Anupama Kavya in peril 6th March 2021 Written Update

Anupama Kavya in peril 6th March 2021 Written Update

Anupama Kavya in peril 6th March 2021 Written Update Samar proposes Nandini and confesses love to her. This comes as a major shock for Vanraj. He opposes Samar and Nandini’s relationship. He asks Anupama how did she accept Samar’s love. She tells that she had accepted Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship as well. She doesn’t have any objection with Nandini. She knows her well and likes her.

Vanraj tells that he has a problem with Nandini, who is Kavya’s niece. He opposes the relationship. Anupama tries to convince Vanraj to accept Samar’s relationship. She tells that she will also not change her decision, she will not let Samar lose his first love. Samar apologizes to Anupama. He tells her that he was just proposing Nandini, he didn’t do anything wrong, Vanraj scolded Nandini a lot when she wasn’t at fault. Anupama sympathizes with him. Nandini feels she is unlucky in love, she gets pain in her favor always.

She recalls the way Vanraj has insulted her. She can’t tolerate the heart break. Kavya lands into trouble when faces a person stalking her. Vanraj doesn’t want Anupama to spoil things. He wonders how can Anupama be so selfish. He thinks to talk to Nandini. Nandini wants to leave the house and go away. Meanwhile, Paritosh asks Kinjal why did she support Samar. Kinjal reminds him that Samar also has his own life, he loves Nandini. He supports Vanraj’s decision.

She asks Paritosh to remember that they had eloped to marry, they can’t call Samar wrong. They get into a heated argument. He tells that the family won’t accept Nandini in this house. He adds that their family is a normal household, they can’t handle any other complicated relation. She tells that Samar deserves his love, Vanraj should leave Kavya and sacrifice his relation. She adds that Nandini would be so embarrassed. He asks her not to support Samar and Nandini.

She tells that she isn’t his puppet, she has a right to support Samar’s decision and ensure his happiness. They end up arguing. She tells that Samar is right and she will stand by him. Anupama and Samar meet Nandini and ask her not to run away, instead answer the arising questions. Nandini knows that Vanraj doesn’t like her at all. Anupama tells that Nandini is the best girl in the world. She knows that love isn’t wrong, Nandini isn’t wrong, she is just in love. Nandini tries to tell Anupama about her past. Samar stops her from revealing anything.

Anupama wants them not to be scared when they are in love. She supports them. She apologizes from Vanraj’s side. She asks them not to run away to get married, like Paritosh and Kinjal. She makes them promise. She asks them to be strong and always together. Samar and Nandini have a hug. Anupama awaits Samar outside Nandini’s house. Vanraj looks for his phone. He learns that Anupama and Samar are coming from Nandin’s house. He gets upset with them. The stalker reaches Kavya once again to trouble her. She misbehaves with her.

He tells that he was following her since much time and knows everything about her. Kinjal supports Samar and relieves his tension. She asks him not to be upset. Samar tells that he had kept a surprise for Nandini and proposed her. Anupama finds Kinjal taking care of Samar and lightening his mood. She knows that Kinjal is his good friend. She wishes her family always stays happy. Vanraj learns that Kavya is in huge trouble. He runs to Kavya’s house on getting the news of her molestation. Anupama and Vanraj bring a shattered Kavya home, while Leela worries that Kavya has come home with an intention to break the family.

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