Yeh Rishta Kartik new love Upcoming twists 19th April

Yeh Rishta Kartik new love Upcoming twists 19th April

Yeh Rishta Kartik new love Upcoming twists 19th April Kartik and Sirat get through the pre-marriage rituals. They are destined to get married. The possibility of Naira’s return comes to an end with the surety of Sirat’s character, that she is a completely different person, who had a love life with Ranvir. Sirat and Ranvir were in a serious relationship since their childhood, but they couldn’t reach their destination of marriage because of his rich family who opposed their relation.

Sirat feels cheated when Ranvir didn’t come for the marriage and kept her waiting at the temple. Sirat tells her past to Kartik, who doesn’t seem affected by it. He just wants her to be happy with his children and lead a good life. He supports her dreams in winning a gold medal in national boxing championship. He tells that he will always support her. He doesn’t realize that her first love is knocking the doors of her fate again.

Kartik unknowingly contacts Ranvir and makes a connection between Ranvir and Sirat. Sirat realizes Ranvir’s possibility of return when she finds his signature art on the gift box. She doesn’t want Ranvir to come back in her life, when she has decided to forget love and take up responsibilities. She takes up the responsibility of Kartik’s children and family with utmost sincerity. She wants Kartik to always count on her. Kartik and Sirat’s pairing gets more adorable with their moments building up. Ranvir longs for Sirat.

He wishes to find a way to get her back, but is afraid to face her. He isn’t a coward to run away from her confrontation, but doesn’t want to hurt her by reviving the past wound. Ranvir and Kartik’s paths cross again with the same destination Sirat. A love story begins between Kartik and Sirat. Kartik finds her totally resembling Naira and loses his senses to believe her different identity. His heart starts connecting with her. Ranvir will be soon coming face to face with Sirat. What do you think, Sirat looks best with Kartik or Ranvir? Comment your views. Keep reading.

Today’s update: Sirat dresses up just like Naira and looks beautiful. Kairav compliments her for the perfect look for the Gangaur puja. Sirat wants to know it from Kartik. Kartik also compliments her. Kairav clicks her pictures. Kartik smiles seeing her poses. He tells Sirat that she should pose well like a boxer. Kartik clicks a family selfie. Rhea gets jealous to see them together. Rhea reprimands Sheela for giving her a wrong address. She asks Sheela to find Ranvir.

She threatens Sheela to throw her out of the house. She asks Sheela to know about her losses. Sheela understands that Rhea can ruin her life. She goes to talk to Mukesh about Ranvir. Dadi and Nani try to unite Kartik and Sirat as soon as possible. They plan the pre-marriage rituals. Kartik tells them that they shall talk to Naksh once about the marriage. Dadi tells that Naksh isn’t around, she will talk to Singhanias and get their consent.

The family realizes that Sirat is just looking Naira’s replica. Kairav and Kartik support Sirat. Dadi asks the family to decorate the idols and dance together singing the Ganguar song. Kartik and Sirat perform the dance together while decorating the idol. Ranvir also decorates an idol. He plans the Gangaur puja. He can’t leave his love for Sirat. He left his family and sworn to not go back to anyone.

Ranvir takes the idol to the temple for puja. He tells his friend that he can never get rid of his feelings for Sirat. Kairav likes the idol made by Sirat. He gives her the best idol trophy. Sirat wins the competition by Manish’s shocking decision in her favor, while Rhea loses after buying readymade clothes for the idol. Kartik gets happy for her win.

Reviewed Rating for Yeh Rishta Kartik new love Upcoming twists 19th April: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. We want either Kartik and Sirat together or Kartik and Naira together…. Actually we want to see Shivangi and Mohsin together…. If Naira is not coming back then Sirat should be with Kartik and if Naira is coming back then its okay….

  2. is the yeh rishta kya kehlata hai the best serial of the all most people favourite is the india
    I miss you yrkkh and naira is all family

  3. Main aapka pura episode dekhta hun ek bhi nahin chhota bahut acchi lagti hai mera favourite so hai kartik and naira tum donon mein bahut favourite main aapki bahut badi fan hun ab donon ki mera hai ki aap donon se ek bar mile main jyada padhi likhi to nahin hun are main musalman bhi hun isliye social-media ko bhi nahin a sakti I wish kabhi bhi aapke sath mulakat Ho jaaye bye love you

  4. When will this serial complete if they prolong a serieal like this very soon time of serials will be ended by now many people are engaged to web series if tese people prolong like this ot will be more faster attraction towards those this one started when my sister was born now she alredy came to11 then see this couple looks nice story is good at starting but now waak people are getting boared

  5. Mohsin & Shivanji is the best pair, their chemistry is adorable. Karan Kendra’s entry was not required, as he is unlucky for DKP because as soon as he came the lockdown has come in & they have to hunt for other location.. So Karan should have an exit so that we see the love bonding between Mohsin & Shivanji..

  6. Bring Naira back because now Sirat has anew love story,it will not make sense to make Karthik fall in love with her,and for God’s sake what happened to Narksh and kaira’s first daughter? Why forget that track like that?

    • Please bring naira back in kartik’s life. They both look awesome with each other. Sirat is different person. We can’t compare sirat with naira. Naira look more fabulous with kartik. Sirat can’t take naira’s place in kartik’s life and in his heart. Please get naira back with kartik and sirat with ranveer. Don’t seperate the two couples. 😞🙏

      • We want naira back into kartik’s life. Because sirat and kartik is totally different only naira and kartik pair is the best.they are made for each other.we want naira.

  7. I know you not separate love partner so please not seprate sirat and ranveer and we want sirat and ranveer and kartik naria

  8. Naira should be back in her role…..
    Kartik and naira are best… I don’t know why u have changed her name and all..
    Naira ko coma mein vhej dena chahiye rgaa taki wo phirse aa jaye as her own role no need to change her name…..

  9. We want Naira back. Because KAIRA, the best couple in the world is very popular. We had been hurted when the couple had been broken.

    We want to see Kartik and Naira together.

    We want “KAIRA”.

  10. We want Naira back. Because KAIRA, the best couple in the world is very popular. We had been hurt when the couple had been broken.

    We want to see Kartik and Naira together.

    We want “KAIRA”.


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