Kundali Bhagya New entry twist Upcoming 20th April

Kundali Bhagya New entry twist Upcoming 20th April

Kundali Bhagya New entry twist Upcoming 20th April After Preeta sings Karan’s praises, Prithvi decides to leave. Preeta tells Prithvi that she didn’t kill Akshay, he didn’t tie by her attack, she didn’t hit so heavily that he dies. She knows that the family knows about her truth, her family is finding the real murderer, they will free her and take her home with all the respect. She tells him that she has his love with her, he doesn’t need to worry for her. He asks her to stay in darkness and get cheated by Karan.

He feels she is in a helpless situation. He leaves her to stay in her happy world of misconception. Preeti sinks into Karan’s memories. Sameer calls Shrishti home. He shares Mahira’s secret with her. He tells her that Mahira had spoken to someone and paid him money to hide her involvement in some matter. Shrishti tells that Mahira is plotting something big, maybe its about Akshay’s murder case to frame Preeta. He also thinks so.

She asks him to take Mahira’s phone to find out the details. They decide to investigate the matter. She tells that they have to steal the phone. She agrees to help her and prove Preeta’s innocence. Preeta’s heart beats for Karan. She hugs the pillow and feels him. Karan too misses her to the limit. He sheds tears in her absence. Sameer feels Karan and Preeta’s love story started just now and they got separated.

He doesn’t want Mahira to win in her evil plan. He wants Karan and Preeta’s love to win. Sherlyn is troubled by her pregnancy. She misses Preeta in the kitchen, knowing Preeta used to do all the kitchen work on time. She asks Mahira to help her. Prithvi finds Sherlyn irritated. He calms her down. She tells him that she is troubled by her pregnancy. He tells her that mood swings do happen. He wants to listen to her scolding with love.

He asks her to stay happy for the sake of baby. Mahira offers a cup of coffee to him. Parminder finds Prithvi and Sherlyn together again. Prithvi cooks up a story on seeing Parminder. Mahira tells Prithvi that he can come later to have the coffee. Sherlyn tells Parminder that she had come to kitchen to have some food. Prithvi signs Mahira to normalize the odd situation. Parminder taunts Prithvi for his multi-tasking, since he is handling both Sherlyn and Kritika at the same time. He realizes that Parminder is clever and doubts him.

He tells her that she is very sensible. She tells that she isn’t innocent like Rakhi. Sherlyn tells Parminder that she will take rest in her room. Parminder warns her that she understands everything unlike Rakhi who doesn’t see anything happening between Prithvi and Sherlyn. Meanwhile, Prithvi gets a call from an unknown person, who threatens him. Prithvi shouts on the caller. The man tells him that he knows the entire truth of his deal with Akshay. He demands 50 lakhs from Prithvi. He agrees to give the money to the blackmailer.

He wonders who know his truth, who is behind the call. Moreover, Mahira meets Preeta in jail. She advises Preeta to be ready for the worse. She mentions that she has separated Karan and Preeta, she is finally achieving her goal, she will win Karan and end Preeta’s existence in his life. She tells Preeta that she has won the challenge. She is waiting for the court hearing, when Preeta’s crime is proved.

She wants Preeta to go to jail and have the last day of her relation with Karan. She plans a fresh start with Karan. She tells her plan to Preeta. Parminder leaves Sherlyn with a warning. She knows that Prithvi and Sherlyn are having an affair. How will she use this news against Sherlyn? Who is the mysterious blackmailer troubling Prithvi? Comment your views. Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Kundali Bhagya New entry twist Upcoming 20th April: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. Yaar kabhi to preeta aur Karan Johar aek saath rehne do
    Pehle wo ache dost the to kareena bua unke beech aa Rahi thi fir pirithvi ,shyrlin aur ab Mahira , Akshay, murder

    • Es ist immer wieder das gleiche, Preeta verliert und die anderen gewinnen. Alle 3 bis 4 Wochen fängt es wieder von vorne an. Wenn euch nichts mehr einfällt, macht endlich ein schönes Happy End. Die Serie fing so gut an aber jetzt ist es immer wieder
      der gleiche Ablauf. Schade

    • Seriously what is happening in this serial yrr…. Mahira kbhi na jeete basss or sherylin or prithvi ka sach bhi jldi saamne aana chahiye bsss karan or preeta sth rahe hamesha…. Pta ni kya dhikha re hai serial mai ek ki polpatti khul ni paati h tb tk dusri koi na koi situation aajati h tb tk woh wala chapter close ho jata h or na hi kisi ko sachai pta chl paati h….. Bs ye hi dhikha re h serial mai villain jeet ra h or jo innocent h woh haar re h or agr aisa hua na ki mahira ki marriage karan se dhikhai toh ye serial bakwas ho jaega 😏…… Or ek bt or mahesh Luthra coma se bahar aaye toh unki memory loss ho gyi iska mtlb toh ye hi h villain ki jeet ho ri h….. Iss tym bakwaas serial chl Ra h😏…

  2. I think first he should get some proof to prove that sherlyn and prithvi are having an affair and then tell the luthra family and besides i think that akshay should be alive and he should be the blackmailer and wants to take a small revenge from. prithvi for hurting him meanwhile karan should investigate and find a new lawyer who believes that preeta is innocent and if the blackmailer would not be akshay then karan should hear prithvi talking with the blackmailer and find him and prove preeta innocent

  3. Bcz of such hurdle in there life we lost our interest of seeing this seriel… It is just pathetic… Plz make theme close or something good happen in their life will make trp more again instead of such foolish murder case..


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