  14. Justina Odia Avatar
    Justina Odia

    Worse Zee world series ever,shame on d producer and director ,you guys disgust me like Mahira and Sherilyn

  15. Panchi Avatar

    Now stop Sheryl n mahira cruel plans

  16. Anjju Avatar

    I have stopped watching the two most ridiculous shows on Zee..Kumkum and Kundali and have gotten rid of the Indian channels for that….. after reading I feel I did the right thing….. it shows that there are no Morals in India and is full of calculating mean people. It puts us in a terrible light. The writers/ producer just don’t get it. Please a reality check….. there is so much real stuff going on….. the same old in circles. Aliya/Sherilyn/ Mahira always getting away with all….. and the poor male actors on these shows…. no back bone/ gullible and cannot think for themselves. How can they even get sponsors?? Ms Kapoor change the storyline or just end this stupidity.

  17. matovu james joseph Avatar
    matovu james joseph

    Am also fed up of those women when will they be exposed

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