Kumkum Bhagya Pragya turns hopeless Update 7th May 2021

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya loses battle Update 7th May 2021

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya turns hopeless Update 7th May 2021 Tanu tells the court that Pragya is lying, she has no evidence in her favor. Pragya tells that Tanu had destroyed the evidences, she is a liar, who could stoop to any level. Tanu calls it enough. Tanu’s lawyer tells that Pragya is assassinating Tanu’s character, when she herself is at fault. He reveals that Pragya and Abhi had earlier got divorced. He asks Pragya if she has any evidence.

Pragya tells that she had enough evidences, but she lost everything to Tanu. Lawyer mocks her confidence for saving her husband when she has nothing in his defence. Fortunately, Raghuvir reaches the court in injured state to defend Abhi and Pragya. He tells the court that Pragya is telling the truth, he is a witness for it. He apologizes for coming late. Raghuvir answers the court. He asks Pragya not to worry for him, he can still fight the case. He reveals that he was attacked on the way, he was lucky to get saved by timely help. He tells that he can show his wound.

Consequently, Judge believes her. He tells that he will decide about the case. Tanu presents the manipulated video footage against Abhi to claim that he had really raped her. Abhi is shocked to see the recording. Tanu thinks she had easily managed to get the evidences. Raghuvir tells that he has the audio confession of Tanu. Tanu’s lawyer asks him to present the audio clip if he has a copy, since Pragya got the clip deleted in her phone.

Moreover, Ranbir provides the doctor’s certificate that could help Abhi. Raghuvir tells the court that Abhi wasn’t mentally fine, he was a kid mentally, he couldn’t commit such a crime in the child syndrome, he had no feelings of hatred, violence and revenge. The lawyers have a fight in the court. Judge believes Abhi’s medical condition of a child mental situation. Raghuvir tells that their proof isn’t fake. Ranbir adds that the doctor is with them to give a testimony, the certificate is real.

Doctor supports Abhi and testifies that Abhi was in a child’s mental state, he can’t even think of such a crime, he can’t be a rapist. Tanu’s lawyer manipulates the doctor’s statement and tells that Abhi can be an exceptional case who could rape a woman even in his mentally childish state. He pleads the court to give justice to Abhi. Judge gets close to give the verdict in Tanu’s favor, believing that Abhi is guilty.

Raghuvir asks him to give a last chance, since he has lost the evidences. He buys some time by taking a new hearing date. Judge agrees to give another chance to Abhi on his request. Raghubir also requests for Abhi’s bail. The judge grants the bail. Abhi and Pragya get relieved. Guard informs Pragya that the house caught fire. Pragya asks if everyone is safe. Abhi relieves the family. Mitali asks will the police take Abhi in custody again. Raghuvir tells that they want a solid proof against Tanu. Abhi cheers up the family.

Furthermore, Pragya informs Mehras about the fire incident. Abhi tells that they will shift to the farmhouse and enjoy together, they should be happy that they are together. Tanu tells Pragya that the entire family will be punished when Abhi gets punished, the verdict will be same even after three days. She threatens to send the contract killer after Raghuvir again. She tells that Abhi will pay a price, because of lack of evidences. Pragya tells that she will always be with Abhi. Tanu asks her to stop dreaming.

Pragya tells that Raghuvir reached the court and failed Tanu’s plan. She is hopeful that the truth will come out. Tanu tells that many innocent people suffer because of lack of evidences, the same thing will happen with Abhi, he will also get rotten behind the bars. Pragya loses out to Tanu. She meets Tanu and admits that she lost. Tanu laughs at her and makes her beg to her. She satisfies her ego. Pragya apologizes to her.

Tanu doesn’t pity her. She demands Pragya’s Kumkum and leaves her shocked. She asks Pragya to get her married to Abhi. Pragya falls in a big dilemma. She tells that she is ready to do anything to get Abhi freed. Is Pragya losing the battle only to win the war? Did Pragya plan something to make Tanu confess her crime again, or will Pragya really compromise on her Kumkum to save Abhi? What do you think about the promo below? Comment your views and keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Kumkum Bhagya Pragya turns hopeless Update 7th May 20211/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.



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