Anupama Shocking declaration 20th February 2021 Update

Anupama Shocking declaration 20th February 2021 Update

Anupama Shocking declaration 20th February 2021 Update Kinjal asks Pakhi to think for Anupama’s emotions. She accuses Pakhi for punishing Anupama when it was Vanraj’s mistake. She lectures Pakhi on her mistake. She doesn’t accept Pakhi’s misbehavior. She asks Pakhi to think of others’ sentiments. She wants Pakhi to have some sense when she speaks to others. She shows the mirror to Pakhi. She asks Pakhi to decide where she wants to stay. She tells that she shouldn’t hurt Anupama. She feels Pakhi should be with Vanraj and Kavya, who are equally selfish like her.

Pakhi is hurt by her taunts. Vanraj gets upset with Pakhi that she didn’t wish him. She wishes him and hugs. Vanraj thanks her. Anupama asks Leela to ask about Vanraj’s birthday plans with Kavya. Leela asks Anupama to worry for her, not Kavya. Leela tells her plans for Vanraj’s birthday. Vanraj gets worried. He gets Kavya’s messages. He feels compelled. Leela tells that Vanraj will stay with them on his birthday.

Pakhi reveals that Vanraj is going out with Kavya. Leela asks Vanraj if he is going out by leaving their festival. Leela asks Vanraj to give her a day from his life. She mentions that Anupama had a right on Vanraj before and now Kavya, but a mother has no right on him. She asks him how did he change because of Kavya. She adds that Kavya changed everything in their lives, Anupama never changed him or took him away from the family on his birthday.


She asks Vanraj to celebrate with Kavya if he wants. She feels hurt that Vanraj isn’t considering the family. Anupama consoles Leela. Vanraj sings a song for Leela and gets emotional. He can’t see Leela crying. He tells that they will be celebrating the birthday at home. Vanraj wants to inform Kavya. Anupama finds Leela happy. She tells that Leela looks lovely when she is happy. Paritosh gives some clothes options to Vanraj. Vanraj feels proud that Paritosh has grown up. He wants Paritosh to become his friend again.

Anupama is glad to see their bonding. Paritosh asks him to get ready. Kavya asks Pakhi to inform them before leaving next time. She asks for Vanraj. Pakhi tells that Vanraj is busy, he is getting ready for the puja. She mentions that Kavya didn’t wish to take her to the resort. Anupama apologizes to Kavya on Pakhi’s behalf. She asks Pakhi to remember that Kavya is Vanraj’s happiness. Pakhi tells that she isn’t so great to forgive anyone who snatches her dad. Kavya decides to do her wishful.

She tells that she will wish their new relation her way. Leela wants the family to celebrate Vanraj’s birthday as a festival. Anupama tells Kinjal and Nandini that Vanraj has relations with everyone in the house. Nandini finds her inspiring. Kinjal tells that they have to learn a lot from Anupama. Samar speaks to Anupama and tells that he will wish Vanraj on call. He feels bad that he is alone. Anupama asks him to come home soon. Vanraj meets Anupama. He tells her that few things don’t get a total end.

She tells that her habit will also end soon, since their relation broke already. She asks him to speak to Kavya. Guru ji arrives to bless Vanraj and Anupama for their happy marriage. He doesn’t know that they are getting divorced. Kavya arrives there with memories of her humiliation. Vanraj doesn’t want things to spoil in his family because of Kavya. Anupama steps back to give a place to Kavya, but Leela stops Kavya at the door. Leela doesn’t want Kavya to take her son along. She loses her cool.

Anupama permits Kavya to stay back. She tells that Kavya will be Vanraj’s wife after some months. She wants Leela to accept Kavya. Kavya is glad, while Vanraj is touched by Anupama’s sacrifice once again. Will Vanraj keep his marriage with Anupama by realizing her true worth? Comment your view and keep reading.

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