Kumkum Bhagya Pragya bold move Update 20th April 2021

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya bold move Update 20th April 2021

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya bold move Update 20th April 2021 Tanu speaks to her friend, who works in a NGO. Netra tells her that nobody can save Abhi from the crime charges now, he will be punished. She asks Tanu not to cry. Tanu laughs. She tells Netra that nobody can harm her. She asks Netra to come to meet her. She wants Abhi to pay a price for choosing Pragya over her, for breaking her heart, for ruining her hopes and dreams.

She wants to see Pragya in the same pain which she had undergone. She wants to create such a scene that Abhi marries him to save his name and reputation. She wants to force Abhi to marry her at any cost. She knows that Pragya will get away from Abhi and her. On the other hand, Aaliya troubles Pragya. She asks Pragya to leave the house. She feels its the fate that Abhi is always surrounded by problems.

She wants Pragya to leave, when Abhi isn’t with them, they aren’t able to win over Abhi. She asks Pragya not to force her to break the promise to Abhi and misbehave with her. She asks her not to do bad to them. Baljeet tells that Pragya has done just good to Abhi. Aaliya tells that Tanu has taken this step because of Pragya, who came home and invited problems. She claims to wish good for Abhi.

She tells that she loves Abhi and accepted Pragya for his sake. Pragya tells that she also wishes good for Abhi. Aaliya asks her to just leave for Abhi’s sake. Pragya accepts her orders and makes a leave. Baljeet accuses Aaliya for being an evil sister. Aaliya tells that she did a mistake to not understand Tanu, but she will handle everything. Baljeet tells that if Abhi knows that she ousted Pragya, then he will be hurt. Aaliya acts sweet and true. Baljeet tells that she knows her evil heart.

She knows that Aaliya doesn’t love Abhi at all. Baljeet knows that Tanu has done this with a purpose. She doesn’t know that Tanu is still planning to marry Abhi. Prachi is still affected by Ranbir’s words. Sarita asks Prachi about her love for Ranbir. She knows that even Ranbir loves Prachi. Sarita tells that Ranbir was hurt to see Prachi hurt, he really loves her, she shouldn’t hide her feelings, she should accept her love for Ranbir, they should unite. Prachi doesn’t tell anything about Rhea.

Pragya returns home. They get surprised seeing Pragya back. Tanu gets mad and believes that she loves Abhi. She feels she did a mistake to leave Abhi for Pragya. She can go to any extent to get Abhi. Inspector asks Tanu to come to the police station for the formalities. Tanu agrees to go there. Mitali tells Baljeet that she wants to know about the case proceeding. Rhea learns the shocking accusation on Abhi. She tells that Abhi can’t do any such crime. Baljeet tells Rhea that Tanu is lying to frame Abhi.

Rhea asks if Aaliya didn’t stop Tanu and the police. She wants to seek answers from Aaliya. Pragya wants to stay alone. Sarita and Prachi ask her the matter. Pragya tells them that Abhi has gone away from her. She narrates the entire matter to them, leaving them shocked. Prachi also believes that Abhi is innocent. Pragya tells that she can’t go to Abhi, else the charges will get more critical. She tells that Tanu isn’t letting her meet Abhi. She wants to hire a lawyer. Prachi wants to reprimand Aaliya for doing wrong with Pragya.

Pragya asks her to respect her aunt, even Aaliya is hurt by Abhi’s arrest. Sarita asks Pragya to not be foolish, she doesn’t deserve to stay there if she believes Aaliya. She scolds Pragya for being so helpless and sorrowful. She feels Pragya gets troubles for Abhi and herself whenever they unite. She doesn’t want Pragya to face blames and humiliation. She is broken down by the ugly charges on Abhi. She asks Pragya to forget Abhi, they aren’t destined to stay happy. Tanu wants Abhi to get punished.

She tells Abhi that he loved her before, she didn’t wish to hurt him, but he left no option for her. She decides to ruin him down for his decision to choose Pragya always. Abhi hates himself that he loved her before. He tells her that he will come out of the jail because of Pragya, he is happy to always choose Pragya. She doesn’t think so. He tells her that she would know the strength of love when she sees them winning. He adds that Pragya’s love has always saved him. He tells that once he gets free, he will punish her.

Furthermore, Tanu creates a scene. She tells inspector that Abhi is threatening to kill her. Abhi tells that she is lying. Inspector asks him not to make them mad. Abhi asks Tanu not to do wrong. He is put inside the lockup. Tanu thanks the inspector for protecting her like an elder brother. He assures to get Abhi severely punished. She tells that the game has just begun, Pragya won’t be able to do anything.

Sarita tells Pragya that Abhi and Pragya are unlucky for each other. Pragya tells that Abhi is her life, they are incomplete without each other. Sarita asks her why didn’t she answer Aaliya and stay back in the house. Pragya tells that she will answer Aaliya and Tanu, she will not leave from Abhi’s life, she will not get separated from Abhi. She tells that she got separated from him by her wish, she won’t let him fall into any trouble, Aaliya and Tanu can never harm her relation. Sarita encourages her to meet Abhi and fight for her. She asks her to value her Kumkum.

She tells that she has provoked her to just awaken her inner strength. She asks Pragya to get her rights on Abhi’s house and get Rhea on her side. Prachi gets sad that Pragya will be going there. Pragya tells that Abhi wants her to stay there. Prachi decides to live with Sarita. Sarita suggests that Prachi goes along and helps Pragya. Prachi knows that Pragya can handle things alone.

She shows faith on Pragya. Pragya tells that she will bring Abhi home and complete their family. Finally, Pragya takes a bold step to answer Aaliya. She returns to Mehra house. She wants Aaliya to support her, if she can’t, then don’t dare to stop her. Aaliya doesn’t want to tolerate her. Ranbir comes forward to support Pragya. Comment your views on the track. Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Kumkum Bhagya Pragya bold move Update 20th April 2021: 3/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. Qu’est-ce que la production recherche avec cette histoire de viol de Tanu. Abhi a peine sorti de sa démence, le revoilà plonger dans une autre histoire ni queue ni tête sans d’abord finir l’histoire de Divijya.
    Beaucoup d’intrigues inachevées dans cette série.

  2. They are pulling this track of Aliya Rani and crying pragya it gets pretty boring I have stopped watching it I only watch it once a week now cause aliya’s misbehaving with her brother beating him etc then

  3. Now what pragya is doing is right. She should act strongly. She should bring rhea also on right way. Give two slap to Aliya.

    • According to me pragya should now act strongly without any tears in her eyes and find tanu’s friend to prove about is right and then tanu should be arrested meanwhile rhea gets ashamed of her behavior and say sorry to pragya and prachi and accept them as mother and sister plus ranbir and prachi should get married and live happily ever after
      Therefore, a small step will take this serial short and interesting

    • Cette série est très agassante et très longue pour rien, au départ c’était intéressant mais maintenant sa n’a ni pieds ni queue, vraiment du n’importe quoi

  4. Sir Or mam u r spoiling the story this is really boring u seperated both of them and seperated there children’s atleast u finish the story pls

  5. I never get bored watching, it shows the power of love, Pragya will start kicking ass😀 and Tanu is so evil. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Too much tamasha 😀😀 but I still enjoy watching

  6. The same scene of Rhea,prachi,abbi and pragya not knowing their relationship has played for so long thus making everything boring …. am now watching once in a week

  7. Please when wil Tanu and Aliya die ok
    When will pragya an abhi come together
    When will Prachi and ranbir come together just as abhigya an become pranbir
    When will rhea begin to have common sense and relate with her family and when will she accept that ranbir can never be hers Nd that Prachi Is her eldertwin sister or goodness sake
    And please when will here be joy in the mehras house n when will love come back again and fight for those who show real love. I have just too many questions


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