Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn kills Mahesh 2nd April 2021 Update

Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn kills Mahesh 2nd April 2021 Update

Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn kills Mahesh 2nd April 2021 Update Preeta and Karan are warned about Prithvi and his aides. They want to know who else is with Prithvi in his evil plans. They fail to know about Sherlyn and Mahira. Preeta wants to help Karan in protecting Mahesh. Suresh encourages Mahesh to get on his feet. The family boosts Mahesh’s confidence. Mahesh gets on his feet and walks. Sherlyn and Mahira are angered that Mahesh is recovering on a fast pace, he may soon expose them. Bani, Suresh, Rakhi and Kareena are very happy to see Mahesh living a new life.

Parminder suspects Sherlyn on seeing her behave odd. Shrishti is glad to see Mahesh walking. Mahesh tells that he will celebrate holi with the family. Parminder tells Suresh that she finds Sherlyn really odd. She alerts him of Sherlyn, who isn’t happy seeing Mahesh walking fine. Suresh also wants to find out Sherlyn’s truth. He calms down Parminder. Rakhi is too happy for Mahesh’s comeback. Sherlyn is really scared that she will get caught. She doesn’t want to face Mahesh, who can admit her truth any time when he sees her.

She wonders why Mahesh didn’t name her till now. Doctor tells the family that Mahesh may not remember few things, they should not force him to recall anything that causes stress. He asks them to handle Mahesh with care. Mahesh tells them that he is very happy to get back with family, he is back in form, he will celebrate holi in a grand manner. He wishes them happy holi. He also wants to get ready as his old self.

Mahesh remembers Sherlyn and Mahira’s evil truth. He wants to tell the truth of his accident to the family once he celebrates holi in peace. He wants to spend some moments of peace. Sherlyn wants to awaken Prithvi. She hopes Mahira helps her. She feels she did a mistake to leave Prithvi alone with Preeta, Karan and Shrishti. She vents anger on Mahira. She asks Mahira to just help her. Mahira tells that she had helped Prithvi and saved him from Shubham. They count their favors on each other.

They find Prithvi’s room locked. Mahira tells that Shrishti would have done it, but she didn’t know her plan before. Sherlyn asks Mahira to act wise on time. She tells Mahira that they have to think to bring Prithvi to consciousness. She adds that their game will be over if Mahesh tells their truth. Sherlyn can’t let it happen. Mahira tells that Prithvi was going to tell them a plan, he isn’t conscious right now, they have no plan. Sherlyn tells that she is conscious and can plan anything to kill Mahesh.

She adds that she will play holi with the family, she will take a disguise and reach Mahesh to kill him. She tells that their identities won’t be known. She doesn’t think they can get caught by anyone because of the crowd in holi party. Mahira likes her idea. Sherlyn tells that she is smarter than Prithvi. Mahira tells that they will kill Mahesh and get rid of him forever. Will Mahesh die or slip in coma again? Will he succeed in exposing the evil trio’s truth? Comment your views and keep reading.

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  1. Please for God’s sake let the truth be revealed and put an end to the way the storyline is dragging, because the same emotions on the faces of the actors, over and over again are too annoying and irritating.

  2. If evil deeds continues and if there is no end to it we should consider that viewrs are getting fooled. Come on. Sherlyn cannot be pregnant for ever.. I had stopped watching and even after 2months I accidently watched the episode story has not moved further at sll

  3. Stop the killing. Too much evil in that home. Good must triumph over evil cause that’s what Holi signifies.

  4. Holi is the festival to celebrate the triumph over evil so let Mahesh reveal everything and all the trio should be imprisoned let it be a happy ending

    • This show is dragging on and on for years , I’ve never seen some pregnant for so long!! I totally stopped watching this show soon after it came on, but apparently it it’s the same, years after, Preeta and Shrishti always failing in their plans to expose, Sherlyn and Pritvi still have not been caught, Sarla still hv the expressionless stare, Shrishti always boasting but still fails and Sherlyn pregnant for about last 5 years with same child!!! Smh

  5. Kuch nhi hoga iss show me villain hi hero hote hai woh hamesha bach nikalte hai aur sabse badi baat iss show ek hi kahani ko baar baar repeat kiya jaata hai…

  6. It’s time for Mahira Sherman and Prithvi to get scared and leave the Luthra House The good times are so short and limited

  7. If sherlyn n dem succeed in evil again n mahesh duznt get to.reveal d truth den i wil not b viewing this show anymore bcuz it wil prove dat ekta is a lyin conivin fool who knows nun bout producing.sherlyn shud kill ekta if she com wit a twist again

    • I am shocked to see the serial is dragging since from 2017. Mahesh coma was shown for the past 6 months now only story is taking u turn and now Mahesh is out from Coma director/producer should end this serial fast come to an end

  8. Sharlyn ka plan ekbar expose hona chahiye , itna dibose hum wait karte huye aye hai , agar abi Mahesh lutra ko maar diya jayga to serial boring hojayga

  9. For how long that Sherlyn’s pregnancy remains since 2019 and moreover, the house must have a cctv cameras. I don’t see how the rich family doesn’t cctv in their house.

  10. For how long that Sherlyn’s pregnancy remains since 2019 and moreover, the house must have a cctv cameras. I don’t see how the rich family doesn’t have cctv in their house.

  11. Let Mahesh expose the trios plan, it’s being a year Mahesh was in comma and since now he is out of comma let him reveal the truth behind his accident. Plz stop dragging the same story again and again. Earlier we kept waiting for Janki’s memory to come back and now Mahesh. Try to show some positivity to the audience from the show instead of showing too much of negativity,planning and plotting.

  12. I know cats have nine lives. But this trio is like cactus 🌵. I can’t deal anymore. Stopped watching

  13. Mahesh will tell tat preeta try to kill him… Dharang!!!! ² and blah… Blah… Blah… And the story will continue another year

  14. Time waste krne k siva kuch nhi krsakta ye serial…roz ka drama banadia h ek ko maro…vo coma mei jasye ya yaaddasht chali jaaye uski..fir utthe…fir usse marne ka plan …aur truth toh reveal krna dur ki baat….15 saal serial kaise chaleyenge varna ye🙄🙄🙄


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