Anupama Vanraj divorce twist 15th February 2021 Update

Anupama Vanraj divorce twist 15th February 2021 Update

Anupama Vanraj divorce twist 15th February 2021 Update Anupama had risked her life to save the kids. She has stood against the system thinking for the kids’ safety by risking her job and daughter’s future. The school management apologizes to her and fakes her complaint against the administration. Anupama impresses the school director. She proves herself as a brave, hardworking and dedicated teacher. She finally attains a name and respect for her, which gets witnessed by Vanraj as well. Anupama’s moment makes Vanraj emotional as well.

Principal also praises Anupama for showing daringness to stand against the wrong. Anupama is elated with her big success. Vanraj finds Anupama becoming a star in the school. Pakhi is impressed with her mother’s righteousness. Anupama goes home with the good news. The family is happy that justice has prevailed. Anupama gets famous. She is going to get honoured by the school. Samar is so proud of Anupama’s success.


Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce counselling phase begins. Vanraj and Pakhi happen to see Anupama’s picture in the newspaper. They like the news of Anupama getting the appreciation award. Pakhi objects to Kavya who makes Vanraj work in the kitchen. Kavya tells that everyone should be self-sufficient. Vanraj tells that he had no time to do anything, Anupama did everything for him. He praises Anupama who taught everything to her children. Pakhi tells that she can do any work. Kavya asks her to better start working in the house.

Pakhi criticizes the food made by the cook. Kavya scolds her for ordering costly food from the hotel every day. Pakhi tells Kavya that she isn’t taking money from her. Kavya tells that Vanraj lost his job, money should be carefully used. She asks Vanraj to teach manners to his daughter. Leela helps Anupama in dressing up. Anupama gets happy with Leela’s gesture. Leela and Anupama worry that Kavya will not keep Pakhi happy. Pakhi calls Kavya a selfish woman. She tells Kavya that Vanraj was happy when he was with the family.

She accuses Kavya and calls her a home breaker. Vanraj stops Kavya from slapping his daughter. Pakhi gets scared. Vanraj asks Kavya not to dare hurt his daughter. He warns Kavya. He tells Pakhi that they have to obey the house owner, life is not predictable, they have to adjust and become self-sufficient. He doesn’t expect motherly emotions from Kavya. He asks Pakhi not to misbehave with elders. Kavya asks him to explain his daughter. He expects maturity from Kavya. He counts that he had helped her enough when she joined the office as an intern.

He reminds her that he isn’t using Kavya’s money. He also warns Pakhi against testing his patience. He tells Kavya that he will take Pakhi and shift to some other house. He tells them that they both are proving Anupama right by their daily issues. Pakhi gets emotional. She meets Anupama at the school and breaks down. Anupama asks her to return home any time she wants. Pakhi and Vanraj congratulate Anupama for her success. Anupama asks about Pakhi’s tears.

Kavya is angered with Pakhi, but can’t hurt Vanraj’s sentiments. She plans to surprise Vanraj by a good holiday. Vanraj tells that Pakhi has issues with Kavya, she is happy with her dad. Anupama shows her worries for Pakhi. She tells that Pakhi isn’t ready to see her parents’ separation. She asks Vanraj not to scold Pakhi if she behaves silly. He hands over her trophy which she forgets on the bench because of Pakhi. They get the message from the counsellor. Anupama comes home happily to give her appreciation award to Leela.

Leela gives the trophy with Vanraj’s trophies. This encourages Anupama. She finally wins Leela’s heart. Leela tells that she will support Anupama whenever she is right. Vanraj tries bonding with Pakhi to cheer her up. She tells him that they thought Anupama is a loser, they underestimated Anupama, but she proved it. He asks her to go home if she wants. She apologizes to him. She tells him that she will miss him if she goes home.

She wants to know if he is happy with Kavya. He tells that he is happy with Kavya, their fights will end soon. She tells that she is happy if he is happy. She remembers his birthday. She plans to have his birthday celebrations at home. Kavya meets them to reveal her plans for Vanraj’s birthday. She tells that family had ousted Vanraj. She wants Vanraj with her.

Anupama tells Kinjal and Nandini that lucky people get love, they should always respect it. She cries out her sorrow on seeing Pakhi in tears. She wants them to talk to Pakhi to share her sorrow. She knows that Pakhi would be all alone. Anupama and Vanraj go for marriage counselling. They sign the divorce application form by mutual consent. Vanraj is equally at pain to bring their relation at an end. Will they get divorced? What do you think they should do? Comment below and keep reading.

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  1. A leopard never changes its spots. Vanraj may wish to return to Anupama but has come to realise her worth only when he sees the true Kavya, He wants a housemaid which Anupama was during their 25 yrs of marriage. He called her a masala smelling uneducated country bumpkin who cannot even speak English and who repulsed him thus he never touched her after Pakhi’s birth. Now he sees what sophisticated Kavya really is. Only it is too late as some things can be forgiven but the hurt he gave to Anupama will never heal. She may not be educated and sophisticated but she has values, humble pride and self-respect which will not remain intact if she forgives Vanraj and takes him back into her life. THEY MUST DIVORCE.

    • Vanraj should leave kavya and Iive alone. He should self reflect and find out who he truly loves. If he loves Anupama, he should work really hard to get back into her life. He should understand her true worth and also work towards changing his own attitude and behavior. Vanraj ne Bohot papad belne ke baad hi Anupama should think of taking him back into her life. One divorce and the whole family is distressed. Things can normalize but Vanraj should be shown going out of the way to make things work, no matter even if he is insulted or humiliated cause that’s what he had done to Anupama.

      • Your view also sounds good. Anupama is considering to reconcile with Vanraj. It can be understood by her conversation with Kinjal. She wants to back out from the divorce. She wants to keep the marriage which gave her so many relations. But, Vanraj won’t change so soon unless Kavya kicks him out of her life for once and all. He is tempted to go after Kavya every time. His weak character should be shown changing at first. He should become a man of words, just like Anupama who stands to her words all the time. He seriously needs a lesson in his life. Anupama doesn’t need to pay a price for his mistakes.

  2. They should get divorced bcoz any time vanraj can change his colors and take anupama for granted. If men r to be taught a lesson then she should divorce

  3. All women face these issues. Some are silent some speak out. Since the burden of the household work is solely the woman’s job, it’s easy to blame her for not paying attention to the husband. But if the husband shares with household chores, things can improve. Anupama has to move ahead and not let her husband manipulate her feelings and emotions.

  4. Agreed vanraj has battered anupamas feelings but Kavya and baa too haven’t spared any space by belittling Anupama . Now, though vanraj has done a grave mistake it would be really nice if they get back together for good BUT Vanraj has to truly turn over a new leaf and completely cut off ties with kavya. He should get a final kick from kavya which will result in their final break up and Pakhi dint do it right by going against her mother Anupama who is always in the right thought she may not be educated like the rest of the family members. Pakhi and vanraj dint do it right by going kavyas side who got it easier by separating the family. The other woman is in the wrong by breaking up a family but then the man too is very much at fault since his responsibilities lie with his family first since they’re his top and foremost priority .


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