Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2021 Update Pragya begging act

Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2021 Update Pragya begging act

Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2021 Full Update Pragya begging act Aaliya and Mitali give a warm welcome to Pragya. They apologize to Pragya for their rude behavior. Pragya forgives them. Aaliya tells Pragya that she forgot to get a gift for her. She goes to get a gift for Pragya. Pragya is happy to get their affection. Vikram informs Abhi about Ranbir’s careless attitude in his work. Abhi tells him that Ranbir has gone through a lot in the past days, its okay if he delays the work. He asks Vikram not to apologize to him.

Abhi wants Pragya to give him some time. He wants some peaceful moments with her. Pragya tells Abhi that Prachi, Rhea and them will spend quality time today. Abhi tells her that he has to meet a client and handle a project, the problem happened because of Ranbir, he has to cover it up. He tells that Ranbir isn’t able to concentrate on work because of his fight with Rhea, he has to handle things in the office.


He tells her that Vikram has told him about Ranbir’s boxing, which he does in anger. He asks her to give him some time to sort Ranbir’s mistake, he will be back home sooner than she expects. He tells that Ranbir loves Rhea, and losing focus on his job because of Rhea. Pragya asks him to go. Baljeet tells Pragya that she is very happy to see her in the family. Meanwhile, Ranbir is stressed about the project. He wants to keep up Abhi and Vikram’s faith. Prachi meets Ranbir and they land in an awkward moment.

Ranbir still loves her and is helpless that he isn’t able to get over their past. Prachi too wants him to move on, but somehow comes between his efforts in moving on. She cares for Ranbir. He tells her that she is really good, she stays with him and cares for him when she wants him to move on. She tells him that she was just showing concern. He asks her to show her fake concern to someone else. Prachi questions him about her mistake. He tells her that he can remind her the mistake well. He gets angry on her ignorance and denial.

He tells that he isn’t able to concentrate on work because of her. Rhea meets Prachi at the office and insults her for her junior post. Ranbir wants Prachi to stay away from him. Rhea asks Prachi not to think of getting back Ranbir. She threatens to snatch their parents from Prachi. She also tells that Abhi will throw out Pragya from the house on her saying. She asks Prachi to keep protecting Pragya’s happiness. Prachi doesn’t want their deal to break. Ranbir misses to hear the entire truth. He questions them about the deal.

Abhi returns home. He tells Pragya that he has changed his mind, he has come back home to be with her. He takes a leave from the office. He asks Pragya to select the clothes for him. Baljeet tells that she didn’t see Abhi so happy before. Tanu walks into Mehra mansion. Pragya stops Tanu and questions her about her arrival. Tanu tells Pragya that the house belongs to her. Pragya calls her shameless to come back again and again.

Tanu doesn’t want Pragya to live in peace. She asks Pragya to call Abhi. Pragya wants to throw out Tanu from the house. Tanu tells Pragya that she has got the police with her. Pragya mentions that its her right to stay in the house, while Tanu is an outsider. She threatens to get Tanu arrested. Abhi finds Tanu in the house. He asks her why did she come. Tanu tells that she has come to get justice, she didn’t come to get her rights as Abhi’s wife. Tanu tells that Abhi has made a mistake, for which he will pay now.

She asks Inspector to arrest Abhi. The cops enter to arrest Abhi when Tanu accuses him for rape. Pragya, Aaliya and Baljeet are shocked by Tanu’s allegation. Rhea tricks Ranbir by lying to him about her deal with Prachi. Ranbir tells that Prachi is bad in keeping promises, she won’t keep the deal. Rhea tells that she won’t let Prachi break the deal. Ranbir tells Rhea about his busy work schedule. Rhea shows understanding and goes. He gets Prachi’s bracelet and keeps it with him. He misses her. Pragya tells the cops that Tanu is frustrated and blaming Abhi without any proof just for the sake of revenge.

Tanu tells the cops that Abhi has raped her, he may kill her too. Abhi denies the blames. Baljeet asks Aaliya to tell the cops that she has got Tanu home. Aaliya tells that she didn’t know about Tanu’s hidden agenda. Tanu tells that she wants justice. Aaliya tells the cops that Tanu just targets rich men, she wanted to marry Abhi, she has failed and she has now come for his character assassination.

Tanu tells that Aaliya had sent her to Abhi. Abhi and Pragya get separated. Pragya begs Tanu to spare Abhi. She leaves her esteem aside to save Abhi from Tanu’s evil move. Aaliya madly accuses Pragya for bringing problems for Abhi. She changes her side like always and gets against Pragya. Pragya falls lonely after Abhi’s arrest. What will Pragya do to prove Abhi’s innocence? How should this track proceed? Comment your views. Keep reading.

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  1. Writers should make Pragya a stronger character, not this begging and whining weak individual, yes she always solve the issues of the day but geez, so annoying with the begging especially against evil horse face Aaliah.
    It took just few hours for Aaliah to create problems again. Abhi is a fool to beleive and fall for her tears, she’s a big woman, let her find her own way, why does he have to take care of her? She already stole Purab from Disha
    And where is Purab, why is he not in current issues?

  2. Ekta Kapoor loves to make Pragya A weak character. It seems she likes the character with folded hands. Her villians are always extra smart and other characters fools. God bless this Lady.

  3. This show is becoming annoying. Why is pragya so weak? Why beg and whine when you should proceed to action? Where is Rhea when the father needs her? Her dumb head won’t let her be smart. t’s the most unrealistic show ever. If pragya could pull of f mogambo character, I think this is the time it’s needed. It’s high time Tanu and Aliyah pay for their misdeeds.. sickening

  4. Yes where is purab,if that purab not want to come in Kumkum bhagya please bring another one as purab no, pragya is alone, please makers unite abhigya make story when they are together….if not please 🥺 stop the kumkum bhagya…..

  5. I have always said it that all the authors do is to create problems without finding the solution. Why are they in love with Tanu and keep favouring her in the movie? Won’t Aliya and Tanu ever be punished for their evil deeds? Whenever Abhi and Pragya unite, they will bring Tanu to join her partner in crime( Aliya) to ruin their happiness. I know they want to keep Tanu in Abhi’s house to make life unbearable for Pragya. This is not fair. You really don’t want us to enjoy this movie. Pls end it.

  6. This is bad…. why is Pragya’s character begging… she’s supposed to be a strong woman…. she lived as a single mother for 20 years and now this?? Ekta, should be showing and supporting women as strong not as a weakling/ no back bone type… where is Purab to put evil Aliya in her place and that annoying Tanu is back?? Seriously, the writers could not think of anything else?? They need to THINK!! Be creative…. this storyline is not acceptable… weak Pragya, annoying Tanu , evil Aliya and selfish Rhea…… an all’s women show…. where are the men??

  7. If Ekta is following this thread, she needs to tweak her storyline coz audience gets really bugged only seeing weaker side of lead roles and there is no end to miseries. More than entertainment it add frustration in viewers minds. High time producers rework on story of Kumkum Bhagya!!!!

  8. I’m tired of this show. It’s not a show to watch anymore . Far from reality. After all that pragya went through surely we should see some happiness fun and laughter prevailing in the Mehra Mansion. So soon after pragyas entry the dark forces have taken over. 😩.

  9. Please end Tanu and Aliya’s character. Is there never going to be peace in the Mehra house. Make Aliya good for a change. In all season’s Pragya must fight for her happiness. Enough is enough. Let them bond with there daughter’s a bit. Seperation for 20 year’s. Abhi and Pragya reconciled. Not even and hour. Back to square 1.

  10. The tiring thing in kumkum bhagya is,problems are always arising,especially for the poor Pragya,but I never see solutions or atleast good endings of the solution..oh please improve on that


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