Yeh Rishta Naira faces death 29th December 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Naira faces death 29th December 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Naira faces death 29th December 2020 Written Update Naira is very happy with Kartik’s special gift for her. She loves the bracelet. She finds the family handling the kids. She feels that she has got late in waking up and finishing her duties towards the family, even then everything is handled well. She thinks the family doesn’t need her, the kids will be happy and handled by the family. She finds Kartik leaving. She gets stressed when she learns about the car tyre burst. She stops Kartik from leaving. She realizes that Kartik could have fallen in risk. She hugs him and expresses her concern.

She tells Kartik that he didn’t meet her before leaving. He tells her that he didn’t wish to disturb her sleep. He has to go to office. She lets him go. She wants him to be careful. She tells that he has to promise that he will be back soon. Gayu’s mind towards Naira begins to change when she sees Naira taking care of Vansh’s happiness. Naira is still worried for Kartik. She learns that Kartik has forgotten the protection thread at home.

She sends the thread to Kartik by the staff. She calls Kartik to know if he has tied the thread. Kartik tells her that he is totally fine, she shouldn’t be so anxious. She tells that she is stressed about him.

He wants to know the reason for her restless behavior. He tells that he has to focus on work. She wants him to come home back. Kartik and Naira have a dreamy romance, while he is engaged in the office work. Naira is the miraculous person in Goenka household.

She is seen handling the entire family. She is seen in her old avatar. She requests Dadi for siding her intuitions. Dadi senses that Naira is restless. She decides to take the family to Kuldevi temple so that Naira can calm her fears. Naira asks Kartik to book a bus for them for the temple visit. Kartik agrees to make the booking. Kartik returns home, while Naira is busy doing her duties towards the family. Naira succeeds in being the best Bahu for the Goenka family. Kartik arranges the bus for the family outing.

Kartik learns that Naira’s ex-students want to surprise her by giving her a big honour. He is excited to share the surprise with Naira. He finds Naira decking up in the beautiful avatar. He romances Naira. He tells that he wants to spend time with her. Naira refuses to her. Kartik and Naira spend joyful moments. Naira records her emotional messages for her children. She wants to surprise her children.

She tells that she loves her children a lot. She runs to see Kartik. The couple heads to the temple. Naira doesn’t want Kartik to fall in any trouble. Kartik also senses the bad omen once Naira’s sindoor gets wiped off by his own hands. He finds Naira panicking with the sudden bad omen. He pacifies her and tries to subside her growing fears. Kartik doesn’t realize the threat on his life, which gets evident after reaching the Kuldevi temple. Naira will be dying while saving Kartik’s life. Will Naira come back from the death for Kartik’s love? Keep reading.

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