Yeh Rishta Gayu stunning claim 25th February 2021 Update

Yeh Rishta Gayu stunning claim 25th February 2021 Update

Yeh Rishta Gayu stunning claim 25th February 2021 Update Sirat and her Maudi have been thrown out of their house by Mukesh. Sheela is helpless this time after seeing Mukesh’s ruthless greed. Mukesh has no sympathy for Sirat or anyone else. He just wanted Sheela’s ancestral house for which he had married her. He finally gets his hands on the property. He doesn’t waste any time and throws out Sirat. Sirat had already planned to go to Udaipur and live with the Goenkas for few days. She decides to take homeless Maudi along. She doesn’t have time to find a house on rent and settle Maudi.

She recalls her commitment to Kartik. Sirat and Maudi arrive at Goenka house with their belongings, since they have no place to keep it after getting ousted by Mukesh. Dadi worries seeing the stuff like mattresses. She wonders if Sirat has come to shift to their place. Manish and Dadi conclude that Sirat is taking an advantage of her face which resembles Naira. They don’t want Sirat to make it a permanent stay.

They tell Sirat that she has come for few days only. Sirat is reminded of her task. Sirat wants to help Kairav and return soon. She tells Kairav that she isn’t his mumma. Kairav accepts her new identity. Kartik likes the change in Kairav when the former doesn’t call Sirat as Naira. He wants Kairav to accept the truth that Sirat isn’t Naira.

Kairav takes Sirat to Kartik’s room for her stay. Sirat knows Kartik won’t be liking it if she occupies his room. She makes an excuse that she has to look after Maudi. She explains Kairav that she has to stay with Maudi.

Kairav permits her to stay as she wants. Kairav gets blessings from Maudi. Maudi asks Sirat to tell the truth to Kartik, that they have lost their roof. She doesn’t want Kartik to suspect them and get heartbroken by any wrong doubts. Sirat assures to speak to Kartik and explain him the scenario. Kartik believes that Sirat should get the deserved respect since she has come for Kairav’s sake on their call. Manish tells Kartik that Sirat is taking an advantage of Naira’s looks and playing with their feelings for the sake of money.

He asks Kartik to pay more money to Sirat and get rid of her Maudi. Kartik clears to the family that he helped Maudi, but not on Sirat’s request. He defends Sirat who never asked him for any help. Kartik tells them that Sirat will be living with Kairav and explain him that she isn’t Naira. He has all hopes that his plan works and Kartik accepts that Naira is no more. Kartik gets into a bitter argument with Manish, who misunderstands Sirat’s intentions. Rhea further adds fuel in the fire to make Goenkas against Sirat.

Suwarna and Gayu connect with Sirat. Gayu is sure that Sirat is Naira. She takes Naira’s clothes to hand over to Sirat, but Kartik hinders her. Kartik wants Gayu to understand that Sirat isn’t Naira. Gayu confidently tells Kartik that very soon he will call Sirat as his Naira, then everyone has to accept the truth. Gayu tells him that Naira’s truth will come out until she is with them. Her big claim makes Kartik emotional. He so wishes that it turns out to be true and he gets his Naira back. Sirat begins her journey at Goenka house, while Kartik is stunned by some striking similarities between Naira and Sirat. Is Gayu right about Sirat? Will Kartik learn that Sirat is his Naira? Comment your view and keep reading.

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