YRKKH Upcoming Kartik ultimate move Sirat slaps Manish

YRKKH Upcoming Kartik ultimate move Sirat slaps Manish

YRKKH Upcoming Kartik ultimate move Sirat slaps Manish After Kartik misunderstands Sirat for her intentions when she takes Kairav out of the house without informing anyone, Manish suspects Sirat’s intentions knowing she has met their family lawyer Mr. Kapoor. Kartik tells Manish that Sirat might have met the lawyer for some other matter. Manish isn’t in a frame of mind to give a chance to Sirat to explain. He doesn’t even listen to Kartik. He stops Kartik from intervening in between their argument. Manish hurts Sirat’s heart by accusing her harshly. He calls her a gold-digger.

She gets deeply hurt by his allegations when he tells the family that she has come to their house just for the sake of money, she is greedy and selfish. Kartik doesn’t want Sirat to get emotionally hurt by the tag of a gold-digger. Sirat and Manish’s heated arguments makes the entire family worried, except Rhea who is just happy with the way Sirat is getting misunderstood by the family. She wants Sirat to get hugely accused and thrown out of the house.

She wants to make sure that Sirat leaves from Kartik’s life. She doesn’t share her evil plans with Surekha. Even Surekha believes that Rhea is a good person who deserves someone kind-hearted like Kartik in her life. Surekha wants to get Kartik and Rhea married. She has been helping Rhea in her plan to impress Kartik. She wishes good for both of them. She has no idea that Rhea has evil on her mind and wants to throw out the family after marrying Kartik.

Sirat tells Manish that she didn’t know about the family lawyer, she had gone there by searching for a lawyer, she met one and discussed her family property dispute. She has no connection or interest in Naira’s properties or contacts. She clears the matter to Manish and entire family. Manish isn’t able to trust her. Kartik trusts Sirat and knows that she has been working hard for his purpose, that’s to cure Kairav and made him accept Naira’s death.

He tells that Sirat has been helping them selflessly without charging any money. Manish doesn’t believe it. He feels she is planning something big. Sirat finds Kartik showing some respect towards her and also faith. She is glad, but can’t forget the humiliation done by Manish. Sirat vents her anger in her boxing way. Kartik tries to calm Manish. He wants Manish to apologize for hurting her esteem, but Manish doesn’t pay any heed.

Kartik apologizes to her on his dad’s behalf. He tells her that Manish will soon understand her and her intentions. He tries to explain Sirat that the entire family loves Naira and its not easy for them to accept her in the house. Manish explains the same thing to Suwarna that Kartik and Kairav love Naira a lot. He doesn’t want Sirat to play with their emotions. He just wants to protect his family. Sirat shares the tension with Maudi. She tells that they have no place to go. Manish overhears their conversation. He misunderstands Sirat once again when he hears her plans to rob a place to get money for saving her ancestral house.

He wonders if she would really rob the Goenka house. Rhea gets to access Kartik and Naira’s room locker. She plans to get Sirat blamed and steals Naira’s diamond ring. The Goenkas suspect Sirat again knowing she is in need of money and was ready to rob the house. Sirat falls in a big trouble when she unknowingly slaps Manish in response to Rhea. Kartik also gets helpless when his dad gets insulted by her. He loses control and orders Sirat to leave the house. Sirat refuses to go until she proves herself innocent. What will Sirat do now? Will she bring out Rhea’s truth? Keep reading.

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