Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2021 Update Plan exposed

Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2021 Update Plan exposed

Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2021 Update Plan exposed Tanu tells Pradeep that she is going to get rich after the marriage. He threatens her that her cheat will cost her a lot. He doesn’t want her marriage to happen. They both have a heated argument. She asks him not to come in her way. Pragya meets Tanu to let her know the reason why Abhi is marrying her. She gives an answer to Tanu who had demanded the bridal dress. She tells that Abhi agreed for the marriage because she has convinced him, not because he wanted to marry Tanu. She wants Tanu to know her place.

Abhi tells Pragya that he doesn’t want to marry Tanu, which would mean that his family would break. He doesn’t want any suffering for his family. He gets too upset. He tells that he can’t risk the happiness of his entire family by marrying Tanu. Pragya explains him that its just a game, he should also take it as a game and think of just winning. She encourages him to not give up when the victory is so close. Rhea and Prachi tell Abhi that Pragya is right.

Pragya tells that until they are together, they will not let anything wrong happen with Abhi. Abhi happily hugs Pragya and their daughters. He tells that he has no tension when they are with him. Tanu watches the family union on the tv screen by the hidden cameras employed in Abhi’s room. She realizes that she is being outwit by Abhi. She didn’t imagine that he will act so clever and cheat her. She tells that she will not spare Abhi for the cheat. She wants to take revenge, a more fierce one. She tells that Tanu’s storm will strike them and leave them devastated.

Full Update Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2021 Update Plan exposed:

Tanu asks Abhi and Pragya to do as they promised, only then she will be taking the blame back. She tells that Singhania is already doing the formalities to shut the case. She asks Abhi to not ditch her. Prachi misses Ranbir. She cries for him. Rhea meets Prachi and accuses her for romancing Ranbir, even after knowing that he is going to marry Rhea. She blames Prachi for ruining her life. Prachi tells that she can’t ruin her sister’s life. Rhea asks Prachi not to show care and love for Ranbir.

Prachi tells that she wants the family with her, she can’t hurt her sister. Rhea tells that Prachi has already hurt her. She wants Prachi to leave the house once Ranbir and her marriage happens. She tells that she doesn’t want to take Ranbir away. She threatens to separate Abhi and Pragya if Prachi doesn’t agree. Prachi tells that she wants to stay with her dad too. She wants her parents’ love. Rhea wants Prachi to just get away. Prachi doesn’t want Rhea to leave her relations. She is ready to make a sacrifice again.

She agrees to go away from the family and her love Ranbir. Pragya tells the family that Tanu has invited the judge in the marriage. Abhi tells that we can’t blame Tanu in front of the judge. Pragya tells that they can’t even break the marriage in front of the judge. Prachi asks will they just see the marriage happening. Aaliya tells that Tanu had played a big game. Pragya tells that they can make the situation turn into their favor. She tells Abhi that they need Tanu’s confession or at least Pradeep’s revelation, which will help Abhi get rid of the case.

Pragya tells that they will show the truth to the judge, who will stop the marriage in time. Abhi feels happy, but also stressed. Aaliya and Prachi tell that they can’t lose out. Pragya tells that they have to make a plan to bring out Tanu’s truth. Abhi shares his feelings with Pragya, while Rhea keeps an eye on Prachi to make sure that Prachi is away from Ranbir. Abhi tells Pragya that he wants to clear the truth to her, Pragya is the best person for him. He tells her that he isn’t joking, he just loves her. She promises to never get separated. He tells that he will not marry if she doesn’t promise him.

She asks him not to worry much. He wants some assurance from her side. Prachi finds their strong relation. Pragya pacifies Abhi. Abhi tells that he will run away with Pragya if they can’t stay together in the house. Pragya promises him. Prachi gets emotional watching them. She doesn’t want them to get separated, after all she has sacrificed her love for Ranbir just for their sake.

Hamariwali Good News:
Devika questions Meera about the lab reports. She gets to see Navya’s pregnancy reports. She asks Meera why did she lie about Navya’s test, and told her that its Akki’s blood sample. Meera is confused. Devika informs Ritvik that Navya is pregnant, leaving Navya, Ritvik and Mukund baffled. Meera tells Navya that Adi has changed the reports to save Akki and frame Navya.

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  1. I hate this movie , the plot , it is so annoying , those no one find happiness in this world why is the problem bigger than the joy .


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