YRKKH Upcoming Kaira reunion Anupama Top 5 Spoilers

YRKKH Upcoming Kaira reunion Anupama Top 5 Spoilers

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YRKKH Upcoming Kaira reunion Anupama Top 5 Spoilers Sirat goes ahead to pursue her dreams. She wants to win at any cost. She just has her friend to motivate her. She self motivates herself. She has to come out of the hell where Sheela and Mukesh are ruining her dreams. She doesn’t want to return to her home with failure. She was happy that Kairav saved her from the alliance. He appeared like an angel to her. Kairav meets her again with the same craze and calls her mumma. This time, he appears annoying to her. He tells her that she is his mum. He tells that he is her son.

She refuses to acknowledge their relation. She tells him that she isn’t his mumma. Her words aren’t believed. Seeing Kairav cry genuinely, the boxing championship committee believes that Sirat lied about her background just to get through the selection process. They reprimand her for the big lie to hide her marriage and child to make her career. She pleads that she didn’t lie, Kairav isn’t her son. She gets disqualified from the match, which comes as a huge shocker for her. On the other hand, Kartik receives a shocker on seeing her. The truth will be revealed later that Sirat is Naira itself. How will destiny bring Kaira together, will Kartik and Naira reconnect again? Keep reading.

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Vanraj loses his job to Kinjal. He is deeply upset to get fired from his job, when he has given his life’s major years to his company. He gets much shattered that he lost everything. He loses faith and confidence. Anupama is happy to wish Kinjal for her new start. She makes sweetdish for Kinjal. Leela keeps an eye on them. Anupama gives her tips to Kinjal. Vanraj vents his anger on Kavya. Kavya asks him if she should go for her work.

She gives him the keys. Vanraj scolds her for showing off that she is still working in the same company. She asks him not to vent his frustration on her. Paritosh is upset with Kinjal. He also gets the same issues like his father. He can’t tolerate that Kinjal is progressing further ahead of him. He sends Kinjal with Samar. Samar informs Anupama that he has dropped Kinjal for her interview. Anupama tells that its all destined. Kavya tells Vanraj that she can’t sit at home and cry with him. She doesn’t want to leave her job. She has tried hard to keep him happy.

He wants to stay alone for some time. He is dejected. Vanraj argues with Kavya for Pakhi’s stay with them. Kavya tells him that they aren’t getting privacy since Pakhi is staying with them. She asks him to answer Anupama’s divorce notice, so that they can marry soon. She wants to talk straight. She asks him to utilize his time to make their lives better. Kinjal gets the good news home that she has bagged a job in a reputed company. She doesn’t know that she got Vanraj’s position. Paritosh surprises Kinjal with a gift.

He tells that he knows her talent and was sure that she will get the job. Kinjal tells about the company. Samar tells that its Vanraj’s company. Anupama is shocked. Kavya shocks Vanraj by telling him that Kinjal got his job. Vanraj realizes that his family would also know the truth now. Anupama tells Kinjal that Vanraj used to work in the same company and was heading that project. Anupama and Vanraj are stressed. Kavya tells Vanraj that Kinjal would have told Anupama, but Anupama didn’t stop her. Paritosh asks Kinjal to not join the job. He takes up Rakhi’s job offer as an answer to Kinjal’s job.

Shaadi Mubarak:

KT fakes love for Preeti just for a reason that he can’t hurt her. He doesn’t want to Preeti to know that he won’t be able to love her. He can’t reciprocate to her feelings for real, but can’t break her heart either. He tells her that he loves her a lot. Preeti is on cloud nine to begin a new life with him. She dearly loves KT. KT admits the truth to Neil. He is confused about taking the relation to the next level when Preeti proposes love to him. KT doesn’t want to cheat Preeti by making a relation with her when he doesn’t love her. KT falls in a big dilemma. He has to either drag the fake love drama or tell the truth to Preeti. What decision will he take?

Yeh Hai Chahatein:
Rudraksh finds a way to stay close to Prisha. He joins the hospital as a staff to work with her and be with her. Mahima learns about the huge bank transfer. She gets against Prisha. Rudraksh and Prisha get close to meet with an accident when she refuses to share the bus ride with him.

Shaurya and Anokhi Ki Kahani:
Anokhi gets the admission in SIAC finally. She is very proud to be a part of SIAC. She hopes that Shaurya’s mindset changes soon. She doesn’t want Shaurya to disrespect her or Aastha. Aastha and Shaan rekindle their old times by spending time together at the college library. They used to study in the same college and then got married. They still have memories in every corner of the college. Shaurya is disturbed to see his parents together, which reminds him that his mother left him for the sake of her career.

Shaurya hates Aastha for abandoning him when he needed her the most. Aastha fails to explain Shaurya that he was snatched from her by Devi and Tej. Shaan assures that he will speak to Shaurya about her. Anokhi gets into a trouble when Vineet compels Babli to not help her. Vineet makes sure that Anokhi loses the roof over her head. Anokhi doesn’t get a place in Babli’s house. She is left helpless on the roads. Who will come to her rescue this time?






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