Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2021 Written Update Pragya cued

Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2021 Written Update Pragya cued

Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2021 Written Update Pragya cued Baljeet makes sure that Tanu doesn’t doubt her plans. Tanu knows that Pragya becomes powerful because of her Kumkum. She thinks Abhi is Pragya’s strength, she has to make Abhi away from Pragya to weaken her. Aaliya admits that she isn’t able to help Pragya, she had joined hands with Tanu before to make Pragya out, but she is with Pragya this time. She can’t act in front of Tanu. Rhea asks Aaliya to help Pragya.

Aaliya tells that she is in favor or Pragya, who is helping Abhi. She can’t tolerate Tanu, thinking of the blame she has posed on Abhi. Aaliya tells that Abhi has to divorce Pragya in front of Tanu so that they get rid of the court case. She tells that they shall wait for Abhi and Pragya’s decision. Tanu traps them by asking Abhi and Pragya to sign the divorce papers. Mitali tells that its not easy to fool Tanu.


Prachi gets warned. Ranbir and Prachi know that Pragya is very strong, she can never lose to Tanu. Tanu gets mad when she doesn’t see Abhi in the house. She tells Baljeet that Pragya may pose problems for her after the marriage, the divorce has to happen at any cost. Abhi and Pragya doesn’t want Tanu to trouble Baljeet. Aaliya and Baljeet know that Abhi and Pragya will never get divorced, they may kick out Tanu from the house. Abhi and Pragya’s consent comes as a big surprise for Tanu, and shocks Aaliya and Baljeet.

Pragya tells that she will get the divorce papers made by her own lawyer, she will sign the papers after Tanu and Abhi’s engagement. She doesn’t want Tanu to give anything to her so easily. She tells that she will make it more tough for her. Abhi tells that he is giving divorce to Pragya because of his promise to her. He wants to see Pragya happy. He tells that he would have never given the divorce, but is helpless to agree to Pragya. Tanu loves the way he keeps his loyalty in relations. She wishes that he keeps the same devotion towards her.

Abhi believes Pragya’s decision. He knows that Pragya will never divorce him, she will come up with some plan in time. Pragya gets cued about Pradeep, who seems to be the only savior at this time. She wants to take Pradeep’s help in failing Tanu’s plan. What is Tanu’s big secret that she is getting blackmailed? Keep reading for quick updates.

Full Update Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2021 Written Update:

Sarita worries for Pragya. She doesn’t know what’s happening at Abhi’s farmhouse. She wants to get updates from Prachi. She gets arguing with Shahana to vent out her frustration. She is restless to know if everything is okay in Pragya’s life. Shahana asks her to trust Pragya, she will not let anything go wrong. Tanu acts too sweet to Mehra family, while everyone knows her bitter truth. Tanu doesn’t hesitate to warn them to respect her and behave nicely with her.

She wants everyone to treat her as equal to Abhi, since she will be becoming his wife soon. Pragya pretends to be much disappointed with Baljeet for favoring Tanu. She tells that she is feeling helpless to lose her biggest support, Baljeet. She adds that she never expected Baljeet to change sides. Being regretful, she tells them that she is ready to divorce Abhi but she will not spare Tanu to live happy with him. She curses Tanu to never stay happy in her marriage with Abhi. Tanu doesn’t care if Abhi keeps her happy or not. She knows he is a true gentleman and would never hurt her.

She thinks of Abhi, who would never be happy with her. She wants Pragya to worry for Abhi’s happiness. She takes Pragya’s curse lightly, since she just cares for Abhi’s richness. Tanu then acts furious on Pragya. She wants to speak to her lawyer. Rhea vents anger on Tanu and trips her. She teaches a lesson to Tanu before she leaves. Tanu hurries to rush out when she gets Pradeep’s call. She goes away to answer. Pradeep yells at her. Tanu tries hard to pacify him. She tells him that she is working hard to make their future bright.

She asks him to keep patience until they bear the fruit. She asks him not to make any mistake in anger. Pragya overhears everything when she happens to be around. She decides to get to the roots of the matter and find out Pradeep’s background. Later, Tanu meets her lawyer to discuss about the case. She tells him that he has to compel Pragya in the court to divorce Abhi.

He assures her that he will do it well and not let any blame come on Tanu. Tanu wants to withdraw the case as a compromise with Abhi and his family. Pragya is worried seeing Tanu’s cleverness. She shares her fears with Sarita. Sarita warns Pragya to be extra careful since the hearing date is close. How would Pragya find about Pradeep? Who is Pradeep and what role he plays in Tanu’s life? Keep reading.

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