Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2021 Written Update Abhi is shot

Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2021 Written Update Abhi is shot

Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2021 Written Update Abhi is shot Abhi and Pragya get married while Meera becomes a witness. Meera shows the marriage live on the video stream to the family. The entire family is shocked with Abhi and Pragya’s marriage. Aaliya didn’t expect Pragya to convince Abhi of her love and marry him. She was really wishing that Abhi marries Meera. She underestimated Abhi and Pragya’s love. Purab is much happy since the expected is happening, that Aaliya has failed miserably. He wanted Aaliya to lose to the true love of Abhi and Pragya, and it just happens this time. He already knew Abhi’s plans to wed Pragya. He also knew the power of their eternal love.

Purab blesses the couple, who are just made for each other. Abhi tells them that the marriage would have happened in front of the family at home if Pragya broke her silence before and confessed love. Abhi and Pragya regret the way Aaliya had got them divorced. They are marrying once again to repeat their wedding vows for many births to come. Abhi tells Pragya that he wanted their family to witness their marriage, he knows that some of the family members won’t be happy with their marriage, but he doesn’t care for them.


He taunts Aaliya for failing to break Pragya and him apart. Aaliya is left in shock. She was preparing to welcome Abhi and Meera home. Abhi and Pragya take the wedding rounds. Meera becomes the only person to share their joy.

Ranbir and Prachi’s wedding gets stuck by upcoming problems. Baljeet and Sarita are approached by the pandit to bless Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir has planned the marriage. Prachi has no idea that Ranbir is the groom, and he wants to marry her by tricking her about Palak and Jai’s marriage. Prachi loves him a lot, but is helpless about her promise to Rhea. She doesn’t want to anger Rhea and get problems for Pragya. Prachi wants Abhi and Pragya’s happiness.

On the other hand, the shooter aims at the couple to kill Abhi. Pragya comes in front of Abhi when she takes the final rounds. The shooter gets hindered because of Pragya. He finally takes a shot at Abhi. Will Abhi get the bullet on himself and die? The family will be witnessing the horrific drama of Abhi’s assassination. Will Pragya be able to save Abhi? Do you think the hyped new entry of Digvijay and find it necessary in between the prolonged marriage track? Comment below and keep reading.

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  1. I’m not surprised to see Abhi being shot as is usual with the authors not allowing us and Pragya to enjoy with Abhi. Go ahead, kill him in order to make us sad. I don’t know when India has become so wicked and corrupt as be portrayed like this in “Twist of Fate”

  2. Hope that Abhi will not die. If Abhi dies then the story should end coz it will not be a happy ending for their true eternal love.

  3. Je n’ai pas compris hier on a montré la vidéo du mariage jusqu’à la fin et comment aujourd’hui on montre la vidéo alya demande au tireur de tuer abhigya.

  4. Actually no need of digvijay in the drama to prolong it further. Just show the marriage of abhigya, and Rhea and ranbir, where prachi tricks ranbir and gets Rhea dressed as a bride, and prachi marries sanju to solve the tensions and end ranbir’s love for her…
    And one more, let purab divorce aliya and leave her to misery…..

  5. There is no need of digvijay in the prolonged drama. Just show the marriage of abhigya, and of Rhea-ranbir, where prachi tricks ranbir and gets Rhea dressed as a bride and marries the two, and she gets married with sanju to end ranbir’s love for her.
    And one more…..let purab divorce aliya and leave her to utter miseries….. there is no need of her either in the story now…..

  6. I think my meera will die to save her love.. she ll sacrifice once again and this time.. her life.. Indeed the most beautiful and pious character.. its sad that abhigya fans troll meera and ash so much

  7. I have watched many of the Indian soapies what I have realised they have no value for the family. They get married all the time but not even one stable home for the children. To them it is the goodness of the soapies when families are broken down and even kill the children. It is like they are all written by one broken fellow who hates peaceful and happy families. In Indian soapies evil must always get the upper hand then good and yet they do prayers all the time. QUITE SAD.

  8. When will this couple have a beautiful and true married life, this writer has ĺoss the essence of what marriage is and has been separating this couple with death attempts, kidnapping, plot attacks after another is this what is being experience as normal in life in there country after all these years apart what’s left a new character and a drawn out soap.Time to see someing positive and life changing.


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