Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2021 Full Update Abhi accused

Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2021 Full Update Abhi accused

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2021 Full Update Tanu accuses Abhi Rhea sees Aaliya’s photo. She is too confused with Aaliya’s behavior. She doesn’t know why Aaliya, Mitali and Tanu didn’t get happy with the good news of Abhi’s recovery. She wants to find out the reason behind the trio’s upset faces. Mitali asks Tanu to hide from Abhi. She tells that Abhi doesn’t know about her yet. Tanu tells that Pragya will tell him everything. She denies to drink that day. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya might have spiked her drink.

Aaliya asks her to think of their loss, she should have been careful. They both blame each other and get into a big argument, causing more tension to Mitali. Tanu tells that she wants to find a solution. She asks Aaliya to help her get saved from Abhi. Abhi arrives home in rage. He throws away Aaliya and Tanu’s bags. He tells Aaliya that he is cleaning unwanted things from the house. He warns Aaliya and asks her to leave the house.

Aaliya feels humiliated. He tells her that she has done too wrong with Pragya. He tells that they shouldn’t interfere between Pragya and him. He tells that he had come in her words before and fought with Pragya, but now things got sorted, he has forgiven Pragya. He reprimands Mitali for insulting Pragya. He tells that Pragya is his life, she is the real owner of his house. He wants them to just leave if they can’t respect Pragya. He also ousts Mitali with Aaliya and Tanu. He tells that he didn’t ask them for Pragya’s rights.

Rhea is super shocked to see Abhi’s rage. Abhi asks Tanu not to hide and just get out of his house. He tells her that he has a relation of hatred with her. He mentions that he learnt everything about her deeds, he had kept her away even when he wasn’t in his mental self. He asks Aaliya not to force him to oust her. Mitali tries to save herself. She tells Abhi that Aaliya and Tanu had brainwashed her. Baljeet asks Abhi to let Mitali stay back. Abhi agrees to her. He doesn’t want to see Tanu and Aaliya in his house.

Furthermore, Abhi insults Aaliya to give her the same dose as she served Pragya. He asks Mitali to remember her place and never disrespect Pragya. He asks Rhea to love her mom. He tells Baljeet that he will bring Pragya in his house with all the respect. Aaliya leaves the house. Baljeet worries by her silence. On the other hand, Prachi worries because of Ranbir. She gets a delightful news when Pragya tells her that Abhi has recovered and had come to take her home. Prachi is happy seeing Pragya so happy. Pragya cries with joy.

Prachi tells her that Rhea had informed Ranbir about this news and she got to know this. Pragya tells that Ranbir is a nice person, who helped her in Mehra house. She asks Prachi to just think about Ranbir’s love once. Prachi tells Shahana that she is helpless to hurt Ranbir, but she is also hurt seeing him in pain. She wants to curse herself for hurting him so much. She feels she has lost her love. Shahana tells her that Ranbir didn’t marry Rhea, there is still love to win him back, he doesn’t love Rhea. Prachi has sacrificed her love.

She tells her that she has broke Ranbir’s love, she doesn’t want to get him back, she will try to forget him. Shahana tells her that she loves Ranbir, she can’t make him out of her heart. Prachi wants to keep her love for her family. She wishes her parents unite and stay happy. Shahana feels upset seeing her sacrifice for Pragya’s happiness. Prachi wants to live seeing Pragya’s smile.

Moreover, Aaliya returns to Abhi to make a request. Abhi asks her to go away. She tells him that he had always insulted her in front of Pragya. She makes him realize that he had been unfair towards her, he had made her change into a selfish person by making her insecure. She tells that she will take her memories before leaving. He tells her that he has given her everything she wanted, even got her married to Purab. She tells that he never asked her if she is happy, he had spoilt her first and then didn’t give her the same love.

She asks him did he marry Pragya for the sake of love. She reminds him that it was her wish to make him marry Pragya. She makes him emotional by reminding him their strong bonding. She tells that she had made Pragya away from him on seeing him go away from her. She reasons out that he is the reason for her deeds. She apologizes to him for badly treating him when he lost his memory. She tells him that she always loved him, she was protecting him from Pragya as well. He asks her to never misunderstand Pragya. He doesn’t change his decision.

Aaliya gets tensed when he still wants her to leave. Seems, Abhi changes his decision and keeps Aaliya home. Ahead, Abhi meets Pragya to bring her home. Abhi finally brings Pragya home and also makes Aaliya accept Pragya in the family. Tanu makes a plan to stop Abhi. She gets the police home. Her sudden arrival shocks Abhi, when she asks the police to arrest Abhi on the charges of rape. This stuns Pragya. Tanu tells her that she will separate Abhi and Pragya for 14 years by his long imprisonment. Pragya swears to save her husband from Tanu’s filthy plans. Will Abhi and Pragya have a lovely union awaited since decades? Will they unite or any new hindrance come in their path? Comment your views on the show. Keep reading.

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10 responses to “Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2021 Full Update Abhi accused”

  1. Shir Avatar

    Oh No please we had enough of Pragya and Abhi being separated. Can’t they just live in peace . The story writers need to stop this now. The viewers are tired of this never ending separation. Come up with ways to entertain us with a reunion of a family .

  2. Shaahu Maureen Ngodoo Avatar
    Shaahu Maureen Ngodoo

    I don’t evil to prevail now let’s get done with this nonsense, who is Tanu and Aliyah to tell or stop Abhi from having a life?

  3. Moutsinga Mounguengui Jocelyne Avatar
    Moutsinga Mounguengui Jocelyne

    Ma chère tu as tout à fait raison. C’est quel histoire que vous nous amenez là encore. A peine qu’Abhi vient de guérir. Que vous inventez une histoire de viol. Abhi et Pragya ne peuvent ils pas vivre en paix maintenant avec leurs filles.

  4. Irene Chukwu Avatar
    Irene Chukwu

    I knew they will come up with something to keep Tanu in that house so that there will be no end to Pragya’s sufferings. Was the rape committed when Abhi was mentally ill or when was that? What exactly does Tanu find in Abhi that will make her not let go of him? She divorced her husband in order to marry him in his illness but failed and will continue to fail. Pls let Abhi and Pragya live together in peace for once!

  5. Octobergirl Avatar

    Well here I thought I’d finally start watching KKB again after a very, very long time but seems not, at least with Aalia still going to be around with her evil ways, and now the return of Tanu. I hope Pragya will stop her crying and whining and be a strong woman who can take charge of those 2. Time to show some woman strength and get your family back.
    Also separate Aalia from Purab and bring back Disha. Let her know the tru meaning of hurt

    1. Testimony shalom Avatar
      Testimony shalom

      You are right

  6. J Avatar

    I agree with all dt ve been written above wholly. I will add dt Pragya should be made to be fully in control now with d power to deal with any intruder whether from within or without. The viewers will love to see her putting Alia, tanu, mitali n any intruder in der place n being fully d madam of d house dt calls d shots like it happened during d time of grandma Kulpreet. Its den n only den will you win back your disgruntled viewers dt left in annoyance of seeing des traitors having der way all d time. Tanu should leave already as her part in d plot is disgusting n no longer interests d viewers.

  7. Firdousa Avatar

    Yes, me too agree the above views, now plzz. For God sake let abhigaya live their lives happily nd letaliya, the witch, go nd disha may come plzzplzz now make the viewers entertain now

  8. Ajay koul Avatar
    Ajay koul

    We can’t understand at least why Zee channel is not stopping this foolish serial from Bala ji.We are fed up with all this nonsense everyday from last so many years . Now we have stopped seeing this serial.Bye Bala ji.

  9. yasmin lynch Avatar
    yasmin lynch

    The script writer is destroying the character and integrity of our actors. This is not a cartoon and this nonsense does not take place in reality. Keep it real PLEASE……I am fed up of this ,it is only ‘so much’ that you can deal with.

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