Anupama Written Update 13th May 2021 Panicking moment

Anupama Written Update 13th May 2021 Panicking moment

Anupama Written Update 13th May 2021 Panicking moment Anupama tells Vanraj that she didn’t had any courage to answer him. She blames him for worrying for the family after deciding for the divorce. She tells that he has realized his mistake, but he can’t take the decision always. She justifies her decision. She tells that she isn’t egoistic that she isn’t forgiving him when he has come back to her. She asks the family not to misunderstand her. She feels its a curse to stay in a relation where there is no love. She is much heartbroken that her marriage is breaking.

She tells them that she is shattering inside. She suffers an emotional low phase. She tells them that a woman can never take a decision on her own. She wants to take a stand for herself. She doesn’t want Leela to ask her to forgive Vanraj and reconcile. She adds that she isn’t able to forget Vanraj’s cheat. She doesn’t want her life to get trapped in that one worst moment when she experienced Vanraj’s cheat. She asks Leela if she wants to stop the divorce even now after knowing her emotional trauma. Leela supports her.


Kavya tells Vanraj that he can’t play with her life. She rebukes him for hurting her so much. She tells that she will not lose her self-respect for his sake. She mocks him for failing to keep his promise to his love. She threatens to hate him if he dares to cheat her. She informs Anirudh that Vanraj is going for his divorce. She asks Anirudh to divorce her, so that she can soon marry Vanraj. Shah family have a discussion about Vanraj’s mistakes.

Dolly respects Anupama’s decision. Paritosh too doesn’t want to go against Anupama. Leela feels bad that Anupama is leaving the family. She has hopes that Vanraj convinces Anupama somehow. Anupama and Vanraj get prepared to head for the divorce. Leela hugs and encourages Anupama to go. Anupama meets the entire family before leaving. She gets too stressed and falls unconscious. The family gets panicked seeing her distressed. The family looks after her. Doctor tells them that Anupama’s BP has shot up due to stress. He suggests her to rest.

Anupama is still rigid to head to the court. Vanraj asks her not to risk her life, if she wants to end her ties with him. He asks Anupama if she hates him so much, that she wants to give up her life. He tells her that he can’t afford to lose her, divorce can happen anytime, they can take a next date for the divorce. The family requests Anupama to stop. Anupama tells them that she is absolutely fine, its a big test for her. She shows her faith that Vanraj will look after her on the way to the court. She asks Vanraj for divorce. Vanraj feels torn within just like her. They eventually get divorced. Keep reading.

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