Anupama Starplus Vanraj decision Upcoming Update

Anupama Starplus Vanraj decision Upcoming Update

Anupama Starplus Vanraj decision Upcoming Update Kavya sneaks into the house at night to make a shocking revelation to the Shah family. Pakhi wants to learn from her mistakes and not repeat it. Leela checks Vanraj’s room, but doesn’t see Kavya. Kavya learns that Vanraj and Anupama are returning home. Leela goes to welcome them with a hope of their reconciliation. Kavya searches Vanraj’s room. She finally gets the document he was hiding from her. She learns about the final date of his divorce hearing.

She wonders how could he hide such an important thing from her. Kavya wants to reveal this truth to the family and watch their hopes breaking down. She wants to enjoy the sight. Vanraj and Anupama get a welcome at home by Kavya first. Leela passes insulting remarks on Kavya. Vanraj is also unhappy to see Kavya. Kavya reveals about their divorce date. Leela doesn’t believe Kavya. She asks Kavya if she is feeling hurt. Kavya tells that Vanraj and Anupama are a cool couple to go for an outing just before their divorce.

The Shah family is shocked to know about their separation. She asks Vanraj why didn’t he tell his family about it. Anupama feels answerable to the family. The family gets shattered once again. Vanraj changes towards Anupama like a good friend. He cares for her when she refuses to step into the house. Hasmukh advises them to spend their time with happiness. Anupama acts normal. She tells them that she has no time to cry, when she is so occupied with her work.

She wants to please the family before she leaves them. Vanraj finds her acting strong. The family very well knows her emotional letdown. Samar returns home with a trophy of his victory. He meets Anupama first to surprise her. He tells her that its her faith that he could prove himself. He dedicates the trophy to Anupama. She is grateful to him for always standing for her. She feels she has won as a mother to get a supportive son. She expresses her feelings in front of Samar. He tells Anupama that he will miss her a lot when she goes.

Anupama tells that their relation will always be same, even if she doesn’t stay in the same house. Vanraj warns Kavya to stay away from his family. He wants her to leave them alone. Anupama doesn’t know why her heart is sinking when the divorce is happening. What will be Vanraj’s final decision? Will he call off his divorce with Vanraj? What do you think should happen next? Comment your take. Keep reading.

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