Kundali Bhagya 27th January 2021 Written Update Countdown begins

Kundali Bhagya 27th January 2021 Written Update Countdown begins

Kundali Bhagya 27th January 2021 Written Update Countdown begins Akshay calls up Preeta to speak to Kritika. Sherlyn tells Preeta that Akshay should call up on Kritika’s phone. Preeta goes to Kritika and doesn’t get a good response from her. Sherlyn tells Preeta that Kritika won’t take the call on her phone. Akshay shows his position in Luthra house. He tells that he is loving to watch Preeta’s misery. He threatens Preeta that he will punish Kritika after marriage. He knows that Preeta won’t be able to stop the marriage. He feels he is super smart. Preeta gets raged.

Akshay doesn’t think she can harm him. Preeta falls down, knowing Karan will always hold her. He tells her that he is always with her, but she shouldn’t fall in any risk. He doesn’t want her to go anywhere against his wish. She tries to clarify that she was with Shrishti. He doesn’t want to listen. He asks her not to do anything wrong.

She wants him to just listen to her and see something important. Kareena interrupts them. She asks Preeta to participate in the haldi ceremony with a smile for Kritika’s sake. She doesn’t want any drama in the function. She asks Preeta to just do her duty as a Luthra Bahu. Preeta is certain that she will deal with the problems. She fears that her relation is spoiling with Karan. She wants to find a way to solve the problems.

Preeta meets Akshay in his family in the haldi function. She tells Akshay that he has played many games with Kritika and Luthra family, but now she will not let him play with their emotions further. She tells that she will bring his truth in front of everyone. Akshay doesn’t think its possible. He accepts her challenge. Karan overhears a part of their conversation. He asks them about the challenge. Akshay is speechless, while Preeta tries to get Karan on her side. Preeta asks Akshay to begin the countdown. Do you think Preeta will expose Akshay in the haldi rasam or will the drama drag till the very moment when Kritika reaches the mandap? Comment below and keep reading.

Sarla feels like something bad is going to happen. She tells Janki that Preeta was in a miserable state, when everyone got against her. Sarla tells Janki that she will make a video call to Preeta and know her welfare. She calls Preeta to know if she is fine. She tells that she was worried for Preeta. She feels restless for her daughter’s problems. She asks Preeta not to do anything against Akshay that could land her in trouble.

She knows that Preeta wants to help Kritika. She asks Preeta to take care of herself and not earn more enemies. She knows that already Sherlyn and Mahira are against Preeta, and now even Akshay is adding troubles in Karan and Preeta’s marriage. Preeta tells that she will take care of herself. She doesn’t want her family to worry. Shrishti gets decked up to go out. Sarla doesn’t want her to go anywhere. She tells that Akshay has already accused her character.

She wants Shrishti not to interfere in the Luthra family matter. Shrishti tells that she is sure that she can handle the mess. Sarla asks her not to increase problems for Preeta. Shrishti doesn’t want Preeta to fall alone. Janki supports Shrishti. Sarla tells Janki that Shrishti is immature, she can make more mistakes and increase troubles for Preeta.

She tells that she will not let Shrishti get more serious accusations on her name. She knows that Kritika can take care of herself, if she is sure of Akshay. She knows that her daughters want to save Kritika’s future. Shrishti wants to expose Akshay’s truth. She is eager to see Akshay’s reaction when Preeta reveals his truth. She wants justice for herself. She knows that truth will eventually come out. She makes a plan to go out from the window. She wants to see Akshay in a miserable condition. She tricks Sarla and goes out to meet Preeta at the Luthra house.

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  1. Please makers itna lambda mat khincha kro….. We r getting bored by all this drama….. Shrlyn and mahira ki sacchayi kyu nhi samne late ho aap…. Kumkum Bhavya mein bhi yhi drama chalta rehta hai …. Please agr Acchi story nhi hai to band kar do serials ko koi acche plot par serial bnao…. Nonsense chezein dikhayi jaa rhe ho …. Ek cheez ko Kitna khinchoge

  2. Can Sherlyn and Prithvi and mahiraa and kareena all get exposed and get rid of them please.. Cant this show follow eternal love where problems are solved and villans thought their lessons.. This show villans are being dragged for years.. Watch Eternal Love everybody. Its not monotonous not boring the good always triumph new storylines.. Its well worth it. Not this crap..

  3. Pata nahi is bakre ko hero kaise banaya aur yaha to vamp hi heroine lagti hai full of boaring serial aaj tak aachchi ending nahi hui hai

  4. We as viewers are bored of this never ending drama. Itna bhi khichna nahi chahiye ki hum serial dekhna hi band kar le.
    As viewers we have had enough of sherlyn, mahira and are bored watching it.
    I think karan and preeta should be given more focus and we would like to see their romance more rather than this boring never-ending plotting

  5. I am so tired of this show. It goes around in circles with nobody being exposed for their true character. Its the same story in different ways for years. Prithvi is not caught, sherlyn or mahira. Now akshay. He wont be exposed…preeta will be made to look wrong and we will continue like this for another 2 years until the next person comes along that she tries to expose. This has to be the most monotonous and boring soapie ever. I dont even understand how they win awards

  6. I am working from home now March,2020. I am spending soo much time with my mother who is 85yrs old and she looks at zee tv allday long so I too got roped into looking at the zeetv. At first it was so exiciting and I never missed an episode in any of the daytime soaps. NOW!!!!! It’s the same storyline over and over and over….I am fed up….

  7. Super fed up. Just dragging the same thing over and over again. Stop this crap and expose the true Sherlyn, Mahira and now Akshay.

  8. Please stop dragging this serial soooo much! It’s getting very boring to see same tricks, plots, same crap. Also, Sherlyn was pregnant even before she got married. She has already celebrated 2 Karwa Chauts. Meaning it’s more than a year since she is pregnant and still she looks same. She is carrying an elephant to have such a long gestational period!!?? 😳😜
    Start giving some good story to watch instead of repeating episodes with same boring never ending stuff.

  9. Director sir I have a request to u that is sir, how much days gone. plzz get an evidence against Akshay nowadays i am not interested to see this serial because of this reason I love preeta sister and karan bro a lot. A lot means a lot. Sir, do u know onething my favorite serial in zee5 is kundali bhagya but this days i am so worry because this serial is not good that much sir. Plzz take my request. It is my kindly request don’t remember this. and onething I am from kerala


  10. We are really tired of this going round non of the family members know about Sherin and Mahira, Privith,Now Ashaky so now preeta will be blamed all time and we can’t see any Romantic moments of Karan and preeta since they got back together whenever they try to get close something bad happens so fed up of all this

  11. Don’t make the same twists again and again. To get the viewers happy you must bring reality of sherln mahira along with… All the serials are getting bored


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