Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2021 Full Update Twist for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2021 Full Update Twist for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2021 Full Update Twist for Preeta Karan and Preeta find solace in each other’s company. He tells her that he has got Ruchika to the court, she will expose Megha’s crime. He mentions that he is actually helping himself by helping Preeta, since he can’t live without her. He wants her to know how much he misses her. She grows emotional. She tells that they will talk later when they get ample time. He asks her to know that he is feeling lonely, he is waiting for her to return and handle his kiddish behavior.

He plans to surprise her when she returns home. She feels lucky that he always fulfills his promise, he does everything that a good husband should do. She is grateful to him. They have a hug and then proceed to the court. Meanwhile, Rakhi speaks to the doctor about Mahesh’s memory loss. She tells that Mahesh has behaved such for the first time. Doctor asks her to give time to Mahesh, he may recollect or forget things until his memory settles down.

He asks the family not to remind anything to Mahesh. Rakhi informs Kareena about Mahesh’s condition. Bani asks Rakhi to go and support Preeta. Kareena knows that Preeta is important for Rakhi. She assures that she will take care of Mahesh. Rakhi and Kritika meet Preeta at the court. Rakhi mentions that Bani wasn’t feeling well, she didn’t come. Rakhi and Kritika encourage Preeta. Preeta tells them that she will take care of Bani once she comes home. Karan tells that he isn’t jealous seeing Rakhi’s love for Preeta, since he has Sarla with him.

Preeta tells that Karan is lucky that everybody loves him. She mentions that she also loves him. He tells that he is really lucky and even Preeta is lucky that she is also getting love from everybody. He promises them that Preeta will go home with them. Karan thanks ACP for letting him talk to Preeta. They attend the hearing. Shrishti wants Ruchika and Megha to cooperate. Prithvi grows jealous seeing Karan and Preeta’s chemistry.

Preeta’s lawyer Bakshi defends her case. He tells that Preeta is innocent, she is also a victim, Akshay was the culprit in the whole incident. He asks Ruchika to put light on Akshay’s truth. Shrishti and Karan hope that Ruchika keeps her promise. Ruchika reveals the truth when Bakshi questions her about her relationship with Akshay. She tells that she had a child with Akshay. She pretends to get unwell when lawyer asks her to give a statement in Preeta’s favor. Bakshi presents the evidences in Preeta’s favor.

He tells that Akshay tried to molest Preeta, she had taken a step in self defence, she didn’t kill him, she had hit him to keep him away, not with an intention to kill him. He provides sufficient proofs to prove her innocent. Bakshi reveals Akshay’s killer in the court. Will Megha escape before getting caught? What will happen next? Comment your views and keep reading.

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  1. Can’t the writers do a better job with the story, either someone is going to jail or getting harassed. And the 3 musketeers ( Sherlyn, Mahira and dopey Prithvi) are free.
    The story sometimes is great and the other times you just want to shut off your TV. So please make it more interesting by revealing Sherlyn’s baby father because according to the “story” Rishabh never slept with her.


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