Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2021 Full Update New Challenge

Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2021 Full Update New Challenge

Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2021 Full Update New Challenge Aaliya apologizes to Abhi. She tells him that she will give respect to Pragya and also ask Rhea to accept Pragya. She asks him not to change and just forgive her for the sake of their parents. She doesn’t want their bond to break. She tells him that she will change, she will try to rectify her mistakes. She wants him to forgive her for the last time. Baljeet finds Aaliya regretting on her mistakes. She wants Abhi to forgive her, even Pragya would want the same.

Abhi forgives Aaliya unwillingly. He doesn’t want her to give him another chance to oust her. He plans to welcome Pragya. Pragya is upset that Prachi didn’t tell her and spoke to Bindya for finding a marriage alliance. Prachi tells Pragya that she was going to tell her soon. Pragya asks Prachi how can she decide it herself. Prachi tells that she wants to get married. Pragya cancels the alliance.


She tells Sarita that Prachi is making a big mistake, she is sensible, she has been wronged that she is taking such a step. Sarita asks her to forget the tension. She asks Pragya to smile and welcome Abhi. Pragya’s dream finally gets true when Abhi comes home to take her. She tells him that she thought he won’t come. He tells her that he loves her, he never got her respect in his family. She asks him not to think much. He regrets his ego.

He tells that they stayed separated for 20 years because of his ego. He makes an apology to her. He wants to make a new start of their lives. He tells that he doesn’t want any bad memories. He asks her to take her rights in his family. He tells her that he had ousted Tanu from the house. She tells that he did right. He adds that he has fixed everything, she will get everything in the house. She adds that she will bring Prachi along. Sarita asks them to sit for the rituals. Sarita gets emotional. He is grateful to her that she gave a family to Pragya.

Sarita tells that she has just did her duty. She wants Abhi’s promise that he will keep Pragya happy. Abhi promises to always keep Pragya happy and never let her cry. Sarita blesses them. Pragya tells him that Prachi has gone to office. Abhi and Pragya get blessings from Sarita. They make a leave. Sarita gets stressed seeing the diya blown off, which is a bad omen. She wishes that they stay safe. Meanwhile, Vikram reprimands Ranbir for missing the project deadline. Prachi feels odd to see their argument. Vikram tells that he can scold his son.

He tells that Ranbir deserves his scolding, he had promised to finish the work, but couldn’t do. He hates Ranbir’s careless attitude. Prachi asks him not to get angry. Vikram wants Ranbir to finish the work right away. Sarita fears to stay alone. She learns about the city riots. She wants Abhi and Pragya to reach home on time. Sarita calls up Pragya to ask where is she. Pragya informs that she reached home. Abhi asks Sarita to see Pragya’s Griha Pravesh. Sarita gets relieved that they are okay. Pragya’s Griha pravesh finally happens, that too by Aaliya’s hands.

Abhi tells that he wants to see good bonding between Aaliya and Pragya. Aaliya welcomes Pragya in the house. Tanu poses a huge trouble for Abhi by filing rape charges on him. She gets Abhi arrested. Pragya gets a new challenge to protect her husband from Tanu’s evil. How will Pragya save Abhi from the wrong allegations this time? Comment your opinion. Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2021 Full Update New Challenge: 2/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. Really tuna? Raped by a mentally challenged man? Are you that desperate and dumb? I’m sure that’s a plan by no other that horse faced aaliah. The revenge starts again🤷‍♀️

  2. This show is past stupid. Time to end it . Writer have no new ideas its repetitive over and over. Makes. Indians actors look stupid.

  3. ‘October girl, we are pleased with your comment, you my dear have hit the nail on the head!’ ‘Very,very good!’ ‘Blessings!’😉🙏👍🏼

  4. Will there be an end to Pragya’s struggle in life, y it is called kumkum bhagya when abhi n pragya is always seperated, y aaliya n rhea is always forgiven. What do they want to show by showing such serials, that evil has the power n it rules?

  5. I don’t like this ,writer explain what again ,can’t two of them be happy Abhi and pragya .don’t end this story with sad writeup.

  6. This is getting worse….. Why cannot these two main characters ever be happy? Why cannot the storyline change that they are facing real life problems as parents… these two cannot ever focus on their kids… cannot help them.. always stuck with trying to be together….. introduce new characters instead of the gisa mita purana stuff!! Get rid of these evil people or END the show if you cannot be creative!! EKTA KAPOOR you need to pay attention….. it’s not a cut throat life in the real world…..one thing is for sure we do get a good laugh of the Stupidity that goes on🤣🤣


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