Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2021 Written Update Abhi exit scene

Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2021 Written Update Abhi exit scene

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2021 Written Update Abhi exit scene Abhi asks Pragya not to break her promise, if he is alive, then she can’t die, she also has to be alive. He tells her that she can’t leave him. Pragya answers him. He gets at peace on finding her fine. Pragya asks him not to cry. He tells that he thought he lost her. He tells that he will also die if she dies. He asks her about her glasses, through which she can see him clearly. He finds her glasses and cleans it for her. He cheers her up. He tells that he loves her a lot. She feels hurt to see him crying. Bittu looks for them.

Pragya asks Abhi not to fight Bittu. Abhi wants to punish Bittu who tried to kill Pragya. Snake and Bittu get into an argument. Snake admits that he had killed Varsha. Bittu tells that Abhi is his target. They both have a fight. This gives time to Abhi and Pragya to leave.

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Digvijay calls up Bittu, who is busy in a fight. Bittu gets rid of Snake. Digvijay reaches out Bittu to inform him that he has spotted Abhi and Pragya alive, they are going towards the jungle. Bittu promises to fulfill the contract of killing them. He wonders how did they survive by falling down the cliff.

Abhi and Pragya try to find a way out. They reach the highway. They see Purab’s car. Before they could go and ask for help, they see Bittu around. They get back into the jungle. Abhi tells that he couldn’t stop Purab. Pragya tells that they should have gone to take help. Abhi tells that Baljeet and Sarita were also in the car, he couldn’t risk their lives. He tells that they are nothing without each other.

Abhi and Pragya have a fun moment when they get rescued from the henchmen for some time. Sarita feels unwell. Purab stops the car for her ease. Bittu gets disturbing them when they block his way. Purab wants to see who is he. He asks Bittu to take the other way. Purab suspects him. Bittu looks like an assassin to him. Bittu tells that he has no time to answer him. Purab recalls seeing the shooter’s picture.

He realizes that the killer has gone after Abhi and Pragya, they are really close. He tells that truck driver isn’t this killer, but he was also after Abhi’s life. He wants to teach a lesson to the killer. He looks for Abhi and Pragya. Abhi and Pragya are in peace. He wants her to keep confessing love, since her eyes are reflecting it. Pragya tells that he shall not stop her if she expresses her feelings. He promises her. They sit by the lake side. She tells him that if she dies, then he shall move on in his life. He doesn’t want to say anything negative. She wants him to not marry anyone even if he is alone.

He asks the reason. He tells that he will not marry. She tells that he can’t give her place to anyone. Abhi and Pragya’s love moment gets spotted by Digvijay, who informs Bittu that they left from the lake side to reach the cliff. Bittu promises to kill them. Bittu meets Ashok and tells that he will take revenge for Varsha’s death. He wants to kill Pragya before Abhi. Ashok accompanies Bittu. Inspector Gupta gets to meet Purab and family. They request him to help Abhi and Pragya.

Purab tells that Gupta is handling Abhi’s case. Purab tells that he had just seen that killer. Gupta asks Purab not to get late. He tells that Purab shall come with him. Purab asks Aaliya to take the family home. Aaliya wants to find Abhi as well. Abhi and Pragya live their final moments of togetherness happily. Abhi is going to die in the coming track. Will Abhi’s character end in the show, will he return in any new avatar or not? What do you think of Abhi’s exit track? Keep reading.

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22 responses to “Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2021 Written Update Abhi exit scene”

  1. kg Avatar

    such a boring episodes.losing patience. dont know any of the characters will die, but the show is killing the viewers

  2. A.padmanabhan. Avatar

    Please eliminate comedy dialogues while you are shooting serious scenes. This type of scene making irritating us. As per video the bullet struck on his right head means ,there is no chances of survive of Abhi, plus there is a deep falling also. So I think, the character of Abhi is wiped out. Now new story will begins.

  3. Adz Avatar

    Abhi has to come back…. The program will be terrible without abhi and pragya love

  4. subbulakshmi prasad Avatar
    subbulakshmi prasad

    Abi as to come back then kumkum bhagya is not there without abi and pragya

  5. Sarshe Avatar

    Abhi and Pragya need to live for the show. What is the reason for Abhi to leave the show

  6. Hitesh thakor Avatar
    Hitesh thakor

    Abi as to come back then

    1. Sabrina Ali Avatar
      Sabrina Ali

      Why does Abhi have to die How negative can u get Can’t u let him live to see his two daughters love each other Wouldn’t watch this show if u let Abhi die and so would a lot of your viewers

  7. Janunitha Momin Avatar
    Janunitha Momin

    Always the same story… repeating the past scenes again and again.. I think makers thinking that viewers have short term amnesia…

  8. Gayathri K B Avatar
    Gayathri K B

    Cant they just show family drama, some happy moments with both daughters, how abhigya handle ranbir-ria-prachi problems and just end the show…

  9. Karim Avatar

    Better end the show

  10. Beauty Avatar

    Rubbish why asking us if Abhi should die or not. Have you given us a good serie before.

  11. Rafeena Goorwah Avatar
    Rafeena Goorwah

    Always hurt the two main person. The show so stupid 😥 Abhi and Pragya need to be in the show omg I cannot believe they keep repeating it all the time😔

  12. Mumtaz Avatar

    I agree it better to end this boring show because it the same thing over n over

  13. Chukwura Cynthia Avatar
    Chukwura Cynthia

    Please I don’t understand why Abhi should die. Can’t there be a pleasant moment and happy ending. Why would the main characters die? It shouldn’t be a norm, the writer is not satisfying his audience. If Abhi or Pragya dies, the show is gone. It won’t be interesting anymore, so dear writer find a way around your script. Thank you.

  14. Hally Avatar

    I guess this writer is enemy of her viewers ,we dont want them dead and reborn just let them escape from the from the killers that’s it or is better you end the show

  15. Kasturi Avatar

    Please Dont End Abhis Life. Because Of Abhi n Pragya s Love The Show Is Running n Your TRP Is Good. They Hv To Live Together With Their Children n Grandkids. No Abhi Shouldnt Die. We Will Not Accept If Abhi Or Pragya Die.
    Why Cant They Live Peacefully n Happily Together. Its Heart Breaking To Think If Abhi Or Pragya Are No More In The Show. I ll Stop Seeing Hindi Serials For Good. Abhi Is Like My Own Son n Pragya My Daughter In Law. It Hurts To Think If They Wont Be In KKB Any More. When I See Abhi n Pragya On Screen I m So Happy As If I m Seeing My Son n Daughter In Law. You Are Going To Destroy So Many Fans Happiness.

  16. Priyanshi Sharma Avatar
    Priyanshi Sharma

    I think director of the serials gone mad…why they were killing abhi??😤😤 without abhi and pragya show is sooo boring, worst…This only killing the feelings of abhigya fans…😡😡If abhi die in the serials then I definitely leave to see this serials….

  17. Rehana Avatar

    It’s so ridiculous meeting after 20 yrs nevwr spent tym with his dauters n he has to die its Wil be so boring better they end this soapie as usual rebirns Wil come in we in the new generation niw not old come be realistic if Abhi n pragua not in the soapie it better end n let aaliya the devil have the benefit realy stupid I think she shud be put behind bars now 😡

  18. Kim Avatar

    I started to hate and drop reading this better end this show with two sister’ sisterhood and Prachi ranbir love

  19. Vinita Rubdy Avatar
    Vinita Rubdy

    Abhi has to come back .

  20. Lata Avatar

    Just end the show🤮🤮🤮🤮, dnt torture our mind👹👿

  21. Lily Avatar

    The show is already boring with the same story line later they will say they reincarnated,nonsense long boring series, zee world start their stories good and ends it like they think their viewers are dumb ,incase you don’t know I pay for subscriptions and I hate wasting money and my time , did I mention emotions too

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