Kumkum Bhagya Abhi marries Pragya Upcoming Spoiler Update

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi marries Pragya Upcoming Spoiler Update

Kumkum Bhagya Abhi marries Pragya Upcoming Spoiler Update Pragya proposes Abhi for marriage. Abhi tells her that its too late. She tells that he can’t marry Meera. He asks her to let him marry Meera if she loves him, since she has divorced him already. Pragya can’t see him ending their relationship. She takes the garlands from Meera. She warns Meera to step back. Pragya tells Abhi that he has to marry her, if he thinks the divorce papers are ready. She demands her husband and rights back. Meera is happy seeing this.

She can understand that Abhi is also happy. Abhi tells Pragya that he is listening to her for the last time. He tells pandit that he will marry Pragya. He exchanges the garlands with Pragya. Pragya realizes that it was just Abhi and Meera’s plan. Meera returns the ring to Pragya. She tells that just Pragya has a right on Abhi, who loves Pragya a lot. Pragya gets emotional after all the barriers between them get cleared. Baljeet finds Aryan at the temple. She tells that Aryan refused to accompany her to the temple and came alone.

Sarita asks her not to get upset. Aryan asks pandit to make Ranbir and Prachi married. Pandit tells him that he can’t get anyone married. He asks about the elders, who would bless the couple. Aryan tells that he has the solution, he can arrange wedding mantras on the phone and help him, he can also arrange elders to bless the couple. Pandit goes to call Baljeet and Sarita when Aryan signs him towards them unknowingly.


Pragya asks Abhi if he had planned everything. Abhi tells that he is happy. She cries out of guilt. He doesn’t want her to cry, better fight him. He tells that she is his life, nobody can take her place. He tells that he wanted to hear that she loves him. She tells that he made her cry a lot. She runs to beat him for showing that he doesn’t love her. Meera witnesses their true love. She gets a lovely smile seeing him. Abhi tells that if Pragya did this at home, this would have not happened, he had given her the shock just to make her confess.

She tells him that she loves him, she can’t hug him if he invites her in his second marriage. She is upset that Meera and Abhi had the rasams. Meera tells that she lied to everyone about her haldi allergy. Abhi reminds that he had done everything to have rasams with Pragya and also provoked her to test her love. He wished that their love didn’t change. He reminds that she always fought with him. He tells that he shared his plans with Purab. Pragya asks him why did he take the risk. She questions him about signing the divorce papers. The shooter fails to kill Abhi.

He tells that he can’t understand whom is Abhi marrying. Digvijay asks him to just finish the work. Aaliya doesn’t know where Abhi and Meera are marrying. Purab is irritated by her. She tells him that she will follow him when he goes to the temple. He is glad that she is saying the truth. She shares her happiness that Abhi is marrying Meera. Raj tells that he is happy for Abhi, he doesn’t care who comes as Bahu in the house.

Purab wants him to support Pragya. Aaliya knows that Purab wants Abhi and Pragya to unite. Purab tells that he wishes it since ever. He tells that she always stands against the family. Aaliya tells that she will decorate Abhi’s room. She thinks its time to celebrate. She threatens to throw out Pragya’s memories. Pragya tells Abhi that she was thinking to come back to him. Meera tells that divorce doesn’t matter, he just loves her. Abhi tells Pragya that he was not in his own self, he didn’t know when did he sign the papers, he just knows that he loves her, he was missing her, he was lifeless without her. Pragya hugs Abhi. They confess love for each other.

Meera is truly happy for them. Pandit also praises their soulful love. He asks Abhi and Pragya to sit for their marriage. Abhi tells that he wants the marriage to happen for many births. Aaliya tells Purab that she will question him when Meera arrives home. She feels her wishful has accomplished. Purab warns her to look ahead. He knows that Abhi will get Pragya out.

Raj doesn’t know if Pragya will stop the marriage. He suspects Purab and Baljeet. Pandit asks Sarita and Baljeet to bless the young couple who has come for marriage. Sarita asks him to pray for Abhi and Pragya as well. Aaliya tells that Abhi will forget his first wife. Purab doesn’t want Aaliya to throw Pragya’s doll. He wishes that she understands Abhi’s happiness. Abhi and Pragya sit for their marriage, while the shooter aims at him. Pragya wants Meera to perform their Gathbandhan. Meera feels honoured. Aaliya is up for a huge shock when she sees Abhi and Pragya married. Will the shooter succeed in harming Abhi or will Pragya come ahead as a shield for her husband? Comment below and keep reading.

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