Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Siya returns Vansh compelled

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Siya returns Vansh compelled

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Siya returns Vansh compelled Riddhima faces a big trouble when the entire family refuses to identify her. Vansh gets all the family members on his side. Riddhima tells the media that she is Vansh’s wife. She repeats the truth again and again, but no one pays heed to her. Riddhima tells them that Dadi is the person who loves her selflessly. She doesn’t think Dadi will lie. She tells them that they shall ask Dadi about her.

Dadi shockingly lies that she doesn’t know Riddhima. The entire family lies and disowns Riddhima on Vansh’s order. Riddhima realizes that Vansh has snatched her identity and relations which he had given to her, knowing she is an orphan. She realizes that he had done this to hurt her. She feels he has played the perfect game to make her sound mentally ill. Vansh tells the media that Riddhima is mentally ill and needs treatment. Ahana further humiliates Riddhima.

Kabir knows Riddhima well, but stays helpless. He is also her enemy and doesn’t pity her. He wants Riddhima to pay a big price for loving and trusting Vansh. He smiles seeing her tears. Riddhima gets raging at everyone. She tells them that she can prove that she is Vansh’s wife. She heads to her room to get proof for her marriage. She fails to find a single picture with Vansh and her. She tells Vansh that he had done much wrong with her.

She tells that she has realized his revenge, he had snatched her identity to break her down. Vansh replies to her that the pain received by cheating in love is much stabbing, he has got cheated and undergone the pain already. He wanted her to go through the same pain and thus cheated her. Vansh has no regrets to keep his promise to Ahana and disown Riddhima. He ends his ties from Riddhima. He doesn’t love her anymore. Vansh wants her to leave the house, but she refuses.

She doesn’t give up her identity. She tells him that she will not let him win, she will not give up on her family because of his dirty thinking. Ishani tells Vansh that she will throw out Riddhima from the house. Ishani breaks her nuptial chain. Riddhima faces the humiliation and is sent out of the house. She makes a prayer that she gets justice before leaving the house. Her prayer get answered in the form of Siya, who breaks out of coma and mentions Riddhima’s name.

Vansh gets compelled to let Riddhima stay back in the house to take care of Siya on the doctor’s advice. Riddhima gets justice because of Siya. Vansh realizes that Riddhima didn’t hurt Siya. Siya needs Riddhima for her recovery. Vansh gets compelled to allow Riddhima to stay in the house for Siya’s recovery. This rages Ahana, who is just pretending to be Vansh’s wife. Will he realize his mistake and accept Riddhima back? Keep reading.


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