Kumkum Bhagya 25 February Update Pragya challenges Aaliya

Kumkum Bhagya 25 February Update Pragya challenges Aaliya

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Kumkum Bhagya 25 February Update Pragya challenges Aaliya Mitali stops Pragya from going to Abhi and follows Aaliya’s orders. Pragya tells that she can break the relations, but Abhi will never break any relation. She explains the strength of her love. She tells them that they can never break their relationship. Tai ji asks Pragya to leave them alone. Mitali tells that they are already worried. She wants Pragya to leave the house and spare them. Pragya enquires about Abhi. She asks them if they are hiding something from her. Aaliya warns Baljeet to be silent if she wants her help for Abhi.

She stops Pragya from going to Abhi. Pragya doesn’t want anyone to stop her from meeting. She apologizes for the drama. She just wants to meet Abhi. She begs to Aaliya and turns into a weak woman. Aaliya further insults her to oust her from the family. Pragya tells that she will just see Abhi and leave. Pragya shouts to Abhi. Aaliya tells her that Abhi doesn’t want her in his life, he isn’t responding to her calls, since he doesn’t want any bad luck. She tells that Pragya is really inauspicious for Abhi. She asks Pragya to stay away from Abhi if she loves him.

Pragya senses that Abhi isn’t well, the family is hiding something from her. Aaliya tells that she doesn’t need to know anything that isn’t related to her. Pragya sheds tears. On the other hand, Ranbir and Vikram shout an argument. Vikram asks him not to meet Ranbir. Ranbir is hell bent to meet his chief once. He wants to know the reason for not meeting Abhi. Vikram tells that he can’t tell the reason. Ranbir asks why isn’t Rhea telling him anything.

He asks if there is any such plan to keep Abhi under wraps. He tells that he will find out the truth himself. Pallavi asks Vikram to let Ranbir meet Abhi. Vikram tells that Abhi isn’t their old Abhi, they can’t answer about him to anyone. He gets emotional the friend he lost. Prachi tells them that Pragya loves Abhi a lot. Pragya returns home dejected. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone. She breaks down that she didn’t meet Abhi. Pragya tries to get rid of her sorrow. Sarita asks her why isn’t Abhi not willing to meet her.

Pragya tells that Abhi will never refuse to meet her. Sarita tells that they shouldn’t deny the truth. She tells Pragya that she didn’t wish to reveal it, but even Prachi is neglected by Abhi. Pragya tells that she has waited for years to meet Abhi, she will not let the same distance come between them. Rhea feels lost that Abhi isn’t with her to care for her. Aaliya cares for Rhea. Pragya returns in their house once again. She doesn’t listen to anyone. Aaliya insults her. Pragya tells that she isn’t helpless and mute like animals that she will get kicked out.

Aaliya wants to stop her from meeting Abhi again. Pragya gets the NGO women in her support. She tells that Aaliya is stopping her from meeting her husband. Baljeet worries seeing the drama in the house. She knows Aaliya is doing wrong with Pragya, but is helpless to keep Abhi’s unstable condition a secret. Aaliya tells the NGO ladies that Abhi and Pragya’s marriage is void. She asks Pragya to see the proof she holds against her. Aaliya is Pragya’s enemy. She can’t let Pragya unite with Abhi. What should Pragya do now? Comment below and keep reading.

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5 responses to “Kumkum Bhagya 25 February Update Pragya challenges Aaliya”

  1. Shaahu Maureen Ngodoo Avatar
    Shaahu Maureen Ngodoo

    The writer knows exactly what to write, Aaliyah the wicked witch can’t be having upper hand against Pragya and Abhi’s marriage for crying out loud, I’m getting bored of the whole show now seeing Aaliyah winning all the time and separating the children from their parents

  2. Catherine Avatar

    Why can’t Aaliya allow Pragya to see her husband. This is the fault of the writer because it is always Aaliya winning, always repeating same things from S1,. NGOs helping Pragya, Aaliya with evil thinking .The writer is out of ideas, end the show please, without Abhi and Pragya the show is not interesting. Start new Show with new characters and let some viewers say bye to Twist of fate( Kumkum Bhagya)

  3. Ndoye Avatar

    sometimes kindness doesn’t get anywhere; it should behave like aliah and confront it in order to get ahead. well it’s true that becoming aliah is not great but there is a lot.

  4. Joyce Avatar

    Twist if fate us no longer interesting with aliya always winning against Pragya despite all her evil deeds. Can this writer not change this storyline for something better? Cant de get rid of thus witch and unite this poor mans family for good? Before it was Slia n Tanu n now she will use Meera to further keep them apart. Why cant they show us Abi n his family enjoying as one peaceful family? Are they really reading all des our comments as they re not changing anything right from the onset? The whole thing is becoming boring n frustrating joo.

  5. Neph Fred Avatar
    Neph Fred

    The writer or writers of Twist of fate have for a long time lost the plot and their drought of ideas is reflected in their repeat of the same issues over and over again. Pragya is portrayed as an unchanging novice who always loses against the sly and cunning Alya. The show is now very very boring and it’s a waste of time to watch. Please give us value and more entertaining conflicts or better still bring it to an end.

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