YRKKH Upcoming Naira memory connect Kartik Big twists

YRKKH Upcoming Naira memory connect Kartik Big twists

YRKKH Upcoming Naira memory connect Kartik Big twists Kartik tries to make Sirat comfortable in the house. He wants Sirat to not worry for anything and focus on her work. He tells her that she has to bring back Kairav to the family by ending his hopes that Naira could be alive. Fate starts playing with Kartik’s emotions when he begins to see resemblance between Naira and Sirat. Kartik helps Sirat and her Maudi settle down in the lavish Goenka mansion. Sirat finds it like a five star hotel. She compliments Kartik for his beautiful house, but doesn’t show any greed for it.

Dadi misunderstands Sirat’s intentions. She feels Sirat has come there to be a part of the Goenka family by using Kartik. She is angered that Sirat had refused to her offer before, but didn’t leave Kartik’s offer. Manish also feels that Sirat is greedy for money, she can never be good to anyone without any selfish motives. Manish and Dadi get against Sirat because of Rhea, who wants to oust Sirat from the house as soon as possible.

On the other hand, we get to see Maudi getting involved in the Goenka’s puja. Goenka family isn’t too happy with Sirat and Maudi joining their puja. Kartik misses Naira and keeps her anklets in the puja as a remembrance. Sirat comes forward with what she worships, boxing. She keeps her boxing gloves and shows her keen interest in it. Maudi corrects Goenkas’ pandit, which angers Dadi a bit.

Dadi is upset that Kairav has started to bond with Sirat and Maudi well. She feels insecure. She wants Kairav to just love her. Kairav tells Gayu that they shall have a kite flying competition like before. They both miss Naira a lot. Sirat is all excited for the competition. She loves to fly kites and is a master in the art. She challenges Manish and Kartik for the match, after she defeats Lav and Kush in the competition.

Dadi wants Sirat to lose some how. Sirat talks in a hilarious way to lighten the mood, but Goenkas take it otherwise. They feel the kids will get spoilt if they pick up Sirat’s local language. Sirat and Kartik get into awkward moments because of her silly ways. Kartik wonders if Sirat is really Naira. Will the fate get fair to them and unite them? Keep reading.

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