Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2021 Written Update Pragya meets Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2021 Written Update Pragya meets Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2021 Written Update Pragya meets Abhi Aaliya produces the proof against Pragya, the divorce papers with Pragya’s signatures. Pragya tells that Aaliya has cheated her to take the signs. Aaliya tells that Pragya had signed by her consent. Pragya doesn’t want to stop. She asks Aaliya to let him meet Abhi once. Aaliya calls the police home. She asks the NGO ladies to understand the law, its a crime to support the wrong doers. NGO ladies realize that Pragya is wrong, she is divorced to Abhi already.

Pragya wants Baljeet to say something, she is married to Abhi and she is still his wife. Baljeet doesn’t support her because of Aaliya’s threatening. Pragya tells that she just wants to see her husband once, nobody can stop her. The NGO ladies apologize to Aaliya and make a leave. They don’t help Pragya. Pragya wants to know what is Aaliya hiding from her. Meanwhile, Prachi is sure that Pragya will handle the matter. She believes that Pragya is really strong, she doesn’t need anyone. She bets that Pragya will meet Abhi without giving up.

Aaliya threatens Pragya to go, but the latter doesn’t seem scared. Pragya asks Mitali what is she hiding. She can’t understand why Abhi isn’t coming to meet her. She tells Baljeet that she is hiding the truth which is worse than lying. Aaliya tells that Abhi doesn’t want to meet Pragya, since she is a bad shadow. Aaliya tells the inspector about Pragya, who isn’t Abhi’s wife. Pragya wants to prove that Abhi has been wronged. She tells the police that she wants to see Abhi once, if Aaliya isn’t wrong, then she doesn’t need to feel scared.

She tells that she will leave if Abhi asks her to leave. She suspects that Abhi isn’t fine, that’s the family is covering up. Aaliya asks Mitali to just take the constable to Abhi’s room. Pragya wants to know what is the family hiding. Mitali scares the lady constable before entering Abhi’s room. The constable gets attacked by Abhi. She screams aloud and runs. Pragya and the family don’t get to hear the scream. The constable runs downstairs and lies that Abhi is fine. Aaliya tells that Abhi is okay. Inspector asks Pragya to just leave, since the constable has confirmed Abhi’s well-being. Pragya pleads to Baljeet to tell the truth.

Baljeet asks her to let Abhi stay on his own. Pragya thinks the matter is too serious, she has to find out the truth some how. She tries to break the window and gets inside. She learns that Purab is in shock. She wonders what’s happening. Aaliya doesn’t have anyone to help her. Pragya hides from the family to reach Abhi. Aaliya learns that Pragya has entered the house. She rushes to stop Pragya from meeting Abhi. Pragya begs her to let her meet him once.

Aaliya calls the police again. Pragya tells the inspector that Aaliya has locked Abhi’s room. Inspector tells that she can’t help her. Pragya gets taken by the police. She is adamant to see Abhi once. Constable asks Pragya not to get adamant, else she will be landing in the jail. Pragya goes inside the lockup. Sarita knows that Pragya loves Abhi a lot. She worries for Pragya. She doesn’t know if they will allow her to meet Abhi. She wants Baljeet to help Pragya. She calls Baljeet to seek help. She realizes that Baljeet has blocked her number.

She wonders what’s wrong, there is some big problem. Pragya tells the lady constable about some killers who had shot Abhi, he is alive, he got treated and is taken home, but his family isn’t letting her see him once. She feels his family has lied to him to keep him away. Constable tells that Aaliya doesn’t want her to go inside the house. She sympathizes with Pragya, who reminds her of her late daughter. Constable asks Pragya not to go against the law. Pragya promises to not go again to meet Abhi. Inspector leaves her with a warning.

Digvijay learns a shocking news that Abhi is alive, his state is terrible that his family is hiding him. Digvijay tells that he heard of Abhi’s accident. He learns that a miracle brought Abhi back to life. He wants to know about Abhi. He calls Bittu to know the truth. Bittu tells that something would be joking. Digvijay asks him to confirm the truth. Pragya comes home with the constable. Sarita gets worried for her. She asks if Abhi is okay. Pragya doesn’t want to tell her. Constable tells her that Pragya wasn’t given an entry in the house, she was arrested on Aaliya’s complaint.

She asks Pragya not to go to the Mehra mansion again, else she will be sent to the jail again. Constable asks Sarita to take care of Pragya, else she will sink in depression. Sarita is thankful to her. Aaliya tells Mitali that the entire responsibility has come on her. She is burdened by the business work. Digvijay meets Bittu. They decide to find the truth by invading Mehra mansion at night. Digvijay wants Bittu to kill Abhi if he is alive.

Bittu asks the reason for his rivalry. Digvijay tells that Abhi has ruined his business. Pragya tells Sarita that Abhi is in his room, he is angry and didn’t talk to her. She wants to meet him. Sarita feels scared for her. Pragya tells that she can’t stop for any reason, she will meet Abhi. Aaliya learns that Pragya had been released from the lock up.

Inspector tells that Pragya is a simple housewife, she didn’t do any bad crime. Aaliya reprimands the inspector for letting Pragya free. She asks the security to beat up Pragya and break her bones if she comes home. Pragya tries to reach Abhi again and comes across Digvijay who has come there to kill Abhi. Pragya is in for a major shock when she meets a mentally unstable Abhi, who has lost his memory and isn’t the same Abhi now. What will Pragya do now? Do you like this never-ending painful track? Comment below and keep reading.

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  1. What??? Ssslyyy repeating the same thing again n again? We love the plot but its getting boring now no offence! How can someone lose his memory twicee n then boom its back …pls make it look realistic! 😑😶

  2. It’s getting on d nerve
    Y abhi n pragya cannot lead n life together n sort out dere daughters problems
    Whose aaliya
    It’s really shit dat one lady controlling d entire family
    It’s boring to watch widout abhi pragya together

  3. seeing that things don’t change with an abhi losing his memory for the second time. pragya would have to change her attitude. especially that no one can help her while she is helping herself.I will find a solution myself. we have to sort it out guys. pragya is no longer a kid and she has children in charge so at work.

  4. After more than 25 years (show life) why cant Pragya stop that crying and begging and stand to hell up to Alia? She’s been doing this is drama act since before Kiara was born, now Prachi and Reah are 20 year girls and still same crap, different day. Always the same, HE can’t live without me, HE needs me, he this, he that and Abhi could not care less because he allow Alia to do it everytime and blames Pragya. CRAPPY SHOW!!!!!!!

    • Ite totally rubbish again and again the same plot same story……after all only the thing they have to show is prob.in abhi pragya life and they wont live happily together.. all nonsense rubbish plot…just hate it

  5. It’s too irritating , not tolerable to watch the same thing repeatedly. Who is tha Aliya..,you get sister na, how can she control the whole family ? And Pragya, she is right brave ,then why she is pleading before the wicked n arrogant Aaliya. Meera did video caal of their marriage, Pragya should call Meera to showthe proof. Actually it’s very much irritating to watch it. Either show a genuine plot of happy union of Abhigya or stop the show. Don’t irritate to the audience

  6. Seriously its happening again?No no plz dont repeat this.Its high time that we can watch their happiness and happy family wala drama.Are yaar atleast kuch din tak to dono ki achi chemistry dikhao.Getting bored of their separation

  7. Are we sure the writer is reading all these or just taking d viewers for fools? Cant he be more creative than dis n he expects us to keep watching craps like this. Little wonder my friend was surprised I still watch zeeworld he referred to as lowering IQ. Pls change this n let us see d exit n disgrace of aliya already whom he projects here and a demi god controlling everybody including grandma n Abii. What a shame. Pls upgrade since matured n critical mi dz re watching.

  8. It’s getting boring… Same thing again and again…. I think the producers should stop this nonsense and allow Abhigya to be together to solve their daughters’ issues. Expose Aaliya and kick her out of the house. This never ending sorrow drama is getting on the nerves of all. Cut the crap man….

  9. I hate it lose of memory for abhi again pls act something we have not watched before nonsense the director’s are just wasting our time

  10. It does seem that the authors are more inclined to creating evil plots than good ones.. They expose the ills of the society without proffering solutions to them not even a punishment for the evil perpetrators.

  11. This is not done from the very beginning whn this serial has started v haven’t seen abhi n Pragya has never lived a happy life n this track is still going on from years n no one sees aliyas evil doing….dont the makers hve something new….its high time 🤬

  12. Kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya must easily be the worst serials on Indian television,100 times pragya is caught by professional killers,she escaped 100times,coma,loss of memory,repeat, again repeat,shit,yaar,for 17yrs,nobody cares for anyone, suddenly,music starts when one passes near another,makers clearly think their viewers are mentally blank

  13. Nonsense can you just spare Ahbi to live a happy life with his soul mate pragya and let Aaliyah go to jail for all her crimes it’s boring to keeping seeing Ahbi being controlled by her junior evil sister and pragya made to suffer as if she has been caused from childhood .

    • Pls when will Aliya story end, because Abhi and pragya never stay happy because of that Aliya

      And am also tired of that one thing that you people always do ok see abhi and pra gyathey would have seen each other in the place but no eather prag we look the other side or abi we enter his car for them not to see each other what is that am tied of that your stupid thing please end the dream and let prag stop crying it makes me cry if she crying 😭

  14. It seems the writer is off limit with ideas on how to end the show, we are children every time Aaliyah takes the lead, because she’s Abhis sister, who does that, no happy moments for Abhi and his family everything is Aaliyah, please stop boring us we have out grown this type show that has nothing for us to learn from. Pragya has always been coming clean with Abhi through thick and thin and now Aaliyah wins and the couple who are the lead roles lose, say something different or stop the show we are not children

  15. Time for a whole new scene or happy ending. Its seems to me like a repeat of previous episodes. Just in different time. Please producer happy ending or pay back for all the criminals.

  16. Such a faltu nothing else.I think now nobody will watch such a faltu boaring Ekta Kapoor serial again,its TRP will definitely goes down and then at
    last serial will be stop automatically going on air.

  17. What I don’t understand is why Aliya still lives in d Meerah Mansion after her marriage to Purab. I think she should be living in Purab’s family Mansion instead. But no, she’s still in the Meerah Mansion fomenting troubles and with more authority than Abhi himself. I don’t just get.

  18. Twist of fate is boring I don’t want to lie. It took long Abhi and pragya to meet each other again please change your style writer make us happy

  19. Stop this miserable show please. Why do you guys keeps on promoting broken marriages in all your shows,. It is disgustingly annoying. How is possible that a sister in-law would be controlling his brothers life like a huge joke.
    We are honestly tired about the continuous evil plots going on in twist of fate in Nigeria.
    All your programs no one with happy home and twist of fate is the worst of them all.
    Look at Zara Nikah same horrible setting with father in-law murdered daughter in-law in cold blood thankfully she survived yet they refused to reunite them instead they kept Merry go- rounding. compelling kabir to marry his mothers murderer kiaaaa Zee world Nu biam .
    In Gaanga same demonic plot until finally they got rid of Sagar and paired gaanga with an older man.Noooooooo these zee word series directors are definitely occultic
    We are tired eeeerrrrrooooooooo away with Pragya crying, Abhi lost of memory very pathetic directing Shame.


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