Kumkum Bhagya New wedding twist 13th May 2021 Update

Kumkum Bhagya New wedding twist 13th May 2021 Update

Kumkum Bhagya New wedding twist 13th May 2021 Update Tanu is going mad that Abhi has refused to marry her. She can’t tolerate Abhi’s indifference. Singhania tells her that he is supporting her even when she is wrong, Abhi has sworn to not marry her. She can’t hear that again. She asks Singhania to send Abhi to jail, so that he regrets all his life. She tells him that Abhi should feel sorry for badmouthing her.

She wants to show Prachi and Pragya what she can do. Prachi doesn’t want Pragya to give up. She learns that Pragya is helpless to get Abhi and Tanu married. She can’t let Pragya do this. Rhea and Prachi know that Pragya and Abhi love each other, they shouldn’t sacrifice their love. Rhea knows that Pragya is strong enough to save Abhi from Tanu. Prachi also believes Pragya is strong. She can’t let Pragya fall weak. She wants to remind Pragya her capabilities. Rhea also wants to remind Pragya what she can do against Tanu.


They both brainstorm to find a solution to defeat Tanu. Pragya tells Abhi that she knew about Tanu’s offer. She feels guilty of all the problems. He tells her that he brought her back home, its his wish. She values his love that’s so true. He tells that he can stay away from her in the jail, but not separated. She knows that he can’t imagine life without her. She doesn’t find any other way. She asks him to agree to marry Abhi at least to buy some time so that they get out of this helpless situation.

He knows that Tanu will ruin him and make him separated from entire family if he marries her. She tells that they will find a solution, the three day time period will no longer be a trouble for them. Rhea and Prachi tell them that they have a solution. They alert Pragya that Tanu is scared that she will get defeated in the court, so she has proposed this deal to win before time. They ask Pragya to find the loophole, Tanu will have an evidence against her for sure. Pragya tells them that she needs time to find the evidence, for which Abhi has to at least lie to Tanu that he would marry her.

She wants Tanu to get busy in the marriage functions and lose out in her plans. She tells that once Tanu thinks her marriage is really happy, she will withdraw the case and free Abhi from the blames. Abhi doesn’t listen to her. Pragya tries to speak to Baljeet. She tells her the same that they need time to find a proof. She asks Baljeet to convince Abhi for the fake marriage. Baljeet agrees to Pragya, seeing the tension in the family. She hugs Pragya happily. Pragya tells that its her plan to defeat Tanu. Watch the latest wedding promo below.

Prachi and Rhea also think that Abhi should fake promise to marry Tanu, so that they get some time to gather evidence against Tanu. Pragya and Abhi like the idea, and agree after a second thought. They don’t want Tanu to suspect their plan. They cleverly involve Baljeet in their plan so that Tanu doesn’t suspect them. Mitali finds Aaliya getting emotional seeing Abhi and her childhood pictures. Aaliya loves Abhi a lot. She worries for the court verdict. She doesn’t have faith that Pragya can save Abhi. Pragya informs Abhi that Baljeet has gone to meet Tanu. Pragya tells him how she struggled to convince Baljeet to meet Tanu and fool her to execute their plan.

Baljeet meets Tanu to further humiliate her. She doesn’t give her the shagun. She promises to soon get Tanu arrested, and pay for her crime, but in her dream. Baljeet follows Pragya’s plan and gives the shagun bangles to Tanu, stating that she just wants Abhi’s freedom. She hugs Tanu and shows her acceptance. Abhi witnesses this and gets upset. Abhi rebukes Tanu for convincing Baljeet when he refused to marry her. Tanu tells that she will get Pragya’s Kumkum and ruin her life. Will Pragya’s plan work or backfire? Comment your views on the upcoming Abhi and Tanu’s wedding track? Keep reading.

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