Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2020 Written Update Preeta rescues Karan

Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2020 Written Update Preeta rescues Karan

Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2020 Written Update Preeta rescues Karan Preeta recalls the moves she played against Mahira. She had called Inspector and took his help to complain about Mahira. The flashback scene shows Preeta seeking help from the police. She tells that Mahira had spiked Karan’s drink to get intimate to him. She wants Inspector to come to the hotel and rescue them. Shrishti tells the police that even Sameer is kidnapped by Sherlyn. Police reaches the hotel to rescue them on time. Inspector informs them that they have arrested Mahira. Preeta realizes that she had got timely help because of Sherlyn’s stupidity.

Preeta wants Mahira to pay a price for molesting Karan. Shrishti seeks help from Sameer. She asks him to look after Karan until they handle Sherlyn. Mahira gets in the lockup. She feels her fate is really bad that she missed to get Karan. The police has already seen Mahira trying to win Karan, when Preeta took the Inspector on the same video call connected by Sherlyn. Mahira claims to be Karan’s wife. Inspector doesn’t believe Mahira.

Preeta introduces herself as Karan’s wife. She proves the truth by showing the marriage picture and video. Inspector believes Preeta. Mahira tells that Preeta is lying to hurt her reputation. Shrishti tells that Preeta is married to Karan. Preeta tells that Mahira was stalking Karan, and tried to molest him. She feels the molestation charges are right on Mahira. Mahira reacts to the charges. She asks Inspector to call Sherlyn to know the truth.

Shrishti tells that Sherlyn isn’t above the law. She reveals that the police inspector had spoken to them, not Sherlyn. Mahira gets mad at them. Inspector puts her in the lockup again. Preeta thanks the inspector. Sherlyn is much shocked when she wakes up and finds the room door open. She checks the phone log. She runs to check on Preeta. She doesn’t find Preeta, Sameer and Shrishti. She calls on the number to know the details. She enquires about Mahira.

She learns that Mahira is caught in the police raid at the hotel. Sherlyn gets scared. Mahira wants Sherlyn at her rescue. Preeta meets Mahira. She tells that she has seen the live telecast of Mahira’s sleazy act, Sherlyn is the one who had showed it to her on the video call. She asks Mahira not to lie to her. Sherlyn reaches the police station to prove Mahira innocent. She tells that Mahira didn’t do anything wrong. Shrishti tells Sherlyn that Preeta had proved the truth to the police.

Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2020 Written Update Inspector tells that Mahira was found with drunken Karan, Mahira has done a crime to take an advantage of Karan and molest him. Sherlyn requests her to free Mahira. Inspector asks her to arrange bail. Sherlyn tries to get Shrishti trapped. Inspector asks Sherlyn not to teach her any law and behave herself. Preeta tells that Sherlyn felt that she will be helpless and shattered by watching the live telecast, but she had not broken apart, she had taken the police help to fail Mahira’s plans. She tells that if Mahira does anything wrong again, then she will punish her for the crime. She asks Mahira not to force her to show her bold side.

She threatens Mahira. She tells Mahira that she will spare her this time just for the sake of Rakhi. She doesn’t want Rakhi to know Mahira’s truth. She warns Mahira against hurting the family. She tells that Mahira shouldn’t come between Karan and her. She warns that she will show a wife’s real strength to protect her marriage. She asks Mahira to think about Karan’s reaction on knowing her truth. Preeta threatens Sherlyn as well. She asks Sherlyn not to help Mahira.

Shrishti tells that they didn’t charge Sherlyn and Mahira for kidnapping them. She asks them to be happy that Preeta has spared them from the criminal charges. Preeta tells that physical assault charges can put them in deep trouble. Sherlyn gets tensed. Preeta tells that she will reveal to everyone about Sherlyn’s involvement. She asks Sherlyn to think of her pregnancy. Mahira denies the blames. She tells that she isn’t any escort. She threatens to get the inspector fired from the job.

Moreover, Shrishti threatens Mahira. She tells that Sherlyn had left evidences behind. Sherlyn realizes Preeta’s smartness. She thinks Prithvi was right about Preeta, who has defeated her again. Preeta wins it all by her slaying move. What do you think of Preeta’s bold and smart step this time? Do you think Preeta’s character should be wise from now on rather than the helpless one? Comment below and keep reading.

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  1. I’m happy about this change This is real life But why should Pretty save MahIra and SherLyn It’s time Risabh knows about Sherlyn Good must always be victorious over evil

  2. And Kumkumkum Bhagya Why can’t Abhi stay with his real wife No daughter will hate her mother as Rhea does Its time she realises that Aliya is evil

  3. For few minutes i scared that karan will marrh mahira but now i feel relief that preeta had done something nice and this mahira should stay in jail only and this sherylin also..

    • Getting boring why preeta does not tell Rakhi.. Guys the producers of ‘This is Fate’ are setting you up for another disappointment as the truth dont come out about sherlyn and mahira to anybody so they, sherlyn and mahira can do evil again and win. This is becoming monotonous and really boring now.

  4. Sherlyn is pregnant for too long and not even looking pregnant, and its so unfair that she, Maria and Kareena are not getting exposed. Let them be exposed just like how Mahira’s mother got exposed and everyone should chase them away especially Sherlyn. And its about time Mahesh wakes up and exposes Sherlyn and Prithvi.

  5. I agree, sherlyn is pregnancy too long now and the 3 of them shut be exposed…..and pretty should be more tough and the truth must be revealed…..plot is good but same thing happens again and again…..getting a bit monotonous

  6. I agree, sherlyn is pregnant for too long now and the 3 of them shud be exposed…..and preeta should be more tough and the truth must be revealed…..plot is good but same thing happens again and again…..getting a bit monotonous

  7. I just don’t understand that Sherlyn can be pregnant for such long period of time, even elephants pregnancy term last maximum to 18-22 months. It’s been around 3 yrs the show had started and she’s pregnant almost since the starting.
    Are the show maker dumb or something? Or these people don’t live on earth and their people (women) have different pregnancy cycle period…

  8. Director and writer of this script,thank you for making the Character strong and wise. Please make Karan accommodating for Preeta,loving and caring. Let this movie spare the Arora family pain and humiliation. Preeta as a Doctor should be promoted too in that capacity.

  9. I love the bold Preeta…but please we want it visible, cutting us short wasn’t fair “this is fate” was keeping a lot of us happy, please we want it back on zee world thank u guys

  10. Preeta has taken a bold step now, but Sherlyn and her boyfriend including Mahirah shld be exposed. Also Sherlyn’s pregnancy is supposed to be shoot out by now. The Producer shld not be making it to be boring.


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