Yeh Rishta Kartik last joy 30th December 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kartik last joy 30th December 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kartik last joy 30th December 2020 Written Update Naira records an emotional message for her children. She ruins Kairav’s painting unknowingly. She writes a sorry message for Kairav. She feels she is forgetting something before leaving the room. She doesn’t understand the hints of the coming times. She makes prayers before leaving the house. Naira visits the temple with the family.

She gets at peace after making prayers for the family. Dadi wants Kartik and Naira to light up the diya together. Kartik and Naira fall into the floral trap. Naira tells that he can never go away from him. He wants to be with her all life. He performs the rituals. He unknowingly wipes off her sindoor, which leaves her worried. He apologizes for his mistake. She doesn’t want any threat on his life. She wants Kartik to fill sindoor right away and not delay. Kartik performs the sindoor ritual to end her concern.

He wants to know the reason for her anxiousness. Dadi makes them perform the aarti. Kartik and Naira involve Vansh in the aarti. Dadi sings praises of Naira and considers her a daughter of the house. She tells everyone what Naira means to them. She pays much respect to Naira. Dadi’s praise for Naira makes Gayu jealous again. Dadi tells that Kartik has chosen the best girl for himself.

She likes the way Naira has handled all her relations so well. She loves Naira’s caring heart. She tells everyone that Naira has proved her wrong. Everyone likes to hear the good things about Naira. They totally agree with Dadi. Dadi finds the family lucky to get Naira in their lives. She tells that Naira has always done her duty towards the family and loves them by all her heart. She wishes to get a daughter like Naira. Naira can’t believe that she has succeeded to leave a strong impression in Dadi’s heart.

She hugs Dadi while shedding tears of joy. She feels the joy of the big achievement, that she has completed the journey of a Bahu to daughter in Goenka household. Naksh tells that Akshara would have been proud of her. Naira tells Dadi that she is very happy to achieve this milestone. She feels lucky to get love from both the families. She tells that Kartik is her strength. Manish is always grateful to Naira for the love and respect paid to the family. Kartik and Naira grow emotional.

Gayu feels her in-laws are the same, still their happiness isn’t the same. Gayu wants to know where she is lacking. She finds Naira happy with Goenkas, unlike her. She realizes that maybe her thinking is wrong. Kartik tells Naira that she deserves the honour. Naira tells that one should have good fate. Kartik also gets praised by Naira. She can’t believe the strength of their true love. Suwarna tells Naira that Akshara had given her responsibility before leaving.

She is happy that Naira has been successful in keeping the family happy. Naira is thankful to Suwarna for the support. She feels her life has got complete. Dadi asks the pandit to tie the protection thread to the entire family. Vansh alerts Kairav about a poisonous scorpion. Will Naira be able to save the kids? Will she risk her life and meet her end? Will the envious Gayu be able to take her place in the Goenka household? What do you think? Comment below and keep reading for further updates.

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