YRKKH Upcoming Kartik big decision 5th March 2021 Update

YRKKH Upcoming Kartik big decision 5th March 2021 Update

YRKKH Upcoming Kartik big decision 5th March 2021 Update Kartik informs the family that he would be living at Sirat’s place for some time and then leave for home. Manish wants him to come back right away. He fears that Sirat will trap his son by taking an advantage of Naira’s face to make Kartik emotional. Kartik sympathizes with Sirat, not just because she resembles Naira, but after knowing her life’s problems. She reminds him of Naira again and again by unknowingly reviving his memories.

She asks Kartik to be friends with her. Kartik accepts her friendship. He tries to dig into her past to know about Sheela and Mukesh. Sirat doesn’t answer him anything. She feels ashamed to tell about her mother’s deceive. He tells her that he found Naira’s ring in the lawn, it was his mistake to doubt her. He further apologizes to her. Sirat tells him that they will stop hurting each other and not apologize much from now.

Kartik goes to sleep and slips into Naira’s memories. He dreams of her and confesses love to her. Sirat gets to witness his love confession. She is taken aback. She wonders how can he love someone so much. Sheela and Nanko try to spy on them to know who is Kartik and why is he staying at Maudi’s house. Later, Kairav meets Sirat and is too happy. He wants to be with her all the time and also learn boxing. Kartik doesn’t permit boxing.

Sirat tells Kairav that she will still train him. She spends time with Kairav. Kartik questions Maudi about Sheela. Maudi emotionally blurts out the entire truth of Sirat’s parents separation. She reveals that Sheela abandoned Sirat and went away to marry Mukesh. Kartik is shocked to know the kind of sorrow Sirat had undergone since her childhood. He can’t believe that a real mother can could such a worse thing with a child. He calls up Suwarna to express his gratitude for she has been a great mother to him, even when she is a stepmother.

He tells Suwarna that she is really kind to raise him like her own son. He feels indebted to Suwarna. He knows he is lucky to get a good family, which everybody can’t have. Kartik connects with Sirat’s pain. Sirat shares her past with Kairav to make him believe that she isn’t Naira. She wants Kairav to come out of his illusion and live a normal life. Kartik decides to stay in Sirat’s place and fix up things for her as well, until Kairav gets okay.

He informs the family that he isn’t going to return so soon, which leaves Manish angered. Rhea and Surekha instigate Manish against Sirat, who is plotting everything just for the sake of money. Kartik gets involved in Sirat’s life problems to solve it. Kartik gets challenges for a kabaddi match by Mukesh, while Sirat gets worried for Kartik’s well-being, knowing Mukesh will use any unfair means to win the challenge. Who will win and what will happen next? Keep reading.

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