Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2021 Written Update Game changes

Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2021 Written Update Game changes

Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2021 Written Update Game changes Ramona and Kareena tell Prithvi that the reality will come out soon, once his friend Shubham comes. Kareena asks Ramona to go and meet Mahira. Prithvi wants Sherlyn to do something and stop Shubham from saying his truth. He wishes that he didn’t punch Shubham’s face. Ramona meets Kritika and gives her best wishes. She tells that its happening again, Akshay left her in the mandap, while Prithvi is already married.

She hurts Kritika and tells that she was feeling sad for her. Rakhi reminds her that she should not say anything wrong to Kritika. Ramona asks Rakhi to behave well with her. Rakhi asks her to mind her manners. Ramona tells that she has come to meet Mahira. Sherlyn tells that she didn’t see Mahira since a long time. She thinks to take this excuse and go out to help Prithvi. She wants to call Shubham from Ramona’s phone.

Kritika tells Sherlyn that she can’t let her go away, as Shrishti advised her. She asks Sherlyn to just stay with her. Rakhi also wants Sherlyn to stay with Kritika when she is emotionally disturbed. Ramona threatens to call the police if she doesn’t find Mahira. Sherlyn wishes that Shubham isn’t at his house. Preeta, Karan and Shrishti get to meet Shubham. They tell Shubham that they have come to take him along.

They question about his wife. Shubham tells that he isn’t married. Karan asks him about Prithvi. Shubham tells them that he knows Prithvi is a creep, he has ruined many lives. Karan tells that its Prithvi’s engagement today. They ask Shubham to come along and help them in bringing out Prithvi’s truth. Shubham agrees to go with them. He goes to get his wallet. Karan is glad that he has agreed to give his statement against Prithvi. Kritika waits for Karan. Prithvi is super tensed when Karan gets Shubham home.

Karan tells them that Shubham is Prithvi’s friend, who will answer them the truth. Preeta and Shrishti ask Prithvi to tell them if Shubham is the same friend who was marrying his lover secretly. Karan tells Shubham that Prithvi has told them about his marriage. He shows his the picture. Shubham tells that Prithvi is sitting in the mandap as seen in the picture. Preeta asks Shubham what’s the truth. She tells Kareena that Shubham isn’t married. Karan believes Preeta. Shubham changes his words shockingly, as very expected in the track.

Shubham tells them that Prithvi really helped him and sat in the mandap to save his life. He reveals that he got divorced some time back. He adds that he is emotionally disturbed. Prithvi thanks Shubham for the help. He fails Preeta’s plan yet again. Karan knows that Shubham has cleanly lied. Prithvi reprimands Preeta and Shrishti for wishing his bad and proving him wrong. He tells Shrishti that the entire family insulted him and defamed him, but he didn’t lose his patience. He adds that he knows the truth.

He wants Kritika to decide if she will marry him. He wins in fooling the entire family. He tells Kritika that he will accept her decision. Kritika decides to get engaged and also marry him. Bani tells them that they will start the engagement rituals. Karan turns upset. He still believes that Prithvi is wrong. Shrishti tells Sherlyn that she knows she is Prithvi’s wife. Sherlyn argues with her. Sadly, Kritika and Prithvi get engaged. Kareena also gives up in front of Prithvi’s stories. The family changes their side and appears happy for the sake of Kritika’s happiness.

Prithvi congratulates Kritika, who is still upset with the series of events. She tells that she didn’t like the fact that he still kept the picture with him. Prithvi gets super happy that he got saved yet again. Sarla and Janki take a leave. Sherlyn and Prithvi meet secretly and get happy. Prithvi tells her that he didn’t plan anything, he has won, its time to celebrate. Prithvi and Sherlyn celebrate with Mahira. He tells that the universe had planned his victory, its really a miracle that Shubham didn’t reveal anything about him. Mahira tells him that it is actually her hardwork, she had called Shubham and made him change his statement.

Prithvi laughs at her first. He tells that he didn’t see her anywhere. Mahira tells him that Shrishti had locked her in the cupboard. He s grateful to her if he really helped her. Mahira adds that she had heard their conversation and understood that they are in a big problem, then she went out of the window, she met Shubham at his house, she entered his house and kept a letter for him in his wallet, which made him lie to Luthras. She adds that she had bribed Shubham to lie about Prithvi’s marriage. Prithvi and Sherlyn get glad to know Mahira’s plans. Do you like the point Zero drama in the show? Comment your views and keep reading.

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  1. I knew this would happen.. I want Kritika to marry Prithvi then her eyes would open.. cos there’s no way she won’t notice his infidelity after marriage.. I’m happy Karan knows the truth himself..

  2. It’s all nonsense.. this show is now becoming boring. That is reason of their downfall in trp chart also . The story is getting some other line only….very bad.

  3. Akhir kitna lamba khinchnge aap loag ye serial ku sach ka pata kub chalega Luthra family ku sab malum hojana cahiye thaa Prithivi r sherlyn k bareme r sab ko pata chal jata sach kya hai aap laog aisa kuch karte hi nahi lambaaaaaa kheenchte hai bas 😡😡😡😡😡

  4. Actually I am not liking this track…..they are showing prithivi and Sherlyn as villian since three years now it’s enough they should end it or viewers would end watching the show……I love the no doubt but not this track…..

  5. The story writer and the direction is only fooling do they think they are smart and the viewers are fools.
    Its only getting bored and not interesting at all.

  6. Comment:i also knew this was going to happen to same thing over and over again and again ektha you and your writter have no good opinion of producing of writting a good sript just giving views creap to watch

  7. What’s so different and shocking.. it’s the same as always.. this is the only show where the main characters always lose. Such a drag now and one can predict what’s coming up next. ..

  8. dr preeta you don’t worry about prithvi you just leave it I don’t care at all impossible.
    shirti you don’t worry about prithvi you just leave it I don’t care at all impossible.
    dr preeta that karan he will manage her herself to say shubam he will tell prithvi he married to sherlyn now see what I will do now.
    dr preeta please and be happy with karan 😊.
    karan you don’t go near to maira I don’t like him at all never impossible.
    karan you can go near to dr preeta that is better for you.

  9. I think sherlyn and prithvee are the heroes and preeta as always plays villain role all goes nonsense nothing more in it

  10. I topped viewing zeetv since 3 months. I was attracted towards kum kum and kundali because if it’s lead actors. But because of the lousy and dirty direction I am not interested. Here to is going down and it will reach the rock bottom.

  11. I think ekta kapoor don’t have any management. If not one of them would have at least informed him that the whole drama is a piece of shit. Why prolong this shit for about three to four years.😡😡

  12. I stopped watching this go on circles show. It’s a lot of hogwash . The only show on Zee TV with the same story line for God knows how many years. I have better things to do with my time.

  13. End the show already if you dont have anything more to write…this is annoying we arent fools if this continues no one is going to watch this


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