Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2021 Written Update Abhi big secret

Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2021 Written Update Abhi big secret

Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2021 Written Update Abhi big secret Pragya is much shocked to realize that Abhi isn’t responding to her, he is really dead. She asks him to wake up and fulfill his promise. She wants to be with him. She tells that she will take him home. The hospital staff tells her that Abhi is dead. Pragya shouts on the staff. She wants the doctor to check Abhi again, Abhi is alive. Bittu reaches the hospital to find Pragya. He wants to find Pragya and kill her before Digvijay arrives.

Digvijay learns that Pragya has run away from his clutches. He vents anger on the henchmen. He calls up Bittu to tell him that Pragya has to die, since she knows Abhi’s killer. He asks Bittu to give him a good result. Pragya tells Abhi that she won’t let him go away alone. She wants to die with him if he doesn’t listen to her. She urges him to fight for her sake. She beats Abhi and pumps his heart to revive him. She reminds him the promise that he will never leave her. Abhi returns from the dead for Pragya’s sake.

Pragya senses his heart beating again. He regains a pulse and sensation. Pragya fills life in the dead body by her love. She tells that her heart knew that he will never leave her alone. She tells him that she will call the doctor to treat him. She shouts on the staff. Bittu overhears Pragya. Pragya tells the staff that Abhi is alive. The nurse is shocked by the impossible thing when Pragya makes her check Abhi’s running pulse.

The nurse goes to inform the doctor. Pragya finds Bittu chasing her again. She is helpless to leave Abhi and hide away. Doctor checks Abhi and tells that its a miracle, that Abhi has returned from the dead. Pragya wants to distract the killer. She gets Bittu’s attention on her, while the doctors take Abhi in the OT for the surgery. Bittu doesn’t learn that Abhi is alive. Pragya runs a lot and faints down. She gets rescued by the hospital staff. Bittu fails to harm her on seeing the police around. Bittu returns to his place and gets bashed up by Digvijay for the failure.

Digvijay tells that he just wants to win, he will kill Pragya just like he killed Abhi. He wants to fulfill his revenge. Prachi brings Pragya home. Pragya meets her family. She asks about Abhi. Sarita and Prachi don’t know that Pragya has revived Abhi. They try to hide the truth from her. Sarita adds that Abhi is at his home and he is okay. Sarita tells that the doctor had left hope, but Abhi got alive. She adds that Pragya had gone in coma and its been two days now. Pragya tells that she wants to meet Abhi.

Prachi tells that she had gone to meet Abhi, but Aaliya didn’t allow her. Sarita asks Pragya to wait for some days. Pragya tells that she can’t stay without meeting Abhi. She tells that nobody can stop her from meeting him. Sarita wishes that everything stays fine.

Rhea vents anger on the family who are behaving normal after knowing what happened with Abhi. Rhea reveals that Abhi isn’t well, she can’t see him in such a state. She has much concern for him. She rushes to see Abhi. Sarita is worried that Pragya didn’t return home.

Rhea wants Aaliya to show some affection. Sarita tells that they should think something positive. Prachi plans to cook food for Pragya. Mehra family doesn’t want Abhi’s truth to come out in front of the world. Aaliya tells that Abhi has changed, he isn’t the same. She tells that she will change her servants to hide the secret. Pragya arrives there to meet Abhi, but gets hindered by Aaliya. What happened to Abhi? What is his big secret? Did Abhi lose his mental health and get unstable? Will we see a mentally challenged Abhi in the coming track? Should Pragya take up Abhi’s responsibility and cure him? What do you think about the secret twist? Comment below and keep reading,

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  1. Pragya should be allowed with her God given gift to heal Abhi and have a United and happy family as his grandma wanted it and they too want it and Aaliyah’s sins be exposed to everyone and she be punished

  2. Pragya Should Stay n Look After Abhi As She Knows What He Likes n Dislikes. Pragya Will Bring Him Back To Normal. Her Love Will Heal Abhi. But Aliya Wont Allow Pragya To Go Near Abhi Or See Him.

    • This show is becoming ridiculous

      It’s the same story going in circles for years and years

      Pragya and a hi break up or he looses his memory or they both reunite during bad times and ppl are always after them whenever they meet. Then they separate again and so forth. Same stuff in circles is driving me crazy

      Could we please have some happiness in this on going show

      I’m getting annoyed of this show lately

      • Et en+ abhi avait déjà perdu la mémoire alors.je pense que cette fois pragya doit prendre les carte en main et menée le jeu.
        Je trouve tout ça un peu nonchalant. Vraiment.c’est naze.

        • Its becoming so annoying seeing this couple always suffering. Why cant this disgusting aliya leave this set? She had caused a lot of havoc to the extent of making Reah like herself. For how long will this continue n this couple suffer in isolation? It’s like the script writer has lost it all. Pls rectify this soonest.

    • How much longer will Pragya stay as a dummy and allow aaliya to rule? They all knows of her evil doings and that she hates Abhi and Pragya and now their daughters. Time she is thrown out the house or locked up for her crimes, even separating Purab and Disha.
      Also same old recycling scenes for Abhi, where Pragya always have to be the one fighting goons and whoever else for his safety, what does he actually do besides always and forever blaming Pragya for everything? She’s been getting blamed and thrown out since before having kids, then drama for killing Kiara, and for separating him from the twins, and the list goes on and on. Maybe he should really “dead” now and let Pragya move on with her children and without Aaliya

      • I share the same thoughts dear. Dont really see what impact Abi has in dt lady’s life. She should move on with her children n leave Alia to marry her brother who have no reasoning of his own .

  3. Pragya need to stand up to this devil and put her in her place, she is and have the rights to enter as she please, no one can stop her. She must.fight and stop letting others rule over her.

  4. Et en+ abhi avait déjà perdu la mémoire alors.je pense que cette fois pragya doit prendre les carte en main et menée le jeu.
    Je trouve tout ça un peu nonchalant. Vraiment.c’est naze.

  5. Why they had to bting tanu back allways pragya has to pay for it let abhi meet pragya she still his wife i hope abhi see pragya andcalls her name

  6. Can’t they do something else, do they think we are stupid or what, they keeps on going in circles, repeating the same thing over n over again make it so boring for people to watch, if they don’t have anything better to show, they should stop the show, am not finding it interesting anymore

  7. Yes end the searil we are tyred of the show now they brought tanu back why cant abhi say inuff alyia pragya is my wife i was just pretending to have memmery lose get out u and the killer tanu


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