Anupama Written Update Confession proposal 16th January

Anupama Written Update Confession proposal 16th January

Anupama Written Update Confession proposal 16th January Samar loses the kite flying competition. Nandini asks him where was his focus. He was thinking about her diary. He imagines a romantic dance sequence with it. Kavya is upset to see Vanraj and Anupama happy. Vanraj gets to see Anupama’s kite flying high in the sky. He finds Kavya there. He loses his attention when she makes love gestures towards him. Vanraj and his family see the kites being flown by Kavya with special messages for him.

She wants him to come back home with her and also writes I love you Vanraj on a kite. Anupama doesn’t read the messages on the kite. Anupama tells that this time Shah family will win. Kavya poses problems for Anupama. She makes the professional boys challenge Anupama’s kite and cut it down to make her love. Vanraj is helpless. He goes away to help Anupama in winning. He wants Kavya to get an answer this way. The family is surprised to see Vanraj with Anupama.

Anupama doesn’t notice that Vanraj is assisting her. Anupama cuts down Kavya’s kite. She tells that something is written in English, the person has lost. She isn’t aware of Kavya’s presence. Kavya loses to Anupama. Anupama finds the family silent. She realizes that Kavya is around and the kites have her messages for Vanraj. She doesn’t get affected by Kavya. She continues to enjoy her game. Her calm reaction surprises Vanraj.

Anupama slips down by stepping on the thread roll. Vanraj saves her from getting hurt. He falls down on his injured hand in an attempt to save her. Vanraj and Anupama care for each other. Kavya is disturbed by the sight. She tests Vanraj’s love by hurting herself. Nandini runs to her care, but Vanraj doesn’t go to her on knowing that she has done this deliberately. Leela tells that Kavya is really foolish. Vanraj has started admiring Anupama. He tells her that he was going to Kavya but didn’t go. She doesn’t want his clarification.

He tells her that he has to convey his emotions. He fails to talk to her. He follows her to know if she is fine. She asks him to question Kavya if she is fine. Kavya feels Vanraj doesn’t love her, he is going close to Anupama. She suspects them. She asks Nandini if she knows about Vanraj and Anupama’s relation. Nandini asks her to stop her disgusting talks. She tells that love has changed her, she was strong and sensible before, but she has forgotten her old self.

She asks Kavya to love her identity and value herself. She doesn’t want her to hurt her self-respect for the sake of love. She asks Kavya to not fall in her own eyes by making her love a weak thing. She wants Kavya to forget Vanraj and move on. She makes Kavya get a reality check. Kavya tells that she can’t move on without Vanraj. Shah family organize a special event for Makar Sankranti. Leela tells Kinjal about flying the chinese lanterns at night. She tells about Vanraj’s childhood innocence. She is happy that Vanraj always got his prayer fulfilled.

Hasmukh feels Vanraj had faith in his heart that time. Leela tells that if Vanraj has his faith again, he will get what he wishes for. Vanraj wants to wish to get Anupama back. Kinjal tells that Anupama makes everything special. She feels lucky to get a family like Shah family. Vanraj agrees with Kinjal. Nandini doesn’t want to make a wish, knowing it will never get fulfilled. Samar suggests her to make a sensible wish. He invites her for the special event.

He tells Nandini that he will make a wish that her wish completes. She asks him if he knows her wish. Vanraj and Anupama make a wish while lighting the lantern. Leela wishes that Makar Sankranti is auspicious for everyone, except Rakhi and Kavya. Vanraj confesses his feelings to Anupama. He wants to get her back in his life. He tells Anupama that he loves her. He wants her reply for his love proposal.

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  1. I hope Anu don’t give in to Vanraj’s proposal, she needs to find herself and become independent and show him and horrible Baa she can become someone other than their cook and house maid. Test him while making him wait, let Kavya get all the hurt watching them.


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