Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2021 Written Update Pragya shocked

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2021 Written Update Pragya shocked

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2021 Written Update Pragya shocked Pragya attempts to meet Abhi once again. She doesn’t want the guards to get alert by seeing her. She stops the car before the lane. She thinks to hide from the guards so that Aaliya doesn’t learn it. Digvijay is also around. He wants Abhi dead. He tells Bittu that they have to find out if Abhi is really alive and kill him.

He sends Bittu to Mehra mansion. Bittu sees the tight security and realizes that Abhi is really alive. He tricks the guards to enter the house. He gets spotted by the guards. Pragya arrives there and finds Bittu fighting with the guards. She senses that the killer is still after Abhi’s life. She follows Bittu to know his boss. The guards inform Aaliya about the thief, who had come to rob the house. Bittu returns to Digvijay. He tells that he couldn’t enter the house. Pragya reaches the car and finds Digvijay inside.

She threatens to kill him. She catches him by the neck. Aaliya tells that Pragya has come back to meet Abhi. Pragya asks Digvijay to show his face. Digvijay manages to run away from her. Pragya wants to inform the family that Abhi is still in danger. Aaliya warns the guards against letting Pragya inside. Pragya gets unstoppable. She enters the house through a window again. Mitali gets scared for no reason. She runs to Aaliya.

She calls the security to check the place well. Aaliya finds Pragya reaching the door again. The same scene repeats again when Pragya opens the door and tries to run inside. Pragya doesn’t want Aaliya to stop her this time. She enters the room just to face a big shock. Aaliya asks the guards to take Pragya away. Pragya looks for Abhi. She doesn’t get to see him. Aaliya informs the police. Pragya begs the family to forgive them and tell her what has happened to Abhi. Aaliya asks Inspector to take Pragya with them.

Pragya tells that she will not go anywhere. She adds that she has a right on the house more than Aaliya’s rights. She defends her intention. She wants to know the truth. Pragya asks Aaliya why is she locking up Abhi. She tells that the killer was attempting to enter the house and kill Abhi. She provokes Aaliya to know the truth. She tells that nobody can snatch her rights. Inspector asks Aaliya not to force Pragya out of the house. She believes Pragya. Pragya tells that she is Abhi’s wife.

Aaliya tells the same truth that Pragya is divorced to Abhi. Pragya tells the Inspector that Aaliya didn’t want Abhi and her relation to sustain, she had tried again and again to get them divorced.

She asks the Inspector to know Aaliya’s crime, she had kidnapped Prachi and took her signatures on the divorce papers. She tells that she had married Abhi few days back. She knows that the family will lie again. Pragya tells the Inspector that Meera is the witness of the marriage. Aaliya tells that Meera isn’t there. Pragya gets a huge shock on knowing that Aaliya had ousted Meera as well. She worries for Rhea, who would be all alone at this time. Will Purab come to help Pragya? What do you think happened to Abhi? Comment below and keep reading.

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12 responses to “Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2021 Written Update Pragya shocked”

  1. Thandi Avatar

    Its time you play episodes of Pragya and Abhi and their twins together as family we tired of this hide and seek

  2. Sabrina Ali Avatar
    Sabrina Ali

    I started to read again when u let Abhi and Pragya marry but it has become so depressing It’s time for Pragya to take her rightful place and oust Aliyah from the house Let Rhea start liking her mom and sister and defend them

  3. Ndoye Avatar

    pourab khanna pragya ve abhi’nin en iyi arkadaşı olduğu yerde doğrudur.Umarım arkasına saklanan ünlü (dijvijay) değildir?gelip pragya ve abhi’ye yardım etsin. gitmiş olamaz.hala.

  4. Trish k Avatar
    Trish k

    TRP kliye kuch v karoge , totally rubbish , director ko koyi direct karna sikhao , story writer ko award milna chahiye itna ganda story represent karne kliye,kya faltu story bana dya .

  5. Moutsinga Mounguengui Jocelyne Avatar
    Moutsinga Mounguengui Jocelyne

    Je voudrais savoir pourquoi purab a pu abandonner son ami et laisser Pragya sans défense devant Aalya et les tueurs.
    Si kiara doit revenir, qu’est-ce que les producteurs attendent. Elle doit venir aidé sa mère et son père de tous ces vautours qu’ils ne veulent pas le bonheur d’abhi.

    1. Z Avatar

      Tu parle a anglais?

  6. Shaahu Maureen Ngodoo Avatar
    Shaahu Maureen Ngodoo

    Memory loss again? Tell me this is a joke I’m out

  7. Bhuvana Avatar

    Please stop this horror serial, it is just sickening and full of negativity.we viewers r stupids to watch such serials like kumkum and kundali bhagya

  8. Asha Avatar

    No good again Alia ruling I stop watch

  9. Buncy Avatar

    The writer needs to change this merry go round. YesPrayga saved Abhi, so what happened after the Doctor said it’s a miracle.
    What did the female police see when she said it was Abhi?
    Lol, a basketball hits her.
    Obviously with 5% brain function he would be in a coma state.
    I think they put him in an institution and keeping it a secret.

  10. D BOATWALLA Avatar

    Utter rubbish. Tired of hearing dacoity, jealousy, trying to kill ,. Is Aliya so important for the family that nobody can put her down and face the truth. Where is Purab, Vikram &fly., UTTER RUBBISH. ATLEAST GIVE ONE OR TWO SCENES WITH OUT ANY NEGATIVE SCENES. Kya Amir lok ke ghar me aise hi hota hai. God save them.

  11. PRABHA Avatar

    Alia ruling again. No use watching this serial. As per the serial Good will never win. It’s evil over good. Not happy seeing this.

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