Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2021 Written Update Sulky drama

Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2021 Written Update Sulky drama

Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2021 Written Update Sulky drama Baljeet lies to Tanu that Abhi has accepted her proposal. Tanu can’t believe this. Her ego gets satisfied. She tells Baljeet that she was expecting her anger, but is happy to see her positive about the marriage. She tries to provoke Baljeet to test her if its a trap from Pragya’s side. Abhi and Pragya wait for Baljeet’s return to know if everything went well with Tanu. Mitali finds them cooking up some plan. She wants to know it some how.

She fails to get any hint. She seeks Aaliya’s help in knowing Pragya’s plan. Tanu still can’t believe Baljeet who acts really sweet. Baljeet wins her trust by telling her that she has called the media to make an announcement of Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. She tells that she will formally announce the marriage and that will bound Abhi to keep his word. Tanu gets excited and happy on learning this. Baljeet asks Tanu to plan the wedding functions as she wants.


Tanu wants Pragya to divorce Abhi. She tells that once divorce happens, she will want to marry Abhi. Tanu asks Baljeet to inform Abhi that she wants to hear his consent from him. She wants to meet Abhi and confirm that he is really willing to marry her. She gives her word that she will withdraw the case. Later, Abhi meets Tanu and lies to her that he is ready to marry her. He asks her to free him from the rape allegations. He tells her that he wants a clean chit before he marries her. He asks her what story will she make in the court to withdraw the blame. Tanu asks him not to worry for her task.

Kumkum Bhagya 14th May 2021 Full Written Update:

Tanu asks Baljeet why does she want her to marry Abhi, if she hates her and loves Pragya. Baljeet tells that she wants Tanu to marry her. She admits that she loves Pragya, because she keeps Abhi happy. She asks Tanu to keep Abhi happy, then she won’t hate her. She wants Tanu to understand her emotions. Tanu hears her out. Baljeet tells that she wants to support her only if she supports Abhi and saves him from problems.

She tells that maybe Tanu will be proved perfect for Abhi. She convinces Tanu by her talks. Tanu understands that Baljeet has finally come to take her help when Pragya had failed. Baljeet tells that Tanu is the last solution to save Abhi. She speaks against Pragya. She tells that she had been Pragya’s puppet and acted to love her just by following her elder sister. She reveals that she didn’t like Pragya to marry Abhi, but she had to agree to Abhi’s wish.

Tanu tells her that Abhi may not agree for the marriage. Baljeet tells that she will convince Abhi. She calls Abhi and Pragya. She tells that she has acted really well and Tanu is nearly convinced. Abhi tells that he was waiting for her call. Baljeet tells that Abhi scolded Tanu so much that she isn’t believing that he is ready to marry her. She tells that Tanu doesn’t trust Abhi. Tanu wants to follow Baljeet and find out. She doesn’t believe whatever is happening, since its too good to be true. She thinks Pragya has sent Baljeet. She checks if Pragya is outside her house. Tanu thinks Baljeet is secretly talking to Pragya.

Baljeet sees Tanu’s shadow and tells Pragya that Tanu is here. She does a drama in front of Tanu. Tanu tells that she wants to believe her. She asks Baljeet to give her phone to check. Baljeet tells that suspicion won’t end so soon. She asks Tanu to come with her, she will convince Abhi. Mitali asks Aaliya to find out what’s going to happen, Pragya is up to something. Baljeet tries to inform Pragya that she is bringing Tanu home. Abhi, Pragya and their daughters get ready to turn the game. Baljeet brings Tanu home, where they find the reporters waiting. Tanu wants to know what is Baljeet up to. Abhi acts surprised to meet Tanu.

Tanu asks Baljeet what’s her plan. She adds that Baljeet got her home. Abhi asks Tanu what did she do, if she threatened Baljeet. Baljeet tells that she brought Tanu for a reason. Aaliya isn’t aware of Abhi and Pragya’s plan. She demands an answer. Baljeet tells the media that she wants to fix the wrong done by Abhi. She wants Abhi and Tanu to marry. She tells the media that if Tanu wants to marry Abhi, then she is with her. Abhi tells that he hates Tanu. He pretends to fool Tanu. Baljeet fixes Abhi and Tanu’s Roka in front of the media.

Abhi refuses for the marriage. Pragya enters the scene to drag the drama further. Abhi tells her that Baljeet wants him to marry Tanu. Pragya overacts and opposes the marriage. Baljeet gets demanding. The reporters ask Abhi if he will support Pragya or not. Aaliya wants to find a solution. Tanu asks Aaliya to support her. Abhi doesn’t want Aaliya to spoil his plan.

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