YRKKH Upcoming Promo Kartik injured Top 4 Spoilers

YRKKH Upcoming Promo Kartik injured Top 4 Spoilers

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YRKKH Upcoming Promo Kartik injured Top 4 Spoilers Kartik goes to check on Sirat at her residence. Kartik chases Sirat to seek his answers. He fails to find more details about her. He returns home with an injury. He finally thinks that Sirat isn’t Naira. He is glad to see Dadi back. He appears normal and performs a naughty act to surprise Dadi. Everyone is surprised to see him happy. Kartik tells them that he has met Sirat, but she isn’t Naira, there is a lots of difference between them, Sirat just looks like Naira. He tells that he has closed Sirat’s chapter, he will never look back with any false hope. Dadi is happy that Kartik has decided to move on.

Kavya insults Anupama in front of Samar. She tells him that Anupama is just a cheap manipulative woman. Samar can’t hear a word against Anupama. He yells at Kavya. He asks her not to dare say anything against Anupama. Anupama feels restless. Samar shows his anger by ruining Kavya’s place. Vanraj raises a hand on Samar. Kavya goes to the limit of calling the police to file a complaint against Samar. She tells that its her turn to strike now.

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She gets Samar arrested for threatening him. Anupama breaks down seeing Samar’s arrest. She shouts on Vanraj and Kavya for sending Samar to the jail by false blames. She asks Vanraj if he didn’t know Kavya’s move. Anupama tells them that if she blames them in the police station, then they will get imprisoned for ten years. She gives a final warning to Vanraj and Kavya. She doesn’t care that Vanraj isn’t a good father for her children. She wants to do her duty towards her children. She counts Vanraj’s crimes.

She tells that he had mentally tortured her. She wants to get rid of Kavya. Anupama and Vanraj get into a battle. She tells him that she can’t spare him this time, she will meet him in the police station. She wants Vanraj to make Kavya withdraw the complaint. Samar is Anupama’s weakness. Anupama wants Samar back home at the earliest. Samar is much raged at Vanraj’s poor character. Anupama brings Samar home. They have an emotional moment when they learn that Paritosh is going to shift to Mumbai.

Barrister Babu:
Sampoorna misleads Bondita to leave the house if she wants Anirudh to be okay. She tells that Anirudh’s life will be in trouble if Bondita casts her shadow over him. She scares Bondita to the limit, that Bondita decides to leave the house. Bondita packs up her bags to make a leave from the haveli. She wishes to meet Sumati once. She reaches the old house where Sampoorna had locked Sumati. Sumati calls Bondita in her sleepy state. Bondita feels some connection with the place. She doesn’t know that Sumati is inside the old house, captive.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai:
Ahilya tells Sushila that Gautama isn’t her Sasubai, her marriage isn’t going to happen. She adds that Shiv doesn’t watch Khanderao and her marriage to happen. Sushila asks her to talk in low tone. Ahilya tells that the marriage won’t happen without Shiv’s wish. She asks Mankoj to tell everyone about Shiv’s sign that the marriage won’t happen. Sushila asks her to never say this again. Harku Bai and Bana Bai get to hear about Ahilya.

Harku stops Bana, but the latter reaches Gautama to tell her about Shiv’s sign. She asks Gautama to ask Ahilya’s parents, if they will keep the marriage against Shiv’s decision. She tells that they can’t be happy by angering Shiv. She tells Gautama that Shiv will do tandav in anger, nobody will prosper by this marriage. Ahilya accepts that she told so. She asks them to listen to her and stop the marriage. Gautama is surprised. Malhar supports Ahilya and explains her that the marriage is happening with Shiv’s blessings. Ahilya agrees for the marriage. Her journey to become Ahilya Bai Holkar begins.






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    No need these twist of Tara’s daughter or something else.. these twist is good that sirat loses her memory

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    My all-time favorite tv actress, with their suited character naira.

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