Yeh Rishta Manish ugly blame 28th February 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Manish ugly blame 28th February 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Manish ugly blame 28th February 2021 Written Update Kartik trusts Sirat that she will just do the needful and not break his hopes. He wants her to cure Kairav and make him believe that Naira is no more. Sirat is working on his motives already. She has the same goal that’s to bring a stability in Kairav’s life. She has always longed for mother’s love in her life. She doesn’t want Kairav to have the same longing. She can’t give him a mother’s love since she didn’t experience such feelings before.

She tells that she will be finding it hard to handle Kairav like a mother, but she will try her best to explain him that she isn’t Naira Goenka, she is Sirat Shikhawat, a boxer by profession and a native of Jaisalmer, she can’t be connected to Goenkas or Singhanias in any way. She hopes that Kairav understands the truth in time. She tells the same truth to Gayu that she isn’t Naira, but Sirat. Sirat learns about Kartik’s immense pain for Naira’s loss, how he has dealing with his sorrow secretly and keeping a smile on his face.

She doesn’t want to hurt Kartik again, seeing his true love for Naira. Kartik and Sirat show some understanding between them, which makes Rhea insecure. Rhea comes up with a cunning plan to make Goenkas against Sirat. She also wants Kartik to hate Sirat. She advises Sirat to take Kairav to the cliff where the family lost Naira, so that Kairav gets to accept the reality. Sirat and Kairav go missing for some time, while Rhea brainwashes him that Sirat has taken Kairav to the cliff to hurt his senses. Kartik loses faith on Sirat for a while.

Rhea tells him that Sirat’s intentions aren’t good. She further tells Manish that Sirat has been evaluating Naira’s properties. Manish learns this from other sources too. He gets disappointed with Sirat. He tells them that Sirat is just doing the opposite and trying to prove that she is Naira. He reprimands her actions. He feels that Kartik’s trust on Sirat will make them pay a big price.

He confronts Sirat when she comes home. He asks her why is she taking an advantage of her face. He tells that Sirat has been finding out about their properties so that she can blackmail them by using Kairav. He tags Sirat a gold digger. Sirat takes a stand for her self esteem. She doesn’t want Manish to further blame her when she isn’t at fault. Will Rhea win in making Sirat away? Keep reading.

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