Anupama Vanraj disaster twist Upcoming 26th April 2021

Anupama Vanraj disaster twist Upcoming 26th April 2021

Anupama Vanraj disaster twist Upcoming 26th April 2021 Anupama and Kavya get a big relief that Advait makes them meet Vanraj. Anupama learns Vanraj’s whereabouts. Advait leaves Anupama and Paritosh impressed. Paritosh tells her about Advait, who is a famous psychologist. Advait wants to ensure mental health of one and all. Anupama didn’t know that Vanraj will be so stressed that he would need help for his mental health. She meets Vanraj. He worries seeing her tensed reaction.

She enquires if he is fine. He tells her that he didn’t wish to return home or connect with the family. Anupama tells him about the family’s tension in his absence, because of his sudden leaving. She mentions that she was dealing with her anxiety over his disappearance. She gets upset that he doesn’t care of anyone’s emotions and always makes mistakes to punish the entire family. She wants him to stay connected with the family. She asks him to end ties with her, but not the family. Paritosh questions him about his move to leave them.

Anupama asks Vanraj to answer her, why did he come away from the family. Vanraj tells that he won’t return home until he gets clear-minded. Anupama takes a lot of stress and collapses down. Vanraj gets worried to see Anupama’s state. He rushes her to Advait for treatment.

He learns about Anupama’s mental stress, because of him. He feels guilty to never give her any joy. He wishes that he reconciles with Anupama. What role does Advait play in their lives? Will Advait bridge the distance between the two and unite them forever? What will be the fate of Vanraj and Anupama’s marriage? Comment your take on the show’s track. Keep reading for more updates and news on this show.

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