Kumkum Bhagya Pragya new battle Upcoming 26th April 2021

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya new battle Upcoming 26th April 2021

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya new battle Upcoming 26th April 2021 Aaliya assures Abhi that she will teach a lesson to Tanu for troubling them. She makes an apology and leaves. Rhea too apologizes to Abhi. Ranbir follows Tanu to find out. Rhea wants Abhi to come back home as soon as possible. Abhi tells that Pragya and he are wishing the same and trying hard for it. Prachi also meets him at the same time and gives him another joy. Abhi tells that he is happy to see them together. He asks Rhea not to get insecure, she should be sensible.

Prachi knows that Abhi is facing a tough time to stay in the lockup with the bad allegation. She tells him that his smile encouraged them, she wants him to come home. Abhi grows emotional. He wants to tell them that he is innocent. They know that he is innocent. Rhea tells him that they met Tanu and rebuked them. Abhi tells that Tanu is a good woman to meet. Prachi tells that Rhea had scolded Tanu well. Abhi asks if Prachi also went there.

Rhea tells him that he saved Prachi from Tanu’s anger. He is glad that he is seeing them as sisters, supportive and happy. He thinks its the good thing that happened in the entire bad incident. He wants the family to support him as united entity. He asks them to always stay together. Prachi thanks Rhea for speaking nicely to her in front of Abhi. Rhea tells that she spoke nicely just to lessen Abhi’s stress, she isn’t a good sister. She gets hurting Prachi by her rude comments.

Moreover, Prachi meets another lawyer to get help for Abhi. Lawyer tells that he has seen her on the news channel. She explains him the case. He tells her that he doesn’t want to take up the case, he will not take the case to lose it. He doesn’t want to lose his reputation by supporting Abhi. He tells her that he is fighting the case from Tanu’s side against Abhi. He doesn’t want to support any rapist. He suggests her to hire a good lawyer against him. He tells that its not easy to defeat the truth. He always wins the cases and promises that he will make Tanu win. She tells that Abhi is innocent.

He tells her that every wife finds her husband innocent. She doesn’t like he can prove anything. She tells him that he will lose this case, since Tanu is lying. He trusts Tanu. Tanu meets them. Prachi gets upset seeing Tanu’s interview. Sarita and Shahana tell Prachi that public opinion matters, society should respect Abhi. She wants Tanu to admit the truth and clear his name. She asks Prachi to make a plan to expose Tanu’s lies. Shahana tells that they want evidence in Abhi’s favor. Sarita asks them to get some plan in action. Tanu tells Pragya that she will win the case. She asks Pragya how does she feel by knowing Abhi’s crime.

Pragya finds Tanu’s mind dirty. Tanu asks Pragya not to lecture her and accept the fact that Abhi loves her. Pragya is aware of Tanu’s evil. She threatens Tanu. She knows Tanu can’t go ahead with her lies. She doesn’t want to lose the fight. Tanu locks the cabin to blame Pragya for hurting her. Pragya tells that she doesn’t have more time to talk to her. Tanu accepts that she has just accused Abhi falsely. She tells the truth. She asks Pragya if she had accepted his crime. Pragya knew it already. She asks Tanu how is she telling the truth in front of her.

Tanu doesn’t think anyone can believe her, Pragya can’t prove anything. She asks Pragya to go and tell the truth to the world. Lawyer wants to know what’s happening inside. Pragya is confident that she will find some good lawyer who will fight for the truth. She wants to celebrate Abhi’s victory soon. Tanu tells that the society will defame Abhi and also taunt Pragya for his crime. She warns Pragya about losing Abhi.

Pragya has faith on the law. She is sure that her words will be believed, instead Tanu’s fake evidences. Tanu tells that Abhi will be tagged a rapist in front of the world. She feels she will get Abhi by keeping a condition for his freedom. She openly declares her intentions of ruining Pragya. Rhea wants Pragya to keep her promise. Pragya tells that they will win the case. Pragya tells Sarita that no good lawyer wants to take up the case, its really worrying.

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  1. Pragya why worry ? You know the Law, Nobody will defeat you . Tanu is a looser. Nobody can separate you from Abhi. Abhi is yours no matter how the situation is. You are winners.

  2. Please let’s enjoy a little joy of dis series for almost 10yrs no joy pls Kiara should be back with full force a strong lawyer untouchable just like tanu did fight her father’s case unite her family afterall we never saw her corps pls pls zee TV bring her back and let’s have a little ramadan joy promo for now then later sadness should continue. Dis life I cannt kill myself oooooooh dis Wan dat no lawyer wants to take case make Kiara take grant entrance and let’s see how many views luv and like.. If tanu succeed I swear I will stop watching dis series abeg it’s always about Aliya and tanu destroying every luv in fact even


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