Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2021 Written Update Finale twist

Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2021 Written Update Finale twist

Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2021 Written Update Finale twist Abhi and Pragya think to go and take some help. He tells that they shall take risk. They shout out to the biker, unaware that its the henchmen again. Bittu and Ashok arrive there to kill them. Abhi feels they are really being cursed this time. Gupta tells Purab that they can find a right direction if they get some sign around. Purab prays that he gets some hint. He tells that he will shout out to Abhi and Pragya to reach them, maybe the enemies get away. Abhi fights Bittu. He runs away with Pragya.

Ashok follows them. Abhi and Pragya show their care for each other. Pragya tells him that she isn’t hurt by any thorn, when she has him along. She asks him not to challenge the goons. He tells that he is a tiger, he will not give up. She asks him to just stay safe and wise. They look for some escape route. They reach the cliff.

He tells Pragya that they can jump down the cliff. She wants him to come with her. All the gang members reach the same cliff on Digvijay’s orders. Abhi and Pragya realize the threat is getting too dangerous. Gupta and Purab catch up Ashok and slap him. They ask about Abhi. Purab wants to know if Abhi and Pragya are safe. Purab fights Ashok. Gupta tells that he will not spare him this time. He handcuffs the criminals.

Purab and Gupta learn that Abhi and Pragya are still safe. Ashok and his aide lie to Purab about the location. Purab rushes to the jungle to save them. Abhi gets threatened by the henchmen. He bravely fights the henchmen. Pragya worries for Abhi. Bittu attacks Abhi by cheat. Pragya fears for Abhi’s safety when she finds him injured. Bittu tells that nobody can save Abhi now. Pragya fights with Bittu to protect her husband. Digvijay arrives with blood on his mind. He finds Pragya teaching a lesson to his henchmen.

Bittu sees Durga in Pragya and begs her for forgiveness. Pragya scares the goons to run away. Digvijay shoots at Abhi and Pragya to end their lives. Will Abhi really die and leave his Fuggi, who he got after a long separation of 20 years? Will this not be so unfair with Abhi and Pragya? How emotional did you get by seeing the promo of Abhi’s exit? Comment your views on the track and keep reading.

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  1. I’m not happy over Abbi’s exit because suffering for twenty years and getting his Fuggi back he will die again and leave Pragya alone with the girls? It’s not right, it would have been best if they were injured and saved by Purab and the rest and taken to the hospital, finding out who hired for them to be killed and stay happy with their girls and even Aliya punish for misleading the family and especially the pain she caused Abhi and Pragya with their girls and Purab and his family, you can’t give credit to evil

  2. I also agree the evil should be punished for their wrongdoings and Abhigya should live happily in love with their family
    Aliya should be punished miserabley for all her wrongdoings and evil doings to her brother and Fuggi I just hope and pray for Abhi ‘s return Asap please
    The couple has suffered enough 🙏🙏🙏

  3. If the track of abhi’s exit is true the it will ruin the whole show because there is no meaning of kumkum without abhi .save abhi or else kill both abhigya together.

  4. L’intrigue se déroule entre Abhi et Pragya alors s’il y a une fin se serait pour les deux. Car nous avons déjà assisté à leur séparation plusieurs fois. Et on sait qu’ils ne peuvent pas vivre l’un sans l’autre.

    • It’s stupid if abbi leaves I will never watch it again. What are the writers thinking at least they could show how they reunited with the girls and ended it happily. Stupid if he dies.

  5. Abhi must come to know that Aliya has sent the contract killers, he should know her cruel deeds. Should be punished for that both Abhi and Pragya should be alive.

  6. Agree with the last comment. No point in watching this show again. They reunite only to be distanced again. This is not how life works. We want to see justice and retribution for wrongs committed by the perpetrators in this case ALIYA . Common script writers please make this a show to watch. Kundali Bhagya too isn’t going anyway with evil still prevailing. Make Kum Kum Bhagya the show if all shows again

  7. Total rubbish story why show so much drama when the hero is going to die and in these serials always it shows that evil wins never seen that truth wins so it is useless watching that is why the trps are going down coz same and same boring story of meeting and then dying or some leaving each other

  8. Abhi cannot die please change ur story line . why they always in trouble?we want to c them happy at the end .And Aliya needs to be punished she deserves to die not Abhi.

    • Aliya should be caught n punished now it’s high time y u want the main characters yo get separated when once they get together if abhi dies what is the meaning of kumkum bhagya

  9. This is just a stupid drama, the story is the same as before, never has reach the peak, it keeps on going round and round same story, nothing new… Better for him to die than to keep on repeating the same role since 10 years…

  10. Without Abhi n pragya there is no soapie then better it ends Wil be very boring had to get to this now so boring taut he Wil enjoy his life with his 2 dauters as a family n have a good start in life a very stupid twist it took…. not worth watching just like Kundali bhagya never a happy storie between Karan n preeta always sum proplem 🤨🤨🤨🤨😡aaliya is always winning over them at least show purab n aaliya seoerating n justice done y making Abhi n pragya suffer 😔😔😔

  11. Kill both of them, should not separate Abhi and Pragya. Its time to end the serial. What happen to Kiara, is she still alive or dead.

  12. After a lot of odds they two met again and u r gonna separate them again,this is not fare and if u think that abhis exit will increase ur TRP rating ,so that u can start a new chapter of serial again then u r wrong iam gonna quit watching it.Not only me there are so many watchers who are gonaa quit it.

  13. You guys know if butter is not there is no self taste of bread so if abhi is not there pragya cannot be seen ‘vidva’ or widow so end the show or do not let abhi to die.


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