YRKKH Upcoming Kartik marriage twist 27th March 2021

YRKKH Upcoming Kartik marriage twist 27th March 2021

YRKKH Upcoming Kartik marriage twist 27th March 2021 Kartik and Sirat’s love story is going ahead because of Rhea’s cunning plans working in Sirat’s favor. Rhea doesn’t want Sirat to be around Kartik. Her plans back fire. She wants to teach Sirat a lesson so that Manish throws her out of the house. She gets into an argument with Sirat. Sirat doesn’t care for Rhea. Rhea breaks the truth that Manish is getting her married to Kartik.

Sirat knows that Rhea isn’t a nice person. She doesn’t want Kartik to marry Rhea and get his life ruined. She wants Kartik to stay happy with his children. Sirat is his well wisher. She gets disturbed by the news. Meanwhile, Kartik’s Dadi and Sirat’s Maudi get friendly, once Dadi gets the thought of Kartik and Sirat’s marriage. Maudi also likes Kartik and his values. She tells Dadi that she wants a guy like Kartik for Sirat, who will forever love Sirat. Sirat is hiding her past about her ex-lover. She had been cheated in love. She remorses the ill feelings.

She tells that she will just wish her lover to be happy. Sirat and Kartik both have the feelings of lost love. Kartik misses Naira and imagines her around. Dadi thinks of getting Sirat married to Kartik, seeing their chemistry and friendship, also considering that Kairav wants Sirat as his mother. Sirat finds Kairav trapped in the outhouse. She finds the outhouse burning. She rushes to save Kairav and jumps into the blazing fire.

Kartik learns about the fire. He also learns that Sirat has jumped into the fire to save his son. He finds Sirat in grave danger. He saves Sirat and Kairav from the fire. Manish feels Sirat is responsible for putting Kairav in danger. Kartik reveals to everyone that Sirat had risked her own life to save Kairav. Kartik gets Sirat treated by a doctor, who informs them about Sirat’s sprain injury.

Kartik pacifies Sirat. Dadi finds Kartik and Sirat bonding. Dadi decides to get them married, while Manish wants Rhea to marry Kartik. Sirat falls into a mess when she gets charged for defaming the boxing coach Dev Choudhary. Kartik takes the blame on himself. He tries hard to hide the incident from the family. Sirat falls for Kartik seeing him defend her esteem. Will Dadi make an announcement before Manish and unite Kartik and Sirat? Keep reading.

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