Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2021 Written Update Breaking news

Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2021 Written Update Breaking news

Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2021 Written Update Breaking news Mahira wants to know if Karan can forgive her for the past. She apologizes to him. He tells her that he can’t forgive her, but she can remain a friend. He also wants to forget everything and start fresh. He tells her that he will not forgive her if she makes such mistakes again. Mahira is glad that he actually wants to make a new start. She changes her strategy. She knows that she has to act sweet, she has to make an entry in his heart and take Preeta’s place.

She wants to show her love. Kareena meets Preeta to invite her in the marriage function. She asks Preeta to handle the function and play Kritika and Prithvi’s pictures to show the guests that they already got married. She doesn’t want to upset Kritika. Preeta tells that she has no intention to upset anyone. Kareena asks Preeta not to care for their emotions and just follow her instructions. She wants everything perfect for Kritika’s marriage. Preeta promises to do as much as she can. Prithvi and Sherlyn have a talk on the way in his car.

He tells her that he has come to take revenge on Luthras. Sherlyn asks him the reason for marrying Kritika. He tells her that he is a one woman lover, he loves her a lot. She adds that he told the same lie to her when he wanted to marry Preeta. He is thankful that she trusts him. He admits that he loves only her. Sherlyn loves him too. He feels he is the luckiest person that he got her love. She gives him a final warning that he can’t cheat her. Prithvi hugs her.


Shrishti gets to see them and follows them. She wants to see if Prithvi is with Kritika or someone else. She calls Preeta to know if Kritika is at home. Preeta tells that Kritika is in front of her. Kritika speaks to Shrishti. Shrishti realizes that Prithvi was with someone else. Meanwhile, Rakhi asks Kareena not to take any tension. She asks Preeta to help in the decorations. Preeta wonders where is Shrishti, why did she call up to know about Kritika.

Prithvi drops Sherlyn. Shrishti learns a shocking news that Prithvi and Sherlyn are still into their affair. She tells that Prithvi would have fooled Sherlyn by his fake love to calm her down. She finds him taking his mother to Luthra house. Shrishti understands his plan. Preeta meets Kritika to alert her about Prithvi’s plans. She tells that Prithvi wasn’t joking, but was damn serious that he came in the house for her sake. Kritika tells her that she had dreamt of a good life with Akshay, she isn’t able to forget him.

She adds that she can understand that if Preeta has any feelings for his ex Prithvi. Preeta dismisses such bad thoughts. Kritika tells that she will understand her jealousy. Preeta tells that she has no such feelings for Prithvi, she loves Karan. Kritika reasons out that Preeta was going to marry Prithvi, but she got married to Karan instead. Preeta tells that she was explaining her out of concern that Prithvi isn’t a nice guy. Kritika doesn’t want to hear anything against him.

Girish informs them that Prithvi and his mother have come home. Kritika asks Preeta not to mind her words. Preeta understands that Prithvi has brainwashed Kritika. Mahira knows that Sherlyn has spared Prithvi by believing him. She finds Sherlyn’s anger down. Prithvi and his mother meet the Luthras happily. Prithvi’s mother dislikes Sherlyn and is too happy to get a simple girl like Kritika as her Bahu. She is in all praise for Kritika, which pleases Kareena. Prithvi tries to impress everyone by his nice behavior.

Preeta knows his true intentions. Shrishti makes an entry in the house. Prithvi calls her as sister-in-law, which leaves Luthras shocked. He realizes his blunder and covers up the matter in his favor. Preeta and Shrishti try to sort out the matter. Shrishti reveals the breaking news that Prithvi is still having an affair with Sherlyn. Preeta feels Kritika’s life is totally ruined. What do you think Preeta should do to expose Prithvi’s truth to Luthras before the marriage functions? Comment below and keep reading.

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  1. Preeta should not stop anyone’s wedding because they’re already married, moreover this happened between her and karan and no one stopped their marriage so why should kritika’s wedding be stopped when she and prithvi are already married by law. She should focus on her love life with karan before mahira scoops karan away from her.
    And this is totally insane I have to say.
    How can they be a lot of villains in one house and all from different families. We should change the name luthra house to villain house. This will bore us soon

    • Yes exactly

      Now it’s very boring and not so much interested to watch.

      All the times same will happen.

      Stupid story.

  2. Preetha will try again and fail to expose prithvi.. she will go back and stay with her mom .. Karan will marry Mahira .. Sheryln and prithvi will take property from luthra, they will come on road .. Than Luthra family will realise preetha was correct , preetha will give them her mother’s house to stay and all will plan to get Luthra house back 😂😂😂

  3. Horrible story is going now, how many times it will happen, no use of stopping this marriage, they got
    Already married, again there is going to be fight between preeta and karan and they two will get separated and mahira try to come close to karan, and again peeta and karan join hand. Omg its till boring, I hating the story now a days, it’s not interesting

  4. This is real madness, this serial is really become so predictable because the same thing keeps repeating over and over again with Preeta, making her the bad one and all the many so called villains carry on their nonsense. Absolute rubbish.

  5. Its boring thats all. Always quarreling. There is no importance of marriage relationship and truth. Karan preeta will not be together untill the end of serial. Third one entering. Stupid story. It became chewing gum. If you cant move it end it yar.

  6. Preeta should not stop the wedding..leave they alone let them sort out there own stories..and focus on her and karan marriage. They was so good we was enjoying seeing them fall in love. Them the evil writers have to spoil ah good thing…

  7. Discussting yaar everytime preeta is wrong why kabhi serial me koi khushi nhi bata sakte gol gol ghuma k phir wahi aa k ruk jata this show is off air really I tell u boring

  8. Karan should tell Mahira to go back to her house and move on with her life since Mahira said karan that she understood her mistakes. If there is a fight again during the wedding and insults preeta then karan should also leave the Luthra house. The track is really going bored I really don’t feel like seeing the serial. You are talking about your rituals and same time it is getting insulted.

  9. Preeta should let the wedding go on and let kritika face the down fall with prithiv and sherlyn.Then kareena would understand preeta behaviour


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