Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd January 2021 Written Update Kabir uses Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Danger looms on Riddhima Upcoming

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd January 2021 Written Update Kabir uses Riddhima Riddhima and Vansh are going on the verge of separation once again. Its all because of Kabir, who is trying hard to use Riddhima in his main mission to destroy Vansh. Kabir is aware of the truth that Vansh is responsible for Riddhima’s parents’ death. He wants Riddhima to uncover the truth that’s hidden by Vansh and his family. The entire family knows about the accident committed by Vansh. Riddhima just knows a part of the truth that Siya was a victim of the accident, she lost her legs mobility in the accident, but she doesn’t blame Vansh for it.

Vansh was a teenager at that time when he drove the car and met with the accident, leading to the death of Riddhima’s parents. He had also served 4 years of imprisonment in the juvenile retention centre. He feels horrible about the truth coming out and breaking his marriage with Riddhima. He didn’t know Riddhima will be the daughter of the same couple who died in the accident. He plans to distract Riddhima and announces their remarriage.


Vansh makes Riddhima engaged in the marriage functions, but she isn’t anyone to lose her determination so soon. She tricks Vansh into believing that she got distracted. She hunts for the clues that can lead her to know her parents’ actual culprit. She doesn’t want to imagine in her dream that Vansh is the person responsible for their death. Vansh attempts hard to hide the truth.

Riddhima attempts to know Vansh’s secret from his Dadi, who is aware of every chapter of his life. She knows that Vansh hides many secrets which he is scared to admit to her. She persuades Dadi to tell him about Vansh’s teenage years. She uses the truth serum to get the secret out of Dadi. Dadi admits the fact that Vansh had been termed for 4 years after committing an accident. The truth just engrosses Riddhima in more confusion. Riddhima decides to find the truth. She doesn’t decide what she would do if Vansh is really at fault.

Riddhima rushes to the juvenile home to know about Vansh’s crime. Riddhima fools Vansh by making someone else sit in her place. Vansh gets informed of Riddhima visiting his past by reaching the juvenile home by lying to him. He gets upset with her for spying on his past again. What will be the truth? Will Kabir succeed in ruining down Vansh by using Riddhima again? Keep reading.

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